Three weeks had passed in the blink of an eye since Alice and I went to Shining Sun City to play.

“Takuma, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

After greeting Alice in her room as a matter of course, I ate breakfast in the dining room as usual, went to the bathroom to fix my sleeping hair, and then went back to my room and started to change my clothes.

Alice was still in the room, but since she had already seen me completely naked, I didn’t mind at all that she saw me changing.

After changing and closing the door, I started to head to school with my arms folded as usual when Alice opened her mouth.

“Takuma is surprisingly muscular, isn’t he?”

“Even though I look like this, I like to move around a lot, and I’ve been getting A’s on sports tests since I was in elementary school.”

I can basically do any sport to a certain degree, and my muscles are better than average.

“Then I feel like you could be successful even if you join an athletic club, but why are you joining the home club?”

“Do you think I, a loner, can make it in an athletic club?”

Needless to say, it is impossible. Loners and sports clubs are the worst match. I’m confident that even if I joined, I’d give up within a week or so.

“I’m sorry …….”

“Hey, don’t apologize in such a stiff tone. You’re making me sad.”

Alice looked at me as if she was looking at something pitiful. I can’t bear to pursue this topic any further, so I shift the subject to Alice.

“Alice too doesn’t join any clubs? you seem to be very athletic and good at sports.”

It’s been four weeks since Alice transferred to my school, but she was still in the homecoming club. I’m sure my classmates have been recruiting her in various ways, but I don’t know why she’s not a member of any club.

“I’m often told that, but I’m actually really bad at sports,”

“Eh, Really?!”

I had an image of Alice as a tall, half-size girl who was good at sports, so I was quite surprised.

“well, my case is that I have no intention of joining any club activities in the first place.”

“Why is that?”

“Because if I join a club, I won’t be able to spend much time with Takuma, right?”

Hearing Alice’s words like that, I was unexpectedly made to feel nervous. Alice noticed my appearance and smiled wickedly at me.

“Ah, did you just get nervous by any chance?”

“I-I don’t think so.”

“Then why are your eyes swimming so much?”

“No, no, I’m not swimming.”

I was embarrassed and tried to cover it up in a hurry, but Alice apparently found out. Alice saw through my lie in an instant and remained silent, but Alice opened her mouth with a grin.

“I see, Takuma is happy to spend time with me.”

Alice, who seemed to be in a good mood, kept making fun of me with this story until we arrived at the school.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Speaking of which, we have finals in a couple of weeks.”

“Is it that time already?”

Alice suddenly started saying such a thing as we were eating lunch on a bench in the courtyard during lunch break as usual. The test will be announced a week later at the end of this month, and the final exam will begin a week after that at the beginning of July.

“Ah, that’s right. Why don’t you play with me for the test score? The loser has to do whatever the other person tells them to do.”

“I don’t think I’d like the idea of listening to any command. ……”

I was afraid to shake my head because I didn’t know what kind of crazy moves Alice was going to make. Then Alice smiles provocatively.

“I see, Takuma doesn’t have the confidence to beat me. That’s why he declines the fight.”

“No, no, I don’t think I’m going to lose at all, though…”

I was struck by Alice’s words, and said those words. Even though I look like this, I got a score of 4th in my class in the last midterm test, and to be honest, I’m quite good at studying.

It would be reckless to compete against Alice, a half-Japanese and half-English returnee student, in English, but I think I can definitely win in other subjects.

“Then you’re willing to play, right?”

“Yes, I’ll take it.”

“Then it’s settled.”

Alice had provoked me, but it was decided that we would compete on the basis of the ranking of the test.

“Ah, by the way, if I lose, I’m totally fine with sexually explicit orders. If Takuma wants, I’ll do such and such things that I can’t say out loud.”

“I-I’m not interested in that kind of thing. ……”

“You don’t have to be so tough, Takuma is a healthy high school boy.”

Considering that Alice had a mocking expression on her face, it seems like my lie was exposed. Well, there are hardly any high school boys who aren’t interested in erotic things, so it’s only natural that she find out in an instant.

“Well, but there is an order I want you to do for the sake of our future, and I have absolutely no intention of losing.”

When Alice said that, her expression was completely different from before, and she looked extremely serious. I don’t know what Alice is telling me to do for our future.

However, I had a strong feeling that if I lost, something would be irreversible. It looks like this will be a battle that I must never lose.

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8 months ago

If she wins a cherry will be lost. He already lost and doesn’t know it yet