Basically, the way I spend my days off is the same whether Kasumi is there or not. If neither of us has plans to go out with friends, we have no choice but to just hang out together.


We are both lying on the floor reading manga, and Kasumi is trying to pull herself snugly against my shoulder. We’ve been doing this from the moment we woke up this morning until now, and Kasumi has shown no sign of leaving at all.

“You’re attached to me the whole time.”
“You wouldn’t mind being stuck with such a beautiful girl, would you?”
“Don’t say it yourself. ……”

[you said that, but it’s actually true]. Kasumi, whose good looks belie the word “beautiful girl” and who seems confident in her own appearance, closed one eye with a snap.

“……..I think it suits you.”
“Right? I can’t do this to anyone else.”

Kasumi then stretched her arms to the ceiling.
As if to relax her stiff body, she lowered her raised arms and her b***s swayed according to gravity, as if I could hear a “poyon” sound.


Without saying a word, I quietly looked away.
The difference between the male and female body, or rather the place where I can notice the difference the most, is greatly expanded in Kasumi’s case. I remember that she started to grow rapidly from around the second year of junior high school, and I wonder if it was around that time that she also started to become clearly aware of the differences between men and women.

“What’s wrong? You Stared at my B****s”

she awares is one thing……but, she doesn’t happen to be shy about it at all, and she doesn’t have to say it straight out.


Then Kasumi, with a wicked smile on her face, came up behind me. I felt the touch of her b****s on my back, which I had just become aware of.

“Here here, check how I grow.”

The power was put into Kasumi’s arms that went around the sides of my neck as if to say that she would never let go. As she rocked her body, she would change any shape by rubbing against it in rhythm.

“…… you, in case you’re wondering, I’m a man too, okay?”
“I know. I only do it to Kazuki.”

My heart jumped a little at those words.
That’s…..from that time. Since that time when I met Maejima with Kasumi and asked myself what kind of person Kasumi is to me,…… I feel like I’ve been following her with my eyes in a strange way.

“Hey, If you sigh, you’ll let happiness slip away.”
“Whose fault is it?”

I really wonder what’s wrong…….
I let Kasumi do what she wanted for a bit as it was. She was still rubbing herself against my back, but as if remembering something, she stood up.

“What’s wrong?”
“yeah. I just remembered something.”

Kasumi said just that and left the room.
After a while, Kasumi returned and what she held in her hand was a cake.

“Mom gave it to me yesterday, saying we should eat it together. Kazuki bought a cake for me before, and I it’s my thanks for that.”
“I see. Then I’ll take it gratefully.”

Kasumi and I ate a cake that aunt had bought for us.
While doing that, there must have been a little cream on my mouth. Kasumi said wait a minute and reached out her finger, took the cream from my mouth and licked it off.

“Delicious ♪”

How can she do that kind of thing with a cool face, this girl! Sometimes I think I’ve bugged her about distance because I haven’t talked to her in a while, but then I think about it and realize that nothing has changed from the old days.

“The cake is delicious with Kazuki. And I’m very happy.”

I stare at Kasumi as she smiles and puts a piece of cake on her fork. After a while, I came to myself and looked back at her, wondering what she was doing. This kept happening.

“What’s really going on?”

[What’s really going on] She asked, that’s what I want to know too. I replied that it was nothing and I flattened my cake too.

“Hey Kazuki, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I have a great way to blow your worries away?”
“Hmmm~ What’s that?”
“Try closing your eyes.”

I closed my eyes as I was told.
Then I felt Kasumi’s hand on my head, and I felt her pull me closer to her, and I felt a soft sensation across my face.

“Stay calm”

I tried to move away with a clear understanding of what my situation was, but the sharp sound of Kasumi’s voice stopped me in my tracks.

“Embarrassed? If I were in the same position, I’m sure I would think so. But wouldn’t you feel safer if I did this?”

Kasumi then began to stroke my head. The ticklish yet pleasant sensation calmed my troubled mind. My embarrassment did not disappear, but I was sure that I felt relieved, just as Kasumi had told me.

“….I wonder if this makes me relieved.”
“I know right. Because I remember how relieved I felt when my mom would do this to me.”
“I’m just a kid, but I don’t mean to be that small…….”

…… Isn’t Kasumi embarrassed? From the way she talks, it seems there is no change from the usual. Well, I can’t look up at her so I can’t see her expression.

“Can we let go now?”
“…… just a little more.”
“But you know what?”
“Just stay still and shut up!”

Like that, I collapsed.
It seems that Kasumi laid on the floor on her back, and depending on how you look at it, it may appear as if I pushed her down.

“Are you okay…….?”
“Yes. Kazuki is …… okay right? soft cushions covered you.”

T-This girl……When did this girl start making fun of me so much? Despite the softness that was transmitted across my face, the arms holding my head were so strong that I had to remain in the same position for a while.

(Wwwwwww-What should I do, I don’t know what to do, I’m red in the face right now and I’m so embarrassed to be seen like this……..)

Kazuki is red to the ears, but Kasumi’s face was the same red.

She does not let Kazuki’s head leave her chest because she does not want him to see that face, and if she does, he will see her face, which is as red as a boiled octopus.

(…… soft and relieving)
(…… makes me feel safe when I’m doing this)

But it was clear that they felt comfortable in the present with each other.

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