“Sorry to keep you waiting, Kazuki.”
“…… Oooooh.”

It was a beautiful angel that landed on the beach under the hot sun ……, what the hell am I talking about?

Kasumi was really beautiful in the pure white swimsuit she showed me earlier.
Her black hair shines against her pure white bikini, and her beautiful skin, without a single blemish, fascinates me. And her ample b****s, protected by a small area of fabric, seem ready to spill out. …… Then I noticed that Kasumi was attracting a lot of stares.

“Come, Kasumi.”

I draped the towel I was holding over Kasumi’s shoulders and walked with her, trying to cover as much of her skin as possible. This is something I have to do when I come to the beach, but I wonder if this is a sign of my narrow-mindedness.

“…Fufu, Thank you Kazuki. You look like a knight.”
“…Is that so?”

I wasn’t trying to be a knight in shining armor, I just wanted to protect Kasumi from the gazes.

“ ……. I’m sorry, I might be a little possessive.”
“Why are you apologizing?”

With a curious look on her face, Kasumi continued her words.

“Kazuki’s possessiveness is a reward for me. I mean, it’s inevitable that they’ll have their eyes on me because I’m in a swimsuit like this. I don’t think it’s strange that Kazuki thinks so, do you?”
“…… is that right?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

Well, let’s take that as another sign of Kasumi’s charm.
Or rather, if you feel this way, don’t come to the beach. If I say that, it’s no use, so then it’s a simple matter of me keeping an eye on Kasumi and protecting her.

Then I walked with Kasumi and we sat down under the parasol that was provided.
It is natural to swim when you are in the ocean, so Kasumi and I each started to stretch our legs. Then, as promised, Kasumi took out her sunscreen oil.

“Do you want to do the promise?”
“I’ll try …….”
“Fufu ♪”

If I could say one thing about whether I want to do it or not, I would like to do it.
I took the oil from Kasumi and dripped it on my hand. I warmed it up by mixing it with my hands and then put my hand on Kasumi’s back as she lay down.

“….. what’s with that stupid [Ahhn]?”
“I wasn’t surprised because Kazuki had warmed me up so well. But I thought I had to speak up because I promised.”
“…… Kuku…”

Well, is it too late to be completely new to each other?
To prevent this beautiful skin from getting sunburned, I carefully applied the oil to Kasumi’s body. Making a sticky sound, I applied the oil to her back, then went to her thighs and applied it neatly to her legs as well.

“Okay, good.”
“Okay. then here too”

Kasumi got up and used the towel well to hide her body so that only I could see her, and turned her body toward me with her large b****s jiggling.

“Um, ……, you don’t expect me to do the front too right?”
“Of course”

Before, I thought Kasumi would apply herself …… I looked around and nodded at Kasumi, what the hell. I dripped the oil into my hand again, warmed it up thoroughly, and extended my arm to Kasumi, who turned to me.

“……..It’s a little embarrassing.”
“of course that’s true.”

Kasumi said this with a slight blush on her cheeks, but she didn’t ask me to stop.
I could sense a great deal of trust in her eyes as she stared at me without saying a word. I knew that Kasumi would never say no to me until the very end. I chuckled and continued to apply oil to Kasumi’s body.

I did it from the shoulders to the arms and also the belly …… and then put my hand on that large fruitful b***t.
I applied it all over the softness of it as well, and used both hands because it was hard to do with one hand.

“…… I feel really good.”
“Well, ……”

Well, if that’s what Kasumi says, I don’t mind.
I also put my hand between the cleavage, lifted up her b****ts and did the underside of them as well. This was done, but Kasumi’s cheeks were still red.

“I’m a little excited, naturally.”
“….me too”

It’s like, well, that’s what happens.
However, we knew when and where to make out. Kasumi strongly told me to wait until we got back home to make out any more, and we headed straight for the beach.

By the way, Kasumi, who got out from under the parasol, never let go of my arm at all and kept holding my arm. Some people I passed looked at Kasumi, then at me and stuck their tongues out at me. I didn’t mind, though, because I was feeling Kasumi’s warmth more than anything else.


The moment I entered the water, Kasumi splashed me with water. I was surprised when I suddenly got it in my face, but I tried to get back at her by splashing her with water. …… She charged at me like a rugby player making a tackle, and I fell on my back into the water.

“…Hey kasumi!!”
“Fufu….Ahahahahah! Yeah, I knew it will be fun ♪”

I was going to complain a little, but I thought I hadn’t heard Kasumi’s loud laugh in a long time. It was so loud that it reminded me of the old days, and I was filled with nostalgia rather than complaining.

“…I guess so”

I forcibly pulled Kasumi, who was trying to get up, and pulled her straight into the water. It was payback for what she had done earlier, and she meant it.

“…… You have the nerve to make an enemy of me, Kazuki.”
“Oh, you want some?”

Well, of course, I couldn’t beat a woman who had been trained karate.
Unlike me, who exhaled with a gasp, Kasumi looked down at me with a look of satisfaction on her face that showed she had plenty of time to spare.

“What are we doing?”

Then we laughed at each other.
Originally, we had not planned to come all the way to the beach like this, but since it was summer after all, we wanted to go away together for a little while.

Since we have come all this way, we have to have a lot of fun.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun today, Kasumi!”
“I know!”

This is how Kasumi and I enjoyed our time at the beach.

Then, after some movement around, the two of us went to the shade of a rock and relaxed while listening to the sound of small waves.

“I’m so glad. This year my swimsuit didn’t go to waste.”
“……Yes, that’s right. It was nice to see Kasumi in her swimsuit again like this.”
“Yes. ♪”

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Kasumi leaned in close to me, resting her head on my shoulder.
While we were spending some quiet time together, Kasumi murmured something to me.

“Kazuki…… let’s get married.”

I nodded at the question.

“Of course. I’ll have to make some arrangements, but absolutely, I promise.”
“Yeah….Love you”

I certainly want to be with Kasumi as soon as possible. But in order to get there, I have to follow the proper order.

I chuckled a little, wondering if I could resist as I responded to Kasumi, who had somehow turned around in front of me and kissed me.

(TL/N : 1 more to go….arghh why does it have to end?)

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