We entered the chapel, completed the registration for the mock wedding, and took our seats. Many couples around us were in their mid-twenties to early thirties, and naturally there were no high school students like us.

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve been to a place like this, so I’m a little nervous.”

“I know, it’s actually my first time, too, so I feel the same way.”

“Guess I’d better not wander around too much.”

Anyway, I felt out of place, but I would remember this day’s events well and go home because I would be marrying Alice in a year’s time. While I was thinking about this, it was time for the mock wedding ceremony to begin.

First, the priest and the groom entered the hall, followed by the bride and her father. The bride and groom were both quite beautiful.

Well, Alice is the most beautiful in my opinion. After singing a hymn and reading from the Bible, it was time for the vows.

“Husband. Do you, husband, in sickness and in health, always love, care for, protect, and help this woman, and do you swear to keep her in strict confidence until she is called from this life?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“Wife. Do you swear to obey him always, in health and in sickness, to walk with him, to help him, and to keep him in firmness and discipline?”

“Yes, I swear.”

The two actors playing the bride and groom were so used to the ceremony that they were able to speak smoothly. I would have been nervous and my voice would have trembled.

After the exchange of rings, the signing of marriage vows, and the singing of hymns, the bride and groom left the stage and the mock wedding ceremony was over. The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes.

“There was no vow kiss, though I had an image that weddings were supposed to have one.”

“I heard that sometimes it is skipped. The bride and groom are not a real couple, especially since this is a mock wedding.”

It is true that it would be a big problem if they were not a real couple and kissed. If they were married, it would have been a real mess.

“When it comes to our wedding, of course, let’s make sure we kiss each other during we say our vows.”

“…… Alice really likes kissing, doesn’t she?”

On the first day of school, Alice suddenly kissed me deeply, even though we had never met before in this time line.

“I’m sure you know that, but I only do that kind of thing with Takuma.”

“If Alice had kissed another man, I’m pretty sure I’d die.”

The wedding dress and tuxedo were on display and we started to look at them. The actual wedding dresses and tuxedos were on display.

“What color tuxedo are you going to wear, Takuma?”

“Hmmm, what color would you like?”

There were tuxedos in front of me in a variety of colors, so I was lost. I think white or black is the safest bet, but navy and gray seem like options as well.

Wine red and gold are out of the question. Such gaudy colored tuxedos would never suit me. I knew that even before I put it on.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to wear a white tuxedo. After all, white has a strong image when it comes to tuxedos for weddings. Alice had been wondering for quite a long time which color to choose, but in the end she chose a pure white wedding dress.

“After all, a pure white wedding dress looks great on the fair-skinned Alice.”

“I think Takuma looks pretty good too.”

“Really ……?”

Unlike Alice, who is half-Japanese and more mature, I have an appearance appropriate for my age, so no matter how I look at it, I can only imagine that I could wear a tuxedo.

Well, when Alice drew a portrait for an art assignment, she beautified me so much that I can’t deny the possibility that she had some kind of filter in her eyes.

“”Well, since we’re here, do you want to take a picture?”

“Well, I don’t get to wear a wedding dress or a tuxedo very often,”

“All right, let’s take a picture right away. Just stand there and strike a pose.”

“How about like this?”

We started taking pictures while having this conversation. We started taking pictures of me alone, Alice alone, the two of us together, and so on.

“Ah, can I post the pictures I just took on social media?”

“I don’t mind, and I know there’s no point in refusing anyway.”

Alice has a record of posting all kinds of photos on social networking sites without permission.

“Thanks, and I’ve made it the new icon for LIME, too.”

“Which one is it, by the way?”

“This one.”

Alice shows me the screen of her phone. There was a two-shot photo of Alice and me smiling happily on the screen.

“I’m sure my classmates will say something about it again, but I don’t mind.”

I’m no longer trying to hide the fact that I’m engaged to Alice, so she can do whatever she wants. The best couple contest has already been widely known, so there is little point in hiding it.

“I’ve taken a lot of pictures, so I guess I’m satisfied with the way I look now. Let’s wear it again for next year’s wedding.”

“Yeah, sure.”

After taking off and returning the wedding dress and tuxedo, we left the chapel.

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