“Oh yes! At last Kasumi’s love has come true!”
“…… a little painful.”

Kasumi was hugging aunt in front of me. Naturally I reported the fact that I was going out with Kasumi to her parents. I told them that I was staying over here since yesterday, and if anything, uncle was with me since it was morning.

“……Goodness gracious, it took you a long time to get here, didn’t it, Kazuki kun?”
“Yes,……, well, I’m really sorry about that for a while.”

I bowed my head a little to uncle who was reading the newspaper.
Unlike the warmhearted aunt, uncle looks strict, but in fact, he is a parental figure who loves Kasumi too much. I was afraid that he would make a single remark, no matter how long we have known each other, but that was not the case.

Kasumi was hugged by the delighted aunt and watched with uncle as Kasumi’s cheeks loosened up while looking depressed. Then uncle said something like this.

“I’m not worried about you, Kazuki, but please don’t do anything to betray Kasumi. Is that clear?”
“I know. I can assure you with all my heart that ……, or rather, I can assure you that it will never happen.”
“Haha, I’m sure you’re right. I would never have been able to look away from such a pretty and beautiful girl when she’s by my side.”

I generally agree with that opinion, but the parental stupidity came out early. ……
After talking with uncle for a while, Kasumi came up to me after she was released from aunt. She hugged me from behind and put her arms around my stomach, and I laughed when she stopped moving.

“Hey, I can’t move in this thing, can I?”
“That’s good. You don’t mind, do you?”

Yeah, I don’t mind it.
While uncle and aunt looked at us smilingly, Kasumi and I separated after a while and were treated to breakfast.

“But that was so fast. When I decided to live with Kazuki, I said I would give it three months. I can’t believe it was such a short time.”
“…… haha, that makes me sound like an easy heroine”

Well, since I started living with Kasumi, I remembered a lot of things and became aware of them, and that’s how it happened, so I can’t deny that I’m a bit easy. As I was thinking this, Kasumi gave a small shake of her head.

“I was going to attack and attack and attack, But when I opened the door, he attacked me and I attacked him back. I realized how strong my love for Kazuki was.”
“Ara ♪”

….It’s embarrassing to be told that with a straight face and in front of her family members.
aunt has a big smile on her face at Kasumi’s words and uncle is quietly smiling as he sips his coffee. I wonder if I’m the only one who looks embarrassed in this …… air.

Then we finished breakfast and headed back to my house.
Aunt and uncle asked me to take care of Kasumi, to which I nodded and took her home.

As soon as I got home, I headed to the living room and sat down on the couch to reflect on the many things that had happened. To be honest, it was looking at old albums and other things that made Kasumi make up her mind to tell me how she felt, but it also made me wonder if the time was closer than I thought it would be.

“What are you thinking?”
“Yeah? Ah, even if this had not happened, I was supposed to tell Kasumi how I feel about her in the near future.”
“Is it?”
“I was that concerned about Kasumi. Tomohito even asked me about it.”

Kasumi, snuggled up next to me, looked into my face.
She looks at me as if she is provoking me, but her cheeks are red and it is obvious that she is embarrassed.

“Did you really care that much about me?”
“Ah yeah”

Suddenly Kasumi began to shake her body.
Kasumi blurted out as she tapped my shoulder

“That’s what it is. That’s why it’s been less than two months.”
“….Well, whatever it was, I’m glad we passed each other …… before we crossed paths and didn’t get back together.”
“…Yeah. Really that. Yoishotto”

Kasumi stood up and stood in front of me and hugged me from the front as if she was sitting on my waist. This was the first time she had done this to me, but it was what is called a “favorite hold,” and even though she was wearing a short skirt, her legs were open enough that I didn’t care about that.

“…… calm down. The Supreme Way to Sit.”
“It’s not very polite, though.”
“You don’t mind, do you?”
“…..I’m sure that’s what you said all the time. I don’t hate it, not at all.”

…… Cute
Lately, Kasumi has been telling me all the time that she doesn’t hate it,…… so I naturally reach out my arms and hug Kasumi.

“Why do you think I’m happy when we’re stuck together like this?”

I thought for a moment about why I was so happy when we were attached,……, but Kasumi giggled and moved her face closer to mine. I thought it might be, but it wasn’t a kiss, just a cheek to cheek contact. Then, Kasumi whispered to me, “I’m so happy to see you”

“It’s because my body recognizes that it’s because there’s someone I love there. Then my heart recognizes it and I am filled with happiness. Everything in me recognizes Kazuki, and the feeling that I love him comes out irresistibly.”
“……Than that’s the same with me”

I gently patted Kasumi’s back.
……I feel that the air is quite sweet and sour, even if I say so myself And yet, because we’re in close contact like this, I’m too anxious about the feel of Kasumi’s large bosom in front of me to stop pounding.

…… Why do women’s b*s bulge? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have to be so exciting. …… No, no, no! It would be some kind of blasphemy to deny such a dreamy existence, what am I saying?

“What’s wrong?”

I was just alone in my mind asking and answering questions I didn’t understand.
I asked Kasumi to step aside for a moment to use the restroom, but she stubbornly refused to move.

“I need to go to the restroom……”
“Why don’t you just do it?”
“What are you talking about?”

You really are a bit of a troll sometimes, aren’t you Kasumi?

“You can call me if you want…”
“Kasumi, who in the world taught you that?”

Kasumi mentioned the name.

“It’s Mikoto.”
“…… That gal!”

I’ll have to properly tell Kasumi about this.
I mean, is Kuramochi san the only one who blew this much into Kasumi’s head? …… I’m pretty sure the other guys are saying something to Kasumi, too.

“You want to discipline me…?”

Kasumi, who taught you that?
Then I interviewed Kasumi for an hour.

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