“Were you really in the same flat as me ……”

“I told you so.”

I was walking with Alice on my way to school, but to be honest I was skeptical until we arrived at the flat. However, as soon as she uses the card key to enter the entrance, it is almost certain that she a resident of this apartment.

“Oh, yes, yes. I live alone, but this is my first time and I’m lonely, so please feel free to come and visit me, I’ll come and visit Takuma’s room sometimes too.”

“Eh, you live alone?!”

The fact that Alice, a high school sophomore, lives alone in this large flat was quite shocking. In anime and manga, it is a common setting for high school students to live alone, but in reality it is rarely heard of.

“Because I’m the only one back in Japan and the rest of my family is still abroad.”

“I see.”

Then it makes sense in a way why Alice is living alone. A little while later, we arrived in front of the elevator and got into it.

“I’m on the sixth floor, actually, I just moved in yesterday.”

“Eh, you live on the same floor as me? What a coincidence.”

While we were having this conversation, the lift arrived at the sixth floor and we both got off. As we walked down the aisle, Alice stopped in front of room 604.

“This is my room”

“….. No, no, it’s right next door!”

What a surprise, Alice has moved into the room next door to where I live. I had certainly seen the movers going in and out of Room 604 yesterday, on Sunday, but to be frank, this development was unexpected.

My head is on the verge of completely overheating because this morning, things have continued to unfold like an anime or manga.

“Oh, yeah, let’s exchange LIME, since we’re going through all this trouble. We’re going to be in touch and stuff.”

“I don’t mind …….”

I’m a loner, so I only use LIME, which is a chat app, with my family and relatives basically. Naturally, this is the first time I’ve registered a girl as a friend. While thinking about this, I took out my smartphone from my pocket.

“Then lend me your phone.”

“Eh, I don’t think I need to lend you my phone because you can just read the QR code or enter my ID …….”

I was reluctant to lend my unlocked smartphone to someone else, even if it was just for a moment, so I said that.

“I was thinking of registering my phone number and email address on Takuma’s smartphone at the same time. In that case, wouldn’t it be faster if I input them directly?”

“That may be true though..”

I reacted that way because there was a part of Alice’s argument that I could accept, but apparently it wasn’t a good idea.

“It seems you agree, so I’ll borrow Takuma’s smartphone.”

As soon as Alice finished saying that, she snatched the phone out of my hand. Unfortunately, it was just unlocked. Perhaps, out of habit, I unlocked it with my fingerprint as soon as I took it out of my pocket.

“Just register it…… and give it back to me right away.”


I mumbled helplessly, giving up on getting my smartphone back. Then Alice started operating my smartphone at an incredibly fast pace. After a while, she returned my smartphone, but it was filled with a lot of tsukkomi.

“Why is your name registered as Kurotsuki Alice?”

“Sorry, I must have typed it wrong. Well, I will eventually become Kurotsuki too, so it’s just a difference between late and early.”

That’s what Alice said with her mouth, but considering that she had a wicked smile on her face, it was definitely intentional.

“Make sure you reply to my messages, then see you later.”

After saying that, Alice unlocked the door and went into the room. After seeing that happen, I unlocked the door and entered my home, room 605.

“There’s been so much going on this morning, I’m really tired.”

Even though it’s only been about half a day since I woke up, it feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been home because of the dense time I’ve spent here.

I go straight to my room, put my rucksack on the floor and dive into bed. I was operating my phone while I was lying down, but I stopped my hand when I felt something strange.

“Hey, was my phone this slow ……?”

I don’t know why at all, but my phone seems to be a little bit slower than usual. I started to investigate the cause, but found nothing in particular.

“….. maybe it’s time to get a new phone.”

The phone has already been in use for more than four years since I started using it when I was in junior high school, so it has deteriorated in various ways and it may be time to replace it.

The reason for the slow operation is probably related to this. I concluded that for the time being, as I was attacked by a severe sleeping spell and it became troublesome to think about it any more deeply.

In fact, it was because Alice had installed a remote monitoring application on my phone that allowed all of my personal information to be transmitted, but it would be a long time before I found out about that fact.

(TL/N : Ah…this pattern lads)

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8 months ago

Knew it. She is a high level yandere indeed. If this dude wanna survive he might need a bunker.

8 months ago

Bro that’s illegal *Skeleton emojis*

8 months ago

Reminds me when someone is listening to my calls when I was working in the office, my supervisor or someone higher to check the quality of work. Lol
That kind of lags.
Thank you for the chapter.

7 months ago

I mean she’s crazy but cmon for a loner like himself a yandere should only bring happiness. If he was popular then it’d be a problem with her trying to keep everyone away from him