“Let’s go, Kazuki!”
“Yeah !”

I trapped the ball kicked by Tomohito with my chest and kicked it toward the goal. The ball was sucked into the goal with a beautiful parabolic line and shook the net with a swoosh.

“Nice ~!”
“Good ~!”

Tomohito and another friend from the same team exchanged high fives.
After school, I usually spend time with Kasumi, but I also make sure I have time to hang out with my friends. I spend time with Tomohito and Kasumi spends time with Asahina san and her friends.

“I’m sweating.”
“My shirt’s soaking wet.”
“I’m going to get some juice.”

It’s already hot, so just a little running makes me sweat.
At first, we were going to gather at Tomohito’s house to play a game, but when we passed by the park, we saw a soccer ball sitting on the ground, so this is what happened.

“And how could Shirasagi san let you do that?”
“Kasumi’s not that restrictive, okay?”

I replied to Tomohito, who had come with me to buy juice for everyone. I was sure he was watching me closely as I responded to Tomohito and the others’ invitation, but Kasumi is not the kind of girl who tells you to only spend time with her.

“I know, I know. I’ve been watching you guys all day, and you’re pretty sticky.”
“…… still look like that to you?”

When I asked him fearfully, he looked at me and said, “What are you talking about?”

“Kazuki. Listen carefully.”

What’s up with …… all of a sudden, but I decided to listen to it anyway.

“You know how many boys get jealous when they see you spending all your time doing that? Do you know how many boys are burning with jealousy when they see you spending all this time with her b***s pressed against the back of your head as if it’s normal?”
“She quietly watches you eat your lunch and smiles like a goddess when you tell her it tastes good. She is the most beautiful girl in the class, and she only shows her face in front of you.”
“…..I already know.”
“Keep it in your mind. You’re already a normie.”

So who are you, anyway?
He gave the juice he bought to his friends and quenched his thirsty throat. I headed to a fast food restaurant to fill my small stomach, as I hadn’t exercised in a while and decided that I was done with soccer.

As for me, I was going to keep it light for the delicious meal Kasumi was going to make for me. As we were leaving the restaurant after chatting in this way, I saw a familiar backdrop on the other side of the street.

“I think that’s Shirasagi san, isn’t it?”
“Looks like it.”

I found four people walking with the usual members.
We were quite a distance away, but Kasumi suddenly turned around as if she had noticed something. She tapped Asahina san on the shoulder and pointed her finger at us.

“They’ve noticed.”
“They’re getting closer, right?”

As it was, Kasumi and her friends approached us.
The sight of the four popular students in the class together as usual was not only a feast for the eyes but also attracted many gazes, not only ours.

“Yahoo Kazuki!”
“Hey, are you having fun?”

Thank you for the same no-nonsense expression.
But it was good to see her like this, but Kasumi was staring at me. That’s exactly the same look she had when I was invited to join Tomohito and the others.


I took out my phone and checked my watch and it’s almost 5:00 …… yeah, good time.
When I turned to Tomohito and the others, they nodded their heads, which signaled to me that we are disbanding. It seemed that Kasumi and the others were thinking of breaking up soon, and it was just as well.

“Shall we go home then, Kasumi?”

What the heck, my sweat-soaked shirt is cold and uncomfortable.
Kasumi nodded and very naturally came up to me and held my hand. Asahina san and the others laughed, and Tomohito and the others made a gesture as if they were biting their handkerchiefs with a snap,…… what are you guys doing?

“See you tomorrow then.”
“I wish you happiness!!!!”
“See you~♪”

Then we parted, and Kasumi and I went home.
I quickly got ready for a bath, partly because I was sweating on my part. I threw the shirt I was wearing into the washing machine and went into the bathroom to take a shower as soon as possible.


The hot water running down my sweat-stained body is absolutely delightful.
I was washing my head with shampoo, with only the sound of the shower in my ears. Something terribly soft snuggled up to my back, and at the same time something came around my stomach.


I was completely oblivious to the sound of the shower, but there is currently only one person in the house who can hug me while I am in the bath like this. I finished washing my head quietly, as my questions were not answered.

“….I knew it”

When I opened my eyes and looked down, I knew her arms were around my stomach.

“You’ve got it all figured out.”
“I can understand that.”

If I didn’t know, I would laugh at how insensitive I was.
After all, if this is how we got in together, we would just spend the same amount of time together again. Kasumi stood in front of the shower as if to switch places, and I decided to soak in the bathtub.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?”
“What is?”
“Not long ago, Kazuki would definitely have been embarrassed, and I was the same way. But we’ve gotten used to each other’s nudity to the point where we don’t get so distraught over things like this anymore.”
“….Well yeah”

That’s for sure.
It would be embarrassing if she kissed me out of the blue, but at home, …… well, it is embarrassing, but I’m used to it. I’ve gotten used to it, but each touch with Kasumi is a very important moment.


I was humming a tune and looking at Kasumi, who seemed to be in a very good mood, and I felt like getting back at her for what she had just done to me. I was in the shower as much as I was, so her sight and hearing were not working so well.

“…… it’s fine right?, we are a couple, she’s my girlfriend, she’s Kasumi ?”

Yeah, it was a little bit of that, but I got my act together.
Cautiously getting out of the bathtub and behind Kasumi, I put my arm around her stomach as she did. However, my hands were perfectly gripping Kasumi’s b****s.


The bad me whispered to me to play more tricks on her jerking and shaking body.
…… well, but I’m thinking that if we are lovers and take a bath together, we should be allowed to do this.


I rubbed her b****s from behind as she maturely washed her head. They were really big and soft, and if you put even a little pressure on them, your fingers would sink into them, but they were not completely sunk, and they were firm and elastic.
I pinged it with my index finger and her body shook even harder and …… Yes, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now.

“…… I’m going up first, okay?”
“Yeah. I’ll be right up.”

…… Oh? Especially normal?
I was waiting for Kasumi in the living room, thinking that it might be a good idea for me to play a naughty trick on her once in a while.

A short time later, Kasumi appears in the living room and puts on an apron to prepare the meal.
Then, with a word, Kasumi said, still expressionless.

“I took that as a signal to go to bed.”

Maybe it wasn’t my imagination that I felt the pressure to veto Kasumi’s words.

(TL/N : Lewd…but can’t help it…it’s like playing a VN after you took the flag…)

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