“…… Kazuki, wake up.”

Someone called out to me and I woke up.
Then I almost screamed at Kasumi’s face as it spread out before me.

“W-What are you doing ……”
“? Didn’t we sleep together last night?”
“That’s true, but what’s with all the positions!”

Kasumi was lying on her back, covered by me.
I thought something was heavy in my body, but apparently it was Kasumi. Kasumi still looks into my face with a straight face and attaches her body to mine, and for some reason she periodically rubs herself against me, which is too bad …… for my crotch.

“What time is it?”
“It’s only six o’clock.”
“…… a little early.”

I usually get up before seven o’clock, which is pretty early.
I mean, why am I waking up an hour early and not sleepy at all? I tilted my head, feeling more comfortable awake than ever.

“Kazuki, you slept with me in your arms the whole time, you know?”
“Yeah. You used to cuddle me like a pillow.”

That’s…..I’m terribly embarrassed.
I was even more embarrassed when I saw Kasumi’s smiling expression as she looked at me with a red face. Then Kasumi said something like this.

“Hey, Try and hug me now that I’m awake.”
“Come on, quick, you lose points for making a woman wait.”

I gave up on the expression on her face as if to say, “I won’t move if you don’t hug me”. I put my arms around Kasumi’s back and hugged her, and an indescribable feeling of comforting warmth or security enveloped me.

“How is it?”
“How is it….It’s kind of calming.”

Calming…… Yeah, that was it
Holding Kasumi like this reminds me of the old days. Come to think of it, there were many times when I held Kasumi like this as I slept when I was little.

“Do you remember? You used to hold me like this when we used to sleep.”
“……Ah~ I remember”

Just getting under the covers together is not enough to make her feel safe. That’s why Kasumi used to say she couldn’t sleep unless I hugged her. I thought it was a little troublesome at the time too, but I didn’t mind Kasumi relying on me like that.

“Kasumi used to love it when I did this to her. When we slept together, she would cry if I didn’t hold her.”
“You don’t even have to remember that I cried. We were in elementary school.”
“But, I remember it so well.”

Kasumi was frustrated, but she never left me.
I wondered when she would be satisfied, and as I was thinking that, the door to my room slammed casually open.

“You two, get up already……. Ara ♪… excuse me.”

It was my mom who opened the door right up and closed it.
Right now Kasumi and I are in a position where we are holding each other. I’m on the bottom and Kasumi is on top of me. ……

“We have been seen…….”
“Let’s clear up this misunderstanding, Kasumi.”
“Misunderstanding? There’s nothing to misunderstand?”
“…… why are you so carefree, you.”
“Because with Kazuki, I don’t mind being misunderstood.”

You shouldn’t say things like that lightly, even if we are childhood friends, seriously.
Kasumi was again uninterested in my reaction, but then she finally backed away from me.

“……Well, that’s okay. I have plenty of time.”
“Kasumi, let’s go.”
“Ah, waitt”

Start the morning mission, explain the current situation to my mother and clear up the misunderstanding.
By the way, after this, I and Kasumi explained to my mother, but she seemed to know that nothing in particular had happened, and on the contrary, we ended up getting tired.

Then we went back to the room and Kasumi took off her pajamas and started to change, even though I was still there.

As we were eating breakfast prepared by Mom, she kept talking to me, probably because it had been a long time since Kasumi had been over here, with Mom.

“Kasumi, you’ve become really beautiful. I bet you must be very popular”
“I don’t know about ithat, but I often get confessions.”
“Was there anyone you were interested in?”
“there isn’t ……, I mean, you know that, don’t you, Miyako san?”

By the way, Miyako is my mother’s name.
It is good that Mom is here, who said she was going to be late yesterday, but I wonder if Dad has already gone to work.

“Oh, yes, Kazuki.”
“Father is going away for work. I’m going with him for about three months, so I’ll be away from home.”

Hey, don’t say such an important thing so easily, Mom!
I was surprised at the suddenness of it, but it’s work, so I guess it can’t be helped. So that means I’ll be alone for three months …… until the end of summer or so.

“Miss your mom?”
“I’m sure I’ll miss you.”
“……I know my son, but this kind of honesty is unfair.”

No, I think everyone is usually lonely.

“But it’s okay. I heard that Kasumi is coming over here.”
“Yes. I will take care of Kazuki.”

I looked alternately at Kasumi and Mom, who were clenching their fists.
…… Maybe Kasumi didn’t know about this story? I asked my mom about it just now, and it was the same for Kasumi. So the only other time I would have heard about it would have been yesterday or earlier.

“But …… is that okay? It would certainly help me, but the time in Kasumi is–“
“It’s okay. Because I wanted to …… childhood friends, right?”

Oh, I might cry a little.
So it was suddenly decided that Kasumi would live here for a while at the same time my mother and father would be away from home. Apparently, Kasumi’s parents knew about it, and they happily nodded at the proposal.

“I can …… do this. I can …… do it for three months. …… I’ll definitely drop it”

She mumbled something, but I didn’t hear it.
Dad is already on his way, and Mom will be on her way today to get ready by the end of the day.

I left the house with Kasumi and headed to her house first.
The reason is that the bags, etc. that she takes to school are placed over here. She left a change of clothes, etc. because she will be using them for a while. …… I see, I wonder if that big bag was in anticipation of this.

“Thanks for waiting, let’s go”

It’s been about two years since we went to school together. It really makes me nostalgic.

“Hey Kasumi, are you going to school with me?”
“Of course. I’m going to stick even if you move away.”
“That’s….It’s kind of scary.”

I was scared because she said it with her face so close to my face.
But then I would be asked a lot of questions at school. No one would know that Kasumi and I are childhood friends.

“Kazuki, let’s hold hands.”

Kasumi told me so and naturally I held out my hand.
I was surprised at how naturally my hand came out. Kasumi shook my hand and looked forward with a happy smile on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

Kasumi’s smile, I may have not seen in what seems like a long time.

(TL/N : Sweeeeet…..I hope you’ll enjoy this one

Childhood friends are not losing heroines !)

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1 year ago

Nice. Well hopefully he doesn’t play the “does she actually like me?” Game for too long or the old “I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship by confessing my feelings for her!”

11 months ago

The translation problems persist, but… I suppose it’s still slightly better than unedited MTL?

10 months ago

Ofc they aren’t losing heroines! If people keep seeing that trend, chad authors like Myon will break it!