“You two really hook up easily.”
“Is something wrong?”

Asahina san said this to me during a break at school, staring at me and Kasumi.
Kasumi’s voice came from above my head as she replied to Asahina’s words. Basically, Kasumi comes to my side every break time, but today she is pulling me from behind as I sit in my chair.

I’m resting the back of my head on the soft B****s. …… Yeah, it feels really good, but I didn’t ask for this to be done to me. I didn’t ask for it, but I accept it because I’m a boy.

“I’m …… used to it by now.”

Of course, since this is a classroom, this kind of situation attracts a lot of eyes. But since I’ve been going out with Kasumi, this kind of thing has been happening more and more, so in a way, everyone seems to have gotten used to it. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t be too careful when it comes to your health and well being.

“Kazuki got used to it because that’s what I made him do. With this, he can get involved in the classroom with no problem.”
“Heh. You did the calculations?”
“Of course, I haven’t dropped Kazuki completely yet.”

Asahina san’s eyes sparkled, her interest piqued by Kasumi’s words. Kasumi continued her words by pressing her breasts even closer together in a squeezing manner.

“Lately I’ve been getting pushed around, but I haven’t been showing my true self. When Kazuki sees the real me, I am sure he will attack me with a big, deep kiss.”
“Kasumi san, let’s shut up for a minute.”

I don’t want you to look nonchalant and say something horrendous.
I’m glad that the only one who was listening just now was Asahina san who is by my side. However, because Kasumi is behind me like this, she can’t even see my expression. …… I think I’m red, and if she notices that, she’ll push me even further.

“I can see why Kazuki is embarrassed.”

I guess it didn’t work.

“Well, but since you two are so lovey-dovey like that, in many ways it’s a good thing that you’re in check. Not so long ago, Kasumi was frequently confessed to”
“Yeah, It was really depressing.”

I could hear in Kasumi’s voice that this was indeed the case. It’s true that since I started dating Kasumi, she hasn’t get any confession, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who write to her to call her out. It’s always a senpai and……yeah

“Well, I’m here now, and I’ll keep an eye on Kasumi.”
“I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to do. Kazuki, you’re cool. …… Ah.”
“What’s wrong?”

Asahina san looked my head up and stopped speaking.
I tried to turn my body away from Kasumi to see what was wrong, but my head was pinned tighter than before.

“……I’m going to be like this for a while. Don’t move, Kazuki.”
“I see~ So this is what it means to be pushed around ♪”

Well, I could tell that Kasumi was a little embarrassed.
Not to get back at you for what you said earlier, but let’s not say too much, me.

“By the way. Are you making any plans for the coming summer?”
“Plans huh…… what about Kasumi?”
“I would be fine if I could stay with Kazuki. But even if I don’t go to the beach, I would like to go to the pool. After that, I want to enjoy summer festivals and other things like that.”

It’s certainly a unique summer event.
There is only a public swimming pool in this area, but a summer festival is held every year at a nearby shrine.

“I have swimsuits and yukatas. I’ll show you all kinds of me.”
“Oh, ……, you’re really going at it, Kasumi.”
“As I told Kazuki, I’m the aggressive one,……, but I think I need to be a little more defensive as well.”

I don’t think Kasumi will be more defensive.
I chuckled at the thought and she hugged me tighter. Apparently, she had guessed what I was thinking. Well, I think Kasumi is also cute when she is embarrassed like that.

“Ah, class is about to start. I’m going back, Kasumi.”
“Yeah. I’ll see you later, Kazuki.”

I let out a small breath as I watched Kasumi’s back as she returned to her seat with Asahina san.
It really was unimaginable not so long ago. It’s like just talking with Kasumi in class like this, but to spend time as a relationship of lovers.

“Well, I’d better get ready too.”

As I prepare for my next class, I still glance over and laugh at Kasumi, who is ridiculed by her friends.
And so time passed and it was after school.
As I left the classroom with Kasumi and headed for the shoe box, something unusual happened to me.

“What’s wrong?”

When I opened the shoe box, there was a sheet of paper folded up on the floor.
Could this be a …… letter? I have a girlfriend named Kasumi, so I would have expected her to respond to a love letter, but it seems that it was torn out of a notebook and is not a love letter.

“Sounds like a letter.”
“Isn’t …… garbage?”

Kasumi san, it seems that her reaction is to have them declared as garbage and thrown away.
Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not a love letter, so I opened the letter and let out a small sigh of …… understanding.

“What it says….. give me”

Not much was written on it. Kasumi’s mood plummeted when she saw it, and she crumpled the paper as if to snatch it from me. She moved to a nearby trash can and slammed it down as if she were a demon king walking slowly and threw it away.

“…… pisses me off, really pisses me off like this.”
“I’m not going to leave Kasumi. Don’t worry, I won’t leave Kasumi.”
“….Yeah. I know”

After I changed into my shoes, Kasumi stayed in my arms the whole time and never left. I didn’t have the mental capacity to do anything about it with a letter or two. I promised Kasumi that I would never make her cry again.

“I think I would have told you, by the way, even if Kasumi hadn’t seen what I just did. That’s how much I don’t keep to myself anymore.”
“…… I know, I know. I believe you …… but …… pisses me off.”

This seems like a big bugger.
Well, it’s not that I don’t think anything of the letter I just received. The sender is unknown, and the message was directed at me one way. But what’s the point of it all? …… To tell you the truth, I don’t even care.

“I don’t think it’s worth worrying about. Let’s go home and have a snack together.”
“…Fufu, I guess so. Maybe I was a little over jealous.”

All right, all you have to do is laugh like that.
Her mood was back on track, but Kasumi still didn’t leave me long after I got home. I’m not sure why my girlfriend is so cute. ……

“Kazuki, do you think I’m cute?”
“How did you know?”
“….Because I know. Ehehe♪”

…… No, I bet this is so cute.
I kept huddling with Kasumi with this thought in my mind.

[You’re not good enough for Shirasagi san, so you should break up with her.]

I’m just saying I don’t give a damn, right?

(TL/N : God damn Kasumi is too cute)

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