A Beautiful Blonde-Haired, Green-Eyed Transfer Student Who Calls Herself My Future Wife Appears in Front of Me, a High Spec Loner, and for Some Reason, From the Very Beginning, She Is Not Only the Most Likable, but Also a Super Yandere and Loves Me to Death

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Kurotsuki Takuma, a high school boy with excellent grades and athletic ability, was always alone at school.

His peaceful daily life is drastically changed when Izayoi Alice, a beautiful half-Japanese, half-English transfer student who calls herself his future wife, appears in front of the high-spec, lonely Takuma.

The extremely yandere Alice takes every possible measure to make Takuma her own, and she is rapidly closing the gap between the two.

“Hey, is it my imagination that the paper you gave me to sign and seal is a filled-out marriage certificate?”

“No, don’t mind it”

“No, of course I do.”

How is the fate of Takuma, who has been completely locked on by the yandere Alice, ……? (It seems that he will never be able to escape from her again.)

Chapter 1- A beautiful new girl transfer student I’ve never met before starts calling herself my future wife

Episode 1 – Takuma, I’ll make sure you keep your promise

Episode 2 – This is my flavour, so remember it well

Episode 3 – We’re going to be a couple, it’s normal enough to have skinship

Episode 4 – Well, eventually I’ll be a Kurotsuki, so it’s the difference between being slow and fast

Episode 5 – I was lonely in that big room all by myself, so I came to play with you as soon as I could

Chapter 2- We’re acting like a couple, but we’re not even dating yet

Episode 6 – I’m sure Takuma would never do such a thing

Episode 7 – Yeah, I’ll keep Alice company until you’re satisfied

Episode 8 – Ah, by any chance, would Takuma prefer mouth-to-mouth?

Episode 9 – Because you’re kissing me with all your heart right?

Episode 10 – If anything, I’d say they should be grateful that I let them get away with that much

Episode 11 – Ah, did you get excited seeing me in my underwear by any chance?

Episode 12 – We’re going to be husband and wife, so I think it’s important to have a naked relationship, right?

Episode 13 – Like Cinderella in the picture book I read yesterday

Chapter 3 – As a result of being challenged to a game that can never be lost

Episode 14 – If Takuma wants, I’ll do such and such things that I can’t say out loud

Episode 15 – Hee, Takuma thinks we look like a couple

Episode 16 – We’ve already kissed, and we’ve seen each other naked, so it’s not like it’s a big deal

Episode 17 – Of course, I’ll have Takuma wash my chest and that properly

Episode 18 – I think it’s normal for us to sleep together since we’re going to be husband and wife, right?

Episode 19 – Hey, Takuma, I’m scared so hug me

Episode 20 – Ah, don’t worry, I’ll tell father and mother

Episode 21 – That thing that blew up, was it by any chance the one where I asked to give me his son?

Chapter 4 – A two-day and one-night trip to Osaka is full of happenings everywhere we go

Episode 22 – Ah, well, can’t help it. It’s just this one time it’s special.

Episode 23 – Yeah, I told that I amgoing with my boyfriend, so it’s okay

Episode 24 – I’m not scared at all

Episode 25 – Don’t worry about that part. This is not a manned front desk

Episode 26 – Speaking of which, Takuma, are you still a virgin?

Episode 27 – I think it’s normal to wear a ring on the ring finger of the left hand since we’re going to be husband and wife, right?

Episode 28 – This is the correct answer for the scene you just saw, so please remember it well

Chapter 5 – Is it my imagination that I’m a loner and I’m having a summer holiday like a riajuu?

Episode 29 – Besides, I’ve decided that in the future I’m going to get a full-time position at Takuma’s place

Episode 30 – Only a very M person would find that a reward

Episode 31 – Ah, by any chance, did you have a naughty imagination when you saw me eating a chocolate banana?

Episode 32 – If I can get Takuma’s signature and seal on the marriage certificate, I’ll consider it?

Episode 33 – Eh? I just gave you a good morning kiss though?

Episode 34 – Leave it to me, I’ll take the perfect picture for you.

Episode 35 – I’ll take care of you gently, now go back to bed

Episode 36 – Yeah, because the pose I’m trying to strike is more distinctive in nude

Chapter 6 – This year’s school festival is going to be busy in many ways.

Episode 37 – All you have to do is actually propose, then it won’t be a lie

Episode 38 – Takuma, do you think that reincarnation really exists?

Episode 39 – Do you want to cross the line here with me just to try it out?

Episode 40 – Cinderella is a love story, so I thought it was necessary to have a scene like that

Episode 41 – Don’t worry, I only tell Takuma this stuff

Episode 42 – Nice to meet you all, I am Kurotsuki Alice, wife of Kurotsuki Takuma, who is next to me

Episode 43 – That’s a lie, because I’ve never told anyone about this before, including dad and mom

Final Chapter – My current conclusions based on Alice’s past and future

Episode 44 – So many times I tried to hate Takuma, but I just couldn’t

Episode 45 – I like Alice a lot more than some random girl whose face I don’t know at all

Episode 46 – I think you know, but I would only do something like that to Takuma

Episode 47 – I just wanted to stick with Takuma

Final Episode – Alice is my dear fiancée and future wife, and I’ll take responsibility for her and make her happy for the rest of my life