“…i see”
“What’s wrong?”

Kasumi, who hugged me from behind, asked me that.
I was just researching something on my phone. It’s about whether women become more attractive when they have s*x.

“Actually, I’ve been thinking since this morning that Kasumi has been giving me a very sexy vibe.”
“….I see”

The words were the usual Kasumi, but her voice was bouncy.
I chuckled and patted Kasumi on the head and continued my words, probably glad to be told that she was sexy.

“Apparently they’re right, you know? Being loved releases a lot of pheromones.”
“Hee….I don’t really know myself.”
“Well, that’s about it.”

Is this scientifically proven? Well, that’s okay, for now it seems that Kasumi is definitely looking more attractive than usual. No, Kasumi is always attractive.

“It’s nice to be seen as attractive, but only if Kazuki thinks so.”

She is the one who says the cutest things.
Kasumi pressed her lips to my neck and did as she pleased, sniffing and kissing me. Although I felt ticklish, I didn’t tell her to stop expressing her affection and let her do whatever she wanted.

“……This is how I started dating Kazuki, and we are happy to spend time together like a real family. We are like newlyweds.”
“Haha, you right”
“But…when Auntie and Uncle come home, that will be over, too.”
“…Well, you can’t blame them.”

It’s strange to have two kids spending time together when they are in high school. The reason Kasumi is able to come here is partly because we have known each other since childhood, and partly because our parents know and trust each other.

“Kasumi’s house is right in front of me, and I can see her anytime I want, and she can come over here anytime she wants.”
“Yes but…..I don’t want to leave Kazuki even for a moment if I can,……. I know it’s selfish, but I still want to be with Kazuki.”
“……really, we’re in a real pickle here”

I chuckled and turned my body toward Kasumi.
As soon as I spread my arms to accept her, Kasumi jumped into my chest. I continued to speak as I held her close and stroked her head, which had stopped moving.

“I’m so glad you feel that way. I feel the same way, …… but I don’t want us to be too dependent on each other. So we have to get used to being away from each other a little bit.”
“….muu, I don’t want to get used to that.”

Kasumi looked up and puffed out her cheeks.
I rubbed Kasumi’s cheeks. I thought it might have hurt a little, but from the way Kasumi looked, she didn’t seem to be worried about that. She pulled away, put her hand on the cheek I rubbed, and nodded her head, saying she understood.

“I think Kazuki has a good point. I hear that there are many people in the world who cheat on their lovers because of the loneliness they feel between them. …… I’ll do my best not to let that happen.”
“Don’t tell me about …… cheating or anything else that makes me insecure.”
“It’s okay. It’s just a figure of speech. But don’t forget that I want to be with Kazuki that much.”
“Of course”

Well, what can I say, I can’t picture Kasumi cheating on me at all. That’s how much she likes me and vice versa. That’s why I have to support her so she doesn’t get lonely.

“What are you going to do today?”
“Laid-back with Kasumi and flirting.”
“You’re starting to say things……, Kazuki. Yeah, yeah, it’s a good trend.”
“That much?”
“Yeah. I’ll get you hooked on more. I’ll make you more crazy. I’ll make you so crazy that you’ll cough up blood if I’m not there.”
“Don’t say scary things.”

I gave her a light chop on the forehead.
She said it hurt and held her forehead, but was immediately hit back with a light chop as if to retaliate. The chop was so fast that it was invisible to the eye due to her karate training, but the force was exquisitely controlled and it really didn’t hurt.


Kasumi hugged me again from the front as before.
She would not leave me, and she would spoil me like a cat. This went on until the evening when I was getting ready to take a bath, and I spent a long time feeling her scent and warmth.

Then time passed and the first day of school of the week arrived.
As usual, I headed to school with Kasumi, and as I should have expected, she attracted a lot of stares. I didn’t think that what I had found out was true, and both Kasumi and I were chuckling about how far we had come.

“Has something changed in Kasumi’s…… atmosphere?”
“Is that so?”

Asahina san, who had come to the classroom earlier, looked at Kasumi and said so.
Kasumi is still standing behind me, her b****s pressed against the back of my head, a position I’ve recently grown fond of. I shake my head in a gritty little motion, and Kasumi gives me a small smile and presses harder.

“I’m in front of you and you’re making out with each other…”

And then Asahina san was staring at us dumbfounded.
It seems that even girls can sense the change in Kasumi, or the atmosphere she exudes, but they don’t notice the reason for it. I’m not going to be honest and say that we’ve done what we had to do, so I’m just going to let them notice on their own.

“Kazuki seems to have grown fond of this.”
“……It’s embarassing”
“I’m not embarrassed at all. I’m happy to think that I grew up for Kazuki.”

Some of it feels good, some of it smells really good.
Not only Asahina san, but Kuramochi san and Saeki san joined later in the conversation.

“Hey, hey, try that on me.”
“….I’m feeling a lot of pressure with that [why].”
“My b****s belong only to Kazuki, and from now on I will not allow you to touch them at all.”
“W-What? !Such …… such a killjoy!”

I’m not sure what kind of character Kuramochi san is anymore.
Well, it seems that it was a joke even for Kasumi. As usual, she is willing to forgive such a joke as a joke between friends.

“But if you go too far, I’ll hit you. I’ll hit you in the stomach as hard as I can.”
“I understand ……. I’ll still rub it in!”

We all laughed, wondering if that was more important than ourselves.
Kasumi attracts a lot of stares in class, but still no one gets involved with her like the seniors. It’s safe to say that I have friends who we can rely on but without them, I’ll just protect her like I did that time.

“Not only Kasumi, but also Rindou kun has become somewhat more dignified.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah. I think it’s very cool. ♪”

I was a little embarrassed when Saeki san said that to me.
It seems that I have brought a little change to myself, and perhaps my confidence has grown.

“I guess that’s what I thought too.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me too, me too.”
“Et-to….Um, thank you, both of you.”

Incidentally, it goes without saying that the force with which Kasumi’s b***s were pressed became stronger.

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