Episode 2 – This is my flavour, so remember it well



During recess after the first hour of class, Izayoi-san is surrounded by a large group of classmates who are asking her questions.

“Is it true that you are Kurotsuki’s future wife?”

“When did you two meet?”

“If you’re going by ABC, how far did you go?”

It is a rather common sight to see transfer students being bombarded with questions from their classmates on their first day, but the content of the questions was quite special.

well, I suppose it can’t be helped that she made such an unprecedented and outrageous self-introduction in front of my classmates during the morning homeroom.

“I’ve already decided that I’m going to be Takuma’s wife, so I guess we met a long time ago. Umm, that part is embarrassing, so it’s a secret, but only that we’re on pretty deep terms.”

Izayoi-san answered the questions rather seriously. To be honest, I wanted to make some comments, but of course there was no way I could do that.

The stabbing stares from some of my classmates made me feel uncomfortable, and when I finally couldn’t stand it any longer, I ran away and left the classroom.

Then I came to the vending machine corner to drink some juice and calm down for a while. The first period had just finished, so there were hardly any people around.

“Takuma, I’m a little unimpressed that you’re leaving the classroom without your future wife.”


While I was about to buy some juice from the vending machine, someone suddenly whispered that in my ear. I was so surprised that I dropped my wallet on the floor.

While picking up my wallet, I fearfully turn around and there she is, standing there. When in the world did she come behind me?I didn’t feel any presence behind me.

In the first place, she should have been being questioned by my classmates just now, but how in the world did she get out of the classroom? The mystery only deepens.

“You don’t have to be so surprised, it’s just me and Takuma, right?”

“No, no, we’ve never met before today, have we?”

When I said that without thinking, Izayoi-san looked sad, but also looked a little relieved.

“I see, Takuma about me..”

Izayoi san seemed to be looking down and muttering something, but her voice was too quiet to hear clearly. Had I stepped on a huge land mine?

When I was thinking that, Izayoi-san took an action I had not expected. I thought she had suddenly reached out for my waist, and then she forcefully laced her lips with mine.


The first kiss I have cherished for 17 years was taken away from me without a second thought at this moment. I tried to pull away in a panic, but Izayoi-san held me firmly by the waist with both hands and did not seem to let go.

On the contrary, her behaviour is escalating, as she puts her own tongue inside my mouth and kisses me deeply.

I was one-sidedly humiliated in the mouth, but after a while she left me, as if she was satisfied. Izayoi san slowly opens her mouth with a bewitching expression on her face.

“….. this is my taste, so remember it well. I won’t forgive you if you forget.”

When she said that one-sidedly, she left me there in a state of abandonment and went away.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

So, every time recess came around, Izayoi san was bombarded with questions, which showed no sign of calming down even at lunchtime.

She was now being asked other questions, perhaps having exhausted the questions relating to future wife. Incidentally, Izayoi-san is half Japanese and half British, and is apparently a returnee with a fluent command of English.

To put it bluntly, she is the type of person who is unlikely to have anything to do with a gloomy, bloke like me for the rest of her life. So I don’t understand at all why she calls herself my future wife.

I slowly get up from my chair, taking out the bread I bought at the convenience store in the morning from my bag while thinking about such things. Eating alone in the classroom is very noticeable, so I always eat outside.

“…. Hey, Takuma. Where are you going without me?”

I was trying to sneak out of the classroom so that I wouldn’t be noticed, but it seems that Izayoi-san found me. This causes me to attract the gaze of the entire classroom.

“I just said earlier that I wasn’t impressed with you leaving the classroom without me, but by any chance have you forgotten already?”

“No, no, I was just about to call out to you.”

I said so anyway. I knew it was a very painful excuse, but I couldn’t find any other words.

“Hmm, I’ll leave it at that this time, then.”

“Thank you, …….”

Contrary to my expectations, I was completely taken aback by being forgiven so easily, as I had thought that she would never accept my request. Maybe there is something behind it?

“That’s why I’m going to have lunch with Takuma, sorry everyone.”

“…… Eh?”

After saying that, Izayoi-san stands up from her seat, holding a large lunch bag in her hand. Then she took my arm, which was frozen in front of the door, and walked out of the classroom with me.

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  1. GOOD CHAPTER but I also don’t understand! Lol. She already has friendship with the classroom? Do you not understand MC position here? lol

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