I realized that three weeks had passed since the day Alice and I had our sleepover. I think that both Alice and I were very busy during these three weeks because of the final examinations.

Alice and I were competing with each other for the final exam grade, and if I lost, I had to do whatever she asked me to do, so we were both studying very hard. So nothing unusual has been happening for the past three weeks.

And today, the winners and losers are finally revealed as the answer sheets for all the subjects have finally been returned. In the classroom after school, Alice and I were sitting facing each other in front of our desks. On the desk was a sheet of paper with the total score of the final exam turned upside down.

“Takuma, are you ready to admit defeat?”

“That’s my line. Alice is the one who should be prepared, because it is definitely me who will win.”

When Alice tried to get me to admit defeat, I responded in the same way. For the final exam, there are also supplementary subjects such as health and physical education and home economics that were not included in the mid-term exam.

“Okay, let’s show each other the results, shall we?


“Okay, let’s go, one two”

Alice called out and we turned our papers over at the same time. And when I saw Alice’s score, I couldn’t help but scream.


Alice had scored an astonishing 1485 points in 15 subjects, out of a perfect score of 1500 points, she had lost only 15 points, and her average score in the 15 subjects was an astonishing 99 points.

I checked all the answer sheets just to be sure, but no matter how many times I calculated the scores, they were correct. The majority of the answer sheets were perfect, with only one or two questions wrong in certain subjects.

“I think Takuma’s score of 1421 is pretty good too.”

“The thing is that it sounds completely sarcastic when Alice says it.

It seems that I completely misjudged Alice’s ability. When I was thinking about this, Alice took out an A4 sheet of paper in a transparent clear file from her bag.

Alice slowly unfolded the paper, which was folded in two, and held it out in front of me. I had a bad feeling about this, but Alice opened her mouth.

“Well then, I’m going to order you to sign this and put your seal on it.”

“…… Hey, I think it says ‘marriage certificate’ on it.”

When I saw the words written on the top left corner of the form, I made a comment to her. Then Alice’s cheeks blushed and she smiled wryly.

“It’s ready to be submitted as soon as Takuma signs and seals it. How’s that, aren’t you happy?”

“No, no, before I’m happy or anything, marriage isn’t even possible yet in the first place because of my age.”

The marriageable age in Japan today is eighteen for both men and women, so Alice and I, at seventeen, will never be able to get married no matter how hard we try.

“If you give me your signature and seal now, I can go and submit it the moment we turn eighteen, right?”

“Oh come on, give me a break with that already ……”

I said this to Alice, who was still smiling fearlessly.

“So much for making fun of Takuma, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Apparently, what she had just said was a joke. Between you and me, it’s a secret that it didn’t sound like a joke at all, but rather looked like a serious one.

“……What’s the main topic?”

“I’m going to use what I’m about to tell you as the order I won this game, okay?”

I have no idea what kind of order Alice is going to give me, but it must be better than signing and sealing the marriage certificate.

“So what kind of orders are you going to give me?”

“My order to Takuma …… is to move in with me.”

“Move in!?”

I take back what I said before, this order is too hard enough. Isn’t it unreasonable for second year high school students to live together?

“Ah, I’ll make sure to tell father and mother (in-law), so don’t worry.”

“No matter how you think about it, I don’t see any element of reassurance at all. ……”

As I can see from the fact that she gave me a duplicate key, mother was defeated a long time ago, and father is also quite sloppy, so it’s obvious that he’ll be easily persuaded. In that case, living together will probably be inevitable.

“We’re going to start living together the first week of summer vacation, so please be prepared for that.”

“Eh? It’s so soon”

The school closing ceremony is next Thursday, and summer vacation begins the day after that, so there is only a little over a week before we have to move in together.

“I’m sure you know this, but as a loser, Takuma doesn’t have veto power.”

“…… I know, I made a promise to you.”

Even though it was a match I accepted completely under Alice’s provocation, a promise is still a promise. Breaking a promise goes against my beliefs.

Besides, I knew from spending the past month together that I couldn’t stop Alice from becoming like this, so to be frank, there was no point in resisting it at all.

I have a feeling that this summer vacation is going to be the most eventful in my life so far. I don’t have any particular basis for it, but I had a feeling anyway.

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