Episode 20 – Kasumi wants to move forward a bit



I think my daily life has really changed a lot since I started dating Kasumi. Not just visible changes, but because I began to think more about what I could do to make Kasumi happy as her boyfriend, and how I could interact with her.

“What’s wrong?”
“…… Ah, no.”

As I was eating my lunch facing Kasumi, I shook my head at her question.
I have nothing to hide anymore, and being able to open up and eat the bento that Kasumi made for me without hesitation is another change. I should have been enjoying my lunch in this way, but as I said before, I was still in a daze thinking about Kasumi.

“Well …… I’ve been thinking about things.”
“Can you tell me about it?”
“The truth is—–”

I told Kasumi exactly what I was thinking. Kasumi was happy to hear that I had thought of that, but she continued, “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”

“I’m glad you think that way. But it’s fine as usual, really. I’m sure Kazuki and I have started dating, but it doesn’t mean that our relationship as childhood friends has changed. We just need to spend our time as we have in the past, and I think that’s what we do.”
“….Haha, I guess so”

That’s certainly true.
There is no need to force a change just because we are now lovers. Should we just continue to treat each other as we had in the past, as childhood friends? What the heck, my oversized bomb that I had been laughing at. how easy it was thrown in.

“But since we’re in a relationship, we should definitely kiss and have s*x beyond that. Just childhood friends don’t do that kind of thing, but I refuse to go on like that ever. I want to do those things with Kazuki too …….”

No, it’s not my place to say that I’m embarrassed by those words. I mean, it’s not my place to say that, but I don’t think you have to say it if you were going to blush like that. I really …… imagined it a little bit because of what Kasumi said.

[…… Kazuki, please …… come?]

Relax, count the prime numbers.
Get out of my head the image of Kasumi, naked and ready to accept me with her cheeks flushed red that I just pictured in my head ……, I’m explaining it all very vividly …… !!!!

“I see….”

By the way, there’s no particular significance to the nodding exchange we just had.
We just …… understand what we imagined at the stage when we were blushing at each other. Kasumi doesn’t call me a pervert at times like this, I was quite grateful for that.

“Kazuki in my imagination.”
“[I’m gonna put it in, kasumi] …… embarrassing …….”
“If you’re embarrassed, don’t say it, or rather, don’t explain the situation!”

Let’s just eat our lunches… our lunches!
I eat one meal after another to purge the evil thoughts that come to mind, but I can’t concentrate because of the strange things Kasumi said to make me aware of them.


I get a glimpse of Kasumi. …… That’s when we both ended our indescribable lunch time together.

“Hey, hey, why were you both blushing while eating your lunches?”
“Yeah, we’ve all been wondering.”
“We Wish you could tell us?”

Asahina san, Kuramochi san, and Saeki san approached us saying so.
This is the first time I’ve talked to Saeki san, but I couldn’t care less about that right now. I said there was no reason for me to do so, but of course then the three of them would look at Kasumi.

“It’s very rare for Kasumi to be embarrassed. Kasumi shows us a lot of different expressions when Rindou kun is around ♪”

Saeki san said with a wink.
From my point of view, I know that Kasumi has many different expressions. It’s true that Kasumi’s expression doesn’t change much when she’s just looking at them. …… But I guess this is a way for people to see how cute she is.

“So, Kasumi, what did you talk about? Of course, I’m not going to force you to answer.”
“Mikoto, even so, you’re totally going to force.”

At Kasumi’s words, Kuramochi san laughed and nodded, saying, “Of course.”
As in the usual girl-on-girl entanglements, Kuramochi san put her hand on Kasumi’s ample b*s with an erotic look on her face.

“Here, here, I want you to tell me, Kasumi?”

I’ve touched her …… accidentally, but if you think about it, of course I’ve never rubbed Kasumi’s breasts, I’m jealous …… of you, you idiot, what am I thinking?

“If they were both blushing, it means they were thinking of …… something that would make them embarrassed, right? I’m sure they wouldn’t be embarrassed by eating a meal together now, and they are used to the two of us in class. So does that mean …… you were imagining something naughty?”

Kasumi’s body trembled in a way that was easy to understand the moment Asahina san said it, putting her hand on her chin and making a gesture like some detective.

“Oh? Aw? Kasumi, were you thinking about that? I wonder if it’s the same for you too, Rindou kun?”

Where’s your usual poker face, Kasumi!
Well, but this reaction completely gave it away. I’m not sure if I’m being too harsh, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. ……

“I just told him….. I don’t want anything to change as a childhood friend, but I want to kiss and have s*x. That’s all.”

Kuramochi san’s straightforward words were pushed in the opposite direction.
I don’t know what she thought of Kuramochi san’s situation, but Kasumi asked the girls, including Kuramochi san, the following question.

“I wonder what kind of situation would make me more likely to do that. I’d like to ask for your advice on how to take a few more steps forward than I’m taking now.”
“Advise ……, er, …… and ask Mai!”
“Me! I can’t, I can’t! Rei!”
“I’m the farthest away from that sort of thing!”

All three were red-faced and flustered by Kasumi’s question.
……I see, so that’s what all three of them are saying. …… I see. I’ll keep quiet because it would be sexual harassment if I, as a man, said that.

“Don’t say that Kasumi!”

Kuramochi san lightly tapped on Kasumi’s head.
Kasumi rubbed the spot where she had been hit and muttered smugly.

“I’m already booked and ready to dedicate myself to Kazuki at any time. But Mai, Mikoto, and Rei haven’t even started. Do you see the difference?”

At Kasumi’s words, the three of them turned over holding their chests.
Apparently, that was quite a cutting remark for the three of them. I mean, I was blushing and downcast, too, though not like them. I vowed that I would have to tell Kasumi to wrap her words in a little more sugar, when I got home.

The days that followed passed slowly.
It was the time of year when June passed and July arrived, and the clothes were changed to summer clothes – the time when that person, whom I had almost forgotten, appeared in front of her again.

…… However, Kasumi didn’t mind at all.

“If it’s a confession, I decline. You heard what I said, right? I already have a boyfriend and we’re having a lovey-dovey time, so I don’t want you to start making noise.”

I was standing next to her, and I couldn’t help but giggle at her refreshing lack of interest, but it seemed to have ignited Senpai’s anger and his arm reached out to me.

“What are you laughing at—”

A hand was extended as if to grab me by the chest, but it never reached me.
I thought I heard a sound like the wind breaking, because Kasumi’s fist was close enough to snatch the tip of senpai’s nose.
“I will not forgive you if you touch anyone I care about.”

At that one word, the senpais fell on their butts.

Kasumi once told me that she was better than me in terms of strength, and this part of my life makes me think that’s true. I thought to myself, “I should learn karate from Kasumi, too.”

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