Today, the first day of the school festival, the opening ceremony has just finished and the campus has shifted into a festive mode at once. Even though our school is an advanced school, everyone forgets about their studies and goes wild during the two days of the school festival.

By the way, as a result of a lottery, our class was chosen to be the leading actor in the play, so we moved to the gymnasium immediately after the opening ceremony to get ready.

I had finished changing into my costume and was making final checks on the script backstage when Alice, dressed in her Cinderella costume, came in.

“Takuma, are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, I’ll just do my best to make sure my lines don’t come out sounding like a bunch of sticks.”

Acting rehearsals were really difficult because I was not much of an actor, but I’ve worked hard for today so I’m sure it’ll go well.

“yeah, We’re the stars of the show, so let’s work together.”

“Yes, please, Cinderella.”

“And the prince too.”

A few moments later, the lights in the gymnasium were all turned off and it was dark as an announcement was made that the play was about to begin.

First came the narration, then Alice, playing Cinderella, appeared on stage with her classmates playing her stepmother and her mean sister.

Since she had not yet attended the ball, Cinderella’s costume was not so elegant, but Alice was still very beautiful.

“Hey, Cinderella. Have you finished cleaning your room? It’s not clean at all.”

“I’m sorry, sister. I haven’t finished cooking yet. ……”

“Hey, Cinderella. Have you prepared the meal yet? I’ve been waiting for you since a while ago, but I don’t know how long it takes for the food to come out.”

“Sorry, Mother.”

The prince’s turn was yet to come, so I watched the play from offstage, but the performances of Alice as Cinderella, her stepmother, and her classmates as the mean sister were quite convincing.

It was hard to believe that they had been practicing for less than a week. It must have been largely due to the fact that the theater director was extremely determined. The play went on smoothly, and then it was the prince’s turn.

“How beautiful you are, will you dance with me?”

“If you don’t mind if I dance with you.”

After Alice’s line, we started dancing on the stage. We had been practicing this dance for quite a while because we had received a lot of acting instruction. So, just by listening to the music, my body moves naturally.

“You are the woman of my dreams. with me ……”

“Bad, it’s almost twelve o’clock. I have to go home. I’m sorry, prince.”

With the sound of the bell, the stage goes dark for about 30 seconds, the scene changes, and the climax of the play, the search for the owner of the glass slipper, begins. The search for the owner of the glass slipper is about to begin, and I am a little sad to see the play end.

“After all, you were the beautiful princess who danced yesterday, will you marry me?”

After this, Alice’s Cinderella says, “Yes, with pleasure,” and the stage goes dark, followed by a narration.

“Will you kiss me as a sign of our engagement?”

“…… Eh?”

I was so surprised when Alice suddenly uttered a line that was not in the script that I couldn’t help but let out a silly sound. The classmates around me who played the stepmother, the mean sister, and the soldier all had blank looks on their faces.

No, no, no, what the hell is Alice thinking? I wanted to say, but then I remembered that the play was not over yet, so I hurriedly tried to change course.

“I understand ……. Then please close your eyes.”

I was sure that the audience wouldn’t be able to see much from a distance anyway, so let’s just pretend to kiss her. I held Alice close to me and brought my face close to hers until our lips were almost touching.

Okay, that’s about right. But there was no way Alice would forgive me for that. Alice had her hands around my waist, and she put her tongue in my mouth.


Alice started public deep kissing me as if she was showing it to the audience. The audience was starting to get a little restless, and it was a chaotic situation.

“Prince, thank you very much. I won’t let you go again.”

Alice finally let go of my lips, and as she said this, the stage went dark, and the play ended with the final narration.

“…… Hey, what was that all about earlier?”

“You mean the kissing? I thought that since Cinderella is a love story, a scene like that was necessary.”

“Maybe so, but there’s a limit to how much you can do.”

I protested, but Alice seemed completely indifferent. It’s probably pointless to say anything more.

“Besides, we have a lot of time from now on, so let’s go around here and there, there are many things I want to do.”

“I know, don’t pull my hand so hard.”

Alice is in a good mood, and she pulls my hand and we start to go around the school. The first day of the school festival ended in a flash as we spent time eating at the booths, watching the plays of other classes, and looking at the classroom exhibits of the first-year students.

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