The school closing ceremony is over and summer vacation has started, but we still have to go to school as usual today. This is because, as soon as the summer vacation starts, we have to participate in a mandatory one-week make-up class, which is an event peculiar to preparatory schools.

And since there is also a make-up class at the end of the summer vacation, the summer vacation, which is about a month on the calendar, is practically only half of that time.

The make-up classes end in the morning, so they are much shorter than regular classes, but because I am still going to school, I don’t feel that it is summer vacation at all for a while yet. However, my daily life has changed drastically compared to what it was before the summer vacation.

“Takuma, good morning. Breakfast is already ready.”


Yes, I had promised Alice that I would start living together with her just a few days ago after losing the final exam.

Needless to say, my mother didn’t object, and my father, who had just returned from Fukuoka where he was working, was against it at first, but with Alice’s persuasion, he quickly relented.

By the way, Alice begged me to sleep with her, so I couldn’t refuse and we’re sharing the same bed, but it goes without saying that I’ve been lacking sleep for the past few days because of that.

“What were the subjects of today’s class?”

“I think it was Basic Chemistry, Chinese Literature, and Math B Communication English,”

“Wow, there aren’t any easy classes at all.”

All of them are honestly troublesome because they are all subjects that the teacher frequently guesses during class.

“But today is the end of the first semester’s remedial classes, so you just have to hang in there a little longer.”

“Well, if we can get through today, we will finally have a break tomorrow.”

We ate breakfast while talking like this for a while. Then we got ready and started heading to school as usual. I had gotten so used to having my arms crossed that I was no longer embarrassed

“Speaking of which, how long is father (Inlaw) going to be here?”

“He said he’s going back to Fukuoka on Sunday, so he’ll be here for two more days.”

My father, who works at the Fukuoka branch of Niryo Bank, one of the major city banks, can only come back to his Tokyo home once in a while, unless he uses consecutive vacations like this one. That is why he is planning to stay until the last minute.

He often blurts out that he would like to work at a branch that is commutable from his home or at the head office in Tokyo, but I wonder if his wish will ever come true.

“I see, well, I should probably say hello to him one more time before he goes.”

“Even though you said something so outrageous the first time you met, my father liked you, so I think he’ll probably be happy about it.”

“The crazy thing you said was, by any chance, when I asked to give me his son?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. That was a real surprise.”

I had heard that she was going to talk about living together, but suddenly Alice started to talk about something like a pre-marital greeting, which made me surprised. Dad was also puzzled by Alice’s sudden remark, and it was still fresh in his mind that he had a hatena (?) mark in his head.

“Since I’m going to be Takuma’s future wife, I thought I’d at least get his permission,”

“My father said that he would do it if I would be okay with it in the end, but I’m pretty sure he was joking. Don’t take him seriously.”

“Yes, yes.”

My dad’s comment was actually secretly recorded, but I had no way of knowing that at the time.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Hey, hey, Takuma, look at this.”

“Hey, hey, what in the world is going on with you being so high-spirited?”

When I returned home after supplementary classes and was in the living room working on my summer vacation project, Alice came running up to me looking quite excited. I turned to Alice and she showed me a long, thin piece of paper that looked like a ticket.

“Tickets to Universe Land ……, by any chance the sweepstakes we entered when we went shopping at the supermarket the other day?”

“Yeah, I think I won the second prize. I’m so lucky, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, I’ve never won a sweepstakes before, so you’re really lucky.”

I entered the contest thinking I would be lucky to win a small prize, but I never thought that we would win the second prize.

“I’d like to go somewhere during the summer vacation”

“Well, we have plenty of time during the summer vacation, so it would be a waste if we don’t go.”

Since we have about half a month of summer vacation starting tomorrow, it would be a good time to go. Since it would be better to go on a sunny day if we are going to play anyway, we will decide the schedule while watching the weather forecast.

“Let’s take the bullet train to Osaka.”

“Okay, it’ll cost more, but it’s definitely easier to get to Osaka.”

There are also overnight buses and airplanes, but they take too long and the procedures are too troublesome, so the Shinkansen is the best solution.

“Why don’t we make it two days and one night so we can spend more time together? We can play at Universe Land on the first day and go sightseeing in Osaka on the second day.”

“If we go to Osaka, I was thinking that I would like to go to places other than Universe Land, so let’s do that.”

“I’ll find a hotel”

Since I have never been to Universe Land before, I was looking forward to it. Thus, one of our summer vacation plans was added to our schedule.

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