Episode 5 – I was lonely in that big room all by myself, so I came to play with you as soon as I could



“Takuma, dinner’s ready, it’s time to get up.”

“…… is it that time already?”

I woke up after being shaken awake and slowly got up, mumbling to myself as I did so. I was still drowsy and my head was a bit fuzzy, but the moment I saw the person standing by my bed, I woke up at once.

“W-Why are you in my room?!”

I thought it was my mother who had come to wake me up, but to my surprise, it was not my mother, but Alice. I looked surprised, and Alice smiled like a child who had successfully pulled a prank and opened her mouth.

“I felt lonely being alone in that big room, so I came over to play with you as soon as I could.”

“No, no, the front door was locked, right?”

“I asked Takuma’s mother to let me in. I told her I was a classmate of Takuma’s and she got more excited than I thought she would.”

It seems like mom did this, but what the heck was she thinking letting Alice, who is a guest, wake me up?

“Anyway, it’s dinner time, so let’s go to the dining room.”


I decided to follow Alice’s words for the time being. When I think about it, I’m not sure how I would feel about the sight of a beautiful girl from my class in my room.

When we went to the dining room together, Mom was in the kitchen making the last of the dishes. It looks like hamburgers for dinner today.

“Thanks for waking Takuma up, Alice-chan.”

“No problem, Mother. It’s no trouble at all.”

Alice and my mother, who seemed to have gotten to know each other quite well while I was sleeping, were having such a conversation. As soon as I took my seat, Alice did the same.

“…… by any chance, Alice is having dinner at our house too?”

“I invited her to eat with us. It was lonely being just me and Takuma.”

It is true that now that my father is away on assignment alone, I too thought it would be a little lonely to sit around the dinner table with my mother. But suddenly inviting someone you just met today to dinner is just getting to know each other too well.

Alice was also very friendly with her classmates on her first day at school, so maybe she is a genius at getting along with others.

Alice seemed to be liked very much by her mother, and they talked happily throughout the meal.

“Hee, I thought Alice was almost as tall as Takuma, but she’s 172 centimeters tall. If she is that beautiful and stylish, she could be a model.”

“Thank you very much. My face and height are inherited from my mother”

“Does that mean Alice’s mother is English?”

The image of a half-European girl with a foreign father and a Japanese mother is very strong. Therefore, I was curious when I heard the term “inherited from mother”.

“Yes, that’s right. My father is Japanese and my mother is English.”

“I see, international marriages are becoming more common, but that’s a rare combination.”

“Yes, I get that a lot.”

For awhile while eating hamburgers, they were chatting like that, but then I realized that a lot of time had passed.

“……I’m going home now, thank you very much for the food.”

“See you at school tomorrow.”

“Alice chan, you’re always welcome to come back anytime.”

I and my mother saw Alice off at the door. I think it is polite for a man to take a girl home. But we decided that since we were right next door, there was no need to do so. After that, my mother and I started to put away the dishes.

“Alice chan, she was a good girl. She’s polite and elegant, and I hope a girl like her will be Takuma’s wife in the future.”

“mother must have liked Alice a lot.”

“When she first rang the intercom and I answered it, I wondered what kind of girl she was, but when we finally got to talking, we were on the same wavelength.”

Mother was in a pretty good mood. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my mother in such a good mood, so I guess she really liked it from the bottom of her heart.

“So, Takuma, do your best to catch Alice-chan.”

“Well, I’ll try my best to be reasonable.”

I don’t think my mother would have even imagined that Alice was about to capture me, let alone capture her. With that in mind, I finished cleaning up the dishes and returned to my room.

As I was taking out my textbooks and notebooks from my backpack to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson, I noticed that I had received a message from LIME on my phone on my desk.


As a loner, I have basically no one to communicate with, so I rarely receive messages.

“Is it a class group chat by any chance?”

Even I’m in a class group. I looked at the screen of my phone and saw that the sender of the message was Alice.

“Let’s see… …..I’m in your care from the morning huh.”

The message was short and used emojis, but I wondered what she meant by “from the morning”.

“Don’t tell me you’re coming to my room in the morning, ……?”

The message turned out to be right on the money, but there was no way I could have known that at the time.


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