Alice was silent for a while after arriving at the classroom, but finally opened her heavy mouth.

“….. Hey, do you remember a while ago when I asked Takuma if he thought there was such a thing as reincarnation?”

“Oh, it was when we were deciding on a subject for the play, if I recall correctly.”

The question was asked with a serious look on her face all of a sudden and it was quite impressive, so I remember it well. But what in the world does this have to do with what we are going to talk about?

“Reincarnation and reincarnation are real, because I myself am one. In my case, however, I was not reincarnated into another world, but into my past self.”

“…… Eh?”

I didn’t really understand what Alice was saying. Alice ignores my confusion and continues talking. .

I died when I was in my fourth year of college. I was hit by a drowsy driver.”

Alice’s expression was serious, even though it was hard to believe.

“It hurt like hell, and I still had a lot of things I wanted to do. But, you know, I don’t regret my death at all.”


“Because I was able to save Takuma from being run over by a car.”

If all the stories are true, Alice died protecting me in the future.

“Why did you go to such lengths to save me ……?”

“Because I love Takuma, of course. And it would be too sad for the unborn child to have no father, wouldn’t it?”

“If Alice dies, the child will be involved too, so what’s the point?”

If Alice’s body received a shock that would kill her, there was no way her unborn child would survive. In that case, it would definitely have been better for Alice to live without helping me.

“No, it’s not my baby.”

“W-What do you mean?!”

“In the future, the person next to Takuma was that person, and I was not chosen.”

Alice looked sad as she said this. I can’t believe it, but it seems that in the future, I was tied to someone else who wasn’t Alice.

“So many times I tried to hate Takuma, but I just couldn’t.”

I was at a loss for words as I looked at Alice with a pained expression on her face as she said this.

“I’m sure that’s why my body moved when I realized Takuma was about to be run over. I knew that I was in the wrong place and that I would not be able to save him, so I made my last selfish request to Takuma.”

“……The last selfishness?”

“If we ever meet again in another life, I told him to choose me this time and not her. Then, Takuma cried and promised that he would definitely choose me next time.”

This is what Alice had promised me so often in the past. Since the promise was made in the future and not in the past, it’s not surprising that I don’t remember it.

“Takuma took care of me as I died soon after that, but when I came to, I was a child again. I think God must have given me a second chance.”

From there, Alice apparently began to take various actions. She did everything she could to improve herself, build assets to live alone in Japan, and so on. She did everything she could to get me to choose her this time.

“I see, that’s the secret Alice was hiding from me.”

“I’m sorry I kept it from you.”

“No, I’m glad you told me now.”

If she had told me this story on the first day of my new school, I must have absolutely not believed it.

“.. Speaking of which, where did future me and Alice meet?”

“I guess we first met when Takuma came to stay at my house in England for a six-month study abroad program when he was a sophomore in college.”

I knew I wanted to go study abroad someday, but it looks like future me made it.

“I love Takuma so much now, but we actually didn’t get along at all in the beginning.”

“Is that so!?”

“Yeah, I hated other people because of the many bad experiences I had as a child, so I hated Takuma. So, at that time, I only tried to get involved with Takuma to the bare minimum necessary.”

Alice looked as if she was nostalgic for the distant past. She’s completely different from the Alice I know now, so I can’t even imagine that there was a time like that.

“But Takuma was kind to me as I continued to act cold toward him. The ice in my heart melted away when I was touched by his kindness, and before I knew it, I fell in love with him.”

Come on, I’m too Ikemen in the future. It’s like the main character in a shounen manga or light novel.

“But Takuma had a girlfriend at the time, so the chances of my love coming true were slim. But I wasn’t ready to give up, so I followed him to Japan after he finished his studies, this time with the intention of going to study abroad and staying at Takuma’s house.”

“…..But it didn’t pay off?”

“Yes, because Takuma got married to that girl.”

In the future, I wonder why I didn’t choose Alice, who liked me so much. In any case, that’s what I was wondering.

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7 months ago


7 months ago

Honestly don’t believe it lol a yandere who fed the MC her blood the first day they met would never save the MC for him to have a good life with his wife that isn’t her. Bet she tried to push his wife in front of the truck but he pushed her out of the way and then she jumped in to save him or die with him. That or she just straight up killed him and his wife then killed herself lmfao