“…… kinda kinda hard to sleep.”

Today, Saturday, when I finally arrived, I was awakened by a mysterious oppressive feeling, as I had planned to sleep in a relaxed manner until noon to take away the fatigue accumulated over the past few days.


I turned my head to the side and involuntarily screamed out. Alice was sleeping comfortably next to me. It was like natural that two people sleeping on a bed designed for one would have a hard time sleeping. If we had been normal opposite sex, I would have called the police.

“How long has Alice been sleeping next to me? I mean, how did she get into my house in the first place ……?”

Unlike weekdays, my mom is off part time today and probably still sleeping, so I don’t think she can unlock the front door.

“…… I see, did Mom give her a duplicate key?”

Alice calls herself my future wife, and Mom, who has become completely taken with the idea, finally went out of her way to give her a duplicate key

She said that it was only natural for her to give it to her since we would eventually become a family, but I thought that was a bit too much of a stretch.

Alice is calling herself my future wife, and we are not even dating. I’m seriously worried that my mother might fall for some kind of scam in the future.

I was thinking about this, and as I got up and headed for the dining room because I was thirsty, I noticed something ridiculous.

“No, no, why is Alice not wearing any clothes?”

Alice, who was sleeping peacefully on my bed, was in her underwear. I looked closer and saw that the clothes Alice would have been wearing had been taken off under the bed. Then Alice, who seemed to have been awakened by my screams, slowly got up.

“Hmmm, you’re making a lot of noise. What in the world is going on in the morning?”

I turned away from her with a sleepy look on my face and stretched out my back.

I made a comment to Alice who was stretching out with a sleepy look on her face. Then Alice opened her mouth with a nasty smile on her face.

“Oh, did seeing me in my underwear turn you on, by any chance?”

“N-No, I didn’t.”

I was really excited, but I didn’t want Alice to find out, so I lied. But needless to say, Alice seemed to know.

“Then why is Takuma’s face as red as an apple, and why is he squirming?”

“That’s …….”

Alice continued to pursue this with a grin on her face. She must have already known the answer, so she must have asked me on purpose. Realizing that there was no way I could get away with it no matter how hard I tried, I decided to quietly confess.

“I got really excited seeing Alice in her underwear. …… See, are you satisfied with this?”

“Yes, well said. I’ll give you a special reward for being such an honest Takuma.”

Alice grabbed me by the shoulders and forcefully pushed me down onto the bed. Alice, whose eyes looked like that of a carnivorous beast about to prey on its prey, forcibly snatched my lips from above.

We kissed like adults on the bed, but Alice didn’t let go and I was one step away from running out of oxygen. After a while, Alice finally pulled her lips away from mine, as if she had had enough.

“Pheww, Thanks for the food,”

Alice looked so glamorous as she said those words. The level of her glamour was such that she would be a good choice for the evening for some time to come. After a little while, my excitement finally subsided and I asked Alice a question that had been bothering me.

“…… so what’s Alice doing in my room this early in the morning? I know you don’t have school today.”

“I guess it’s because I wanted to get my Takuma supply, which was running low, restocked by now.”

Alice replied with a grin on her face and her tongue sticking out from her lips. Maybe Alice didn’t come here just to steal my lips.

“That’s enough joking around, actually it’s Saturday and I wanted to go out somewhere with Takuma. So I couldn’t wait any longer and came to your room to pick you up.”

“I see. Now I understand why you’re in my room. However, I have no idea why you were sleeping on my bed.”

“Oh, that’s because I saw Takuma sleeping comfortably and I got sleepy too. I have a habit of taking off my clothes while I sleep, by the way.”

Hearing Alice’s words like that, I finally remembered that she is still in her underwear right now.

“I mean, how long is Alice going to stay in her underwear?”

“Ummm, how about as long as Takuma wants?”

“…… I’m going to take a shower and fix my sleeping hair for now, so you can get dressed by then.”

I couldn’t keep up with Alice’s excitement, so I quickly left my room. I can’t even deal with him properly.

Alice had made me so tired this morning that I decided to take a hot shower and relax a little. At that time, I had no idea what was going to happen in the bathroom.

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Ah. He gets eaten

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He’s gonna get devoured