“All right, let’s go take a bath.”

“Yeah, have a good one.”

“What are you talking about? Takuma is going in”

Somehow I had a hunch that this was going to happen, but it turned out to be as I expected. I knew that it would be pointless to refuse anyway, so I decided to comply obediently.

“Wait, you can see the whole bathroom from the room.”

“It’s a love hotel.”

The reason being, with the exception of us, men and women who come to love hotels are basically there for the purpose of sexual intercourse, so they are probably not afraid of being seen naked.

After taking off my clothes, I slowly step into the bathroom. The bathroom is quite spacious as it is intended to be used by two people.

“Sit down there and let me wash you,”

“No, I’ll wash myself.”

“Don’t be shy. Come on, come on”

I was forced to sit down on the bath chair. Alice then began to wash my hair with shampoo.

“After all, boys have short hair, so it’s easier to wash,”

“Girls have longer hair, so it’s definitely harder to wash and dry.”

After a while, Alice finished her hair and started washing her back. Naturally, this is my first experience of having my body washed by a girl, so it feels strange.

“Thank you, I’ll wash the rest myself.”

“Eh, I haven’t washed the important part yet, have I?”

When I stopped Alice who was about to reach my lower body, she started saying such things. It seemed like she was trying to cleanse me, but she definitely couldn’t give up on that one thing.

“Please don’t do that.”

“Muu, it can’t be helped. I’ll make a special exception for this one time.”

Alice looked disappointed, but she gave up easily. I had fainted due to a nosebleed before, so it seems like I took care of myself this time.

After washing each other’s bodies, we both got into the bathtub together. The bathtub is spacious, but when two people get in, they are in close contact with each other. So I tried my best to keep my lower body from getting too energetic.

“Speaking of which, Takuma, are you still a virgin?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions like that…..Yes though”

“I know, right?”

It might have been my imagination, but Alice looked extremely happy when she heard my words. By the way, what about Alice?

“Oh, by the way, I’m still a virgin too,”

“Well, we’re both in high school, so that’s normal, right?”

I answered with a calm face, but inwardly I was quite relieved. To be honest, I would have been shocked if Alice had not been a virgin. Then Alice started to say something outrageous.

“Yeah yeah, if Takuma wants to have sex with me, he’s welcome anytime.”

“…. but the price for that is insanely high, right?”

“Ah, you understand perfectly well. If you touch me, it would be the same as admitting that I am your future wife, so you have to take responsibility and I will get you to sign and seal the marriage certificate.”

“I can’t take responsibility yet, so I’m not going to.”

I don’t dislike Alice, in fact I like her, but I didn’t have the courage to make a decision to marry her right here and now. Alice looked a little disappointed when she heard my words, but she did not seem particularly unhappy.

“All right, that’s still fine for now. But it’s already a done deal that I’m going to be Takuma’s future wife.”

Alice had the power to make me say yes as she spoke. Maybe I can’t escape from Alice anymore. Even if I did, she would chase me to the ends of the earth.

After getting out of the bathtub, I changed into pajamas, brushed my teeth, and lay down on the bed. It’s early in the morning and I’m tired, so if I’m not careful, I’ll fall asleep soon.

“Takuma, are you going to bed already?”

“No, I’m going to stay up a little longer.”

“Let’s talk about love, after all, a sleepover night is all about love, isn’t it?”

Alice started saying such things in high tension. It’s totally a school trip night atmosphere, but it would be nice to have a love story once in a while.

“Yeah, well, I don’t really talk much, but I’ll go talk with you.”

“Yay, so my question is, when was Takuma’s first love?”

“I think my first love was in the first year of junior high school when the girl sitting next to me was nice and I had a crush on her. …… Well, before summer vacation, she started dating a guy in my class who was in the soccer team and I remember I was pretty down about it.”

So my first love is one of those bad memories that I honestly don’t want to remember too much.

“Hmm, mine when I am seventeen, by the way.”

“Eh, That’s pretty late.”

“By the way, of course, the other person is Takuma.”

That’s what Alice said, but I can’t believe it was a lie or a joke.

“Well, it’s only half a lie.”

“If it’s half a lie, that means it’s half true, right?”

“Yes, the only thing that’s true is that Takuma is my first love.”

Hearing those words, I was thrilled. The fact that I am the first love of a beautiful girl like Alice makes me very happy. However, a certain question arises here. When did Alice first fall in love with me?

“Hey, did Alice ever meet me anywhere before we met in high school?”

“Yeah, Takuma may not remember, but we certainly met.”

I knew that Alice and I had met somewhere in the past. However, if I had met Alice, who had blonde hair, green eyes, and a characteristic half-Japanese appearance, I would definitely remember her, so I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t.

For a moment I thought that Alice might be lying to me, but she didn’t look like that at all, so it’s really a mystery.

“I still remember the promise Takuma made in front of me that day.”

“Speaking of that promise, you said it on the first day at the new school, too. What exactly did Alice and I promise ……?”

“I’ll keep that a secret, but I’ll make sure you keep that promise, so be prepared for it.”

I couldn’t help but wonder about the details of the promise, but there was no sign that she would tell me even if I pursued it further, so I decided to give up for now.

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