“I had a terrible time …….”

“You got to pick out my bikini, so that’s your reward.”

“Only a very M man would feel that was a reward.”

I was completely exhausted after being looked at like trash by the other female customers around me.

“So what are you going to do after this?”

“Well, I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Well, it’s still early, so I thought we could go somewhere and have some fun and then head home.”

“Is there anything around here…..?”

Alice starts looking for a nearby place to play while looking at the map app on her phone.

“Oh, there’s a karaoke place nearby. Why don’t we go there?”

“Yeah, singing as much as we can would be a great stress reliever, so let’s do that.”

Alice and I left the department store and went into a nearby karaoke bar called Jumbo Echo.

“How much time do you want?”

“I think two hours should be enough time for now. We can extend the time if we don’t sing enough.”

“Then, I’ll go to the reception desk.”

After completing the reception procedures on the tablet, we went to the drink bar and filled up our drinks before heading to our room.

“What shall I sing ……?”

“I already know what I’m going to sing, so I’ll go in first.”

Watching Alice operate the tablet to reserve songs, I begin to think about what songs I’m going to sing. This is actually the first time I’ve come to a karaoke with someone other than my family, so I don’t really know what to sing that will be well received at a time like this.

It is obvious that Alice will have trouble reacting if I sing a song she doesn’t know, so it is probably safe to sing a well-known song as much as possible.

While I was thinking about this, the melody of the song Alice was singing started to flow. It seems that Alice is going to sing a popular love song. Alice gets up from the seat with the microphone and starts to sing.

“…… No, no, no, she’s so good.”

It was at a level that left me speechless, and to be honest, I wanted to listen to it forever. While listening to Alice’s voice, I operated my tablet and put on a song.

I decided to put in a song that has been playing in commercials recently. Alice would definitely know this song. After a while, when Alice finished singing, she opened her mouth with a refreshed expression.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to karaoke, but it’s still fun, isn’t it?”

“You sang like you were having a good time. Then it’s my turn.”

I received the microphone from Alice and stood up to start singing. I was a little nervous at first, but that went away as soon as I started singing.

“Hee, you’re pretty good at it too, Takuma.”

“Thanks, I actually like to sing.”

I was a little embarrassed to be praised by Alice after I finished singing, but I answered her. I was a little embarrassed, but I said so.

“Well then, why don’t you play a game with me in the scoring mode?”

“I refuse.”

I immediately rejected Alice’s proposal.

“Eeh, why would you say no?”

“No, no, of course it’s because there’s no way I can beat Alice.”

It’s fine if there’s a chance of winning, but I don’t feel like taking on a fight where I’m sure I’ll lose before I start.

“Then it will be limited to recent songs, but Takuma can decide what songs I sing. Basically, I can sing anything.”

“I see.”

If I can choose a song that Alice doesn’t seem to be very good at, I may have a good chance of winning.

“No, but in case I lose, I don’t know what kind of reckless behavior you’ll make …….”

“Then how about the loser buys the winner a dish from the food menu of the winner’s choice?”

I had been asked recklessly in previous matches, but there was little risk of losing if I just offered to buy the winner a dish from the food menu. So I decided to accept the challenge. Well, the result was a disastrous defeat.

“I guess as promised, you’ll have to buy me a meal.”

“……, all right.”

I sang the song I was best at, and I chose a song that was clearly more difficult for Alice, but I still lost.

Honestly, I thought it would be impossible for me to lose to Alice with such a handicap, so to be honest, I was more surprised than disappointed.

“I ordered this.”

“…… Hey, is it my imagination that it says Couple Juice?”

“Ah, I’m surprised you noticed.”

Alice uttered this with a smiling expression on her face. Oioi, this is exactly the same pattern as the couple’s limited extra-large parfait the other day.

When Alice and I go to cafes, I try to look at the menu list in every corner, but I was completely caught off guard because I didn’t expect to find such a food menu at a karaoke place. It was better that the waiter didn’t take pictures of us.

A few minutes later, a couple juices were brought into the room with two intertwined straws in the shape of a heart at the top.

“Well then, let’s drink it right away.”

“Just to be clear, do I have to drink it too ……?”

“Of course do.”

It seems that I had no choice but to give up because I knew that it was pointless to resist. After that, I drank couple’s juice with Alice, trying my best not to feel embarrassed.

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