Lunch break is over and it’s time for homerooms about the school festival. As I had expected, the class leaders and the subject of the play were to be decided today.

They are going to decide on the class leader first, but to be honest, I don’t really care who the leader is. So, I was working hard to prepare for the class without worrying about the discussion.

After a while, the class leader was decided to be a boy who is a member of the cheerful group.

Let’s decide on the subject of the play, and everyone keep coming up with ideas.

The class leader, who had taken over from Narukami-sensei, began to lead the homeroom, and everyone started coming up with ideas one after another.

Many ideas were submitted, ranging from fairy tales such as Cinderella and The Little Mermaid to original stories about a hero who is reincarnated in another world and defeats the Demon King.

“Which subject would Takuma vote for?”

“Personally, I’m very interested in the story of a reincarnation into another world.”

“I guess boys like otherworldly reincarnation.”

“Alice may not be very interested in it, but it’s quite interesting.”

I like the otherworldly reincarnation stories that are all the rage on online novel submission sites, so I often read them when I have time.

“I’m actually interested in them too. I enjoyed the story about a girl who is reincarnated as a villain’s daughter in the world of an Otome game she was playing before she died.”

“Ah, is that the one that was made into an anime? Hee, I guess Alice is interested in that kind of thing too.”

The word “villainess” came out of Alice’s mouth, so it was quite surprising. Maybe she is a hidden otaku.

As we talked about otherworldly reincarnation for a while with this thought in mind, Alice suddenly turned serious and opened her mouth.

“Takuma, do you think reincarnation really exists?”

“What’s the matter, suddenly asking me something like that? I don’t know if it really exists, but I would like it to exist. I feel sorry for those who have lived a life without reward if there is no relief.”

I’ve had a relatively good life, except for the fact that I’m a loser, but there are many people in the world who haven’t. God has a hand in the lives of those who haven’t deserved it. I really hope that God will reach out to those who have not been rewarded and make their next life a rewarding one.

“……I see, I think the same way as Takuma. After all, a happy ending is the best.”

“That’s right, I also hate bad endings.”

“I’m sorry for asking such a strange question so suddenly. I’m going to go back to my seat now that break time is almost over.”

“Oh, is it that time already?”

Apparently, we had been talking longer than I had expected. The other world reincarnation lost to Cinderella by a narrow margin, unfortunately.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“I can see why Alice would be chosen to play Cinderella because she fits the role so well from an appearance standpoint, but why of all people would I be playing the prince?”

“If I’m going to be Cinderella, then the prince can only be Takuma.”

“No, no, no, what kind of logic is that ……”

After the subject of the play was decided to be Cinderella, the cast began to be decided, and to my surprise, I was chosen to play the prince because of Alice’s push.

Naturally, there were voices of opposition from within the class, and I was probably the most opposed to the idea, but Alice’s skillful words of persuasion completely suppressed any opposition.

“It’s already been decided, so quit your futile resistance and work with me.”

“Well, now that I’ve been entrusted with the job, of course I’m going to do my best.”

No matter how you look at it, I feel like my role as a prince pales in comparison to Alice’s role as Cinderella. First of all, how is it that Cinderella and the prince are the same height?

If she were to wear a glass slipper, I think the prince would overtake her. I wonder if they would tell me to wear secret boots or something.

“More importantly, what do you want to eat for dinner tonight?”

“Well, since we had fish yesterday, I’d like something meaty.”

“Well, let’s make hamburgers, I don’t have the ingredients, so let’s stop by the supermarket and go home.”


We are talking like a couple completely, but I’ve gotten used to it. Maybe my senses are completely numb by now. After walking for a while, we arrived at the supermarket, and while we were shopping, someone spoke to us from behind.

“Could it be Cinderella onee chan ……?”

When we turned around, we saw the girl we had saved from being lost in the aquarium at Shining Sun City, Yuma chan, and her mother standing there.

“Ah, it’s Yuma chan.”

“You look good.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see you again, onee chan and onii chan”

“Thank you for saving Yuma that time.”

Alice and I stopped to talk to Yuma chan and her family, and then we learned a shocking truth.

“Eh, Yuma chan’s mother is Narukami-sensei’s sister?”

“Yes, my younger sister Mika is always taking care of her.”

“It’s true, if you ask me, both Yuma chan and her mother look a little like Narukami Sensei.”

Apparently Yuma-chan was Narukami-sensei’s niece. After that, we continued shopping together, and as a thank you for the trip, I was treated to hamburger ingredients, and then I said goodbye to Yuma-chan and the others.

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