Today, my classmates were excited from this morning. It seems that a transfer student is coming to our class, and rumor has it that she is a very beautiful girl. The classroom was abuzz with talk about her from morning.

“What kind of girl is this transfer student?”

“I heard she’s a really pretty girl, right? Does she have a boyfriend?”

“If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, I’ll run for it.”

“You’re never going to get a chance with that face, are you?”

Conversations like that could be heard from all over the classroom, mainly among the boys, but to be honest, I didn’t really care about the new student.

Because I know that they will have little to do with me. I, Kurotsuki Takuma, am what is commonly referred to as a “loner,” meaning that I have only the minimum amount of contact with my classmates.

Therefore, there is almost no chance that I would have anything to do with a transfer student. If I did, it would probably be just to have a casual business conversation.

So I was sitting in my seat doing my preparation for class, ignoring the excitement of my classmates. Some of my classmates were looking at me like I was an idiot, but I ignored them because there was no harm in it.

A few moments later, the classroom door opens and our homeroom teacher, Narukami Mika-sensei, enters the classroom.

In our high school, there is generally no morning homeroom except on special occasions such as tests, but today is an exception because we are introducing a new student to the class. Narukami-sensei stood at the podium and began to speak after making sure the classroom was quiet.

“Good morning, as I told you in last week’s homeroom, we have a new student coming to this class today. Come on in, Izayoi-san.”

As Narukami-sensei finished saying this, the door at the front of the classroom opened. The transfer student entered the classroom, and at that moment, there was a loud thud in the classroom.

I looked up and saw a beautiful girl with medium blonde hair and green eyes standing in front of the blackboard. She was a beautiful girl with a pretty face and no complaints, so it was no surprise that all the boys in the class started to make a fuss.

Her exotic appearance made me think she might be half-European. I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to talk to her properly, but it’s rare to see such a beautiful girl, so I’ll let my eyes do the rest of the talking.

As I gazed at the transfer student with such thoughts in my mind, our eyes met unexpectedly. At first I thought she was just looking at me by chance, but she never took her eyes off me.

I don’t know why, but I felt a fierce chill run down my back as I stared into her green eyes. I had a feeling that if I didn’t get away from here right now, something irreversible would happen.

Why do I have such an ominous feeling that I am going to be stared at by a beautiful girl, an event that should make boys very happy?

“Well, this is going to be sudden, but please introduce yourself in front of everyone.”

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m Kurotsuki Alice.”

Huh, didn’t Narukami-sensei just call her Izayoi san?

The classroom, which had once been quiet to listen to the self-introductions, began to buzz again. Narukami-sensei also seemed to be curious and asked her.

“As I recall, on the enrollment form, I think you wrote Izayoi Alice in the name field. ……”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I am Izayoi, just at the moment.”

In response to a question from Narukami-sensei, Izayoi san answered in that way. What exactly does “at the moment” mean?

“…… Well, does ‘at the moment’ mean you plan to change in the future by any chance?”

Narukami-sensei asked this question, and Izayoi-san looked at me with a grin on her face, and the next moment she uttered an outrageous statement.

“Since I am going to be the future wife of Kurotsuki Takuma, who is sitting right over there, my last name will eventually change from Izayoi to Kurotsuki.”


I unintentionally shouted out loud, forgetting that I was in a classroom. I’m sure it’s impossible not to be surprised when a beautiful girl you’ve just met suddenly starts referring to herself as your future wife.

Naturally, my classmates were also surprised and looked at me from all over the classroom. I’m not even married, let alone in a relationship, and today should have been the first time I met Izayoi san

I was beginning to think that this was some kind of a surprise, but there was no sign that she was going to start revealing her story.

“L-let’s stop with the self-introductions and have you take your seats. Your seat is over there.”


Narukami-sensei seemed to have decided that things would get out of control if things continued like this, so she decided to have Izayoi san sit down for the time being.

Izayoi-san slowly begins walking toward the seat that Narukami-sensei pointed to. Then, as she was about to pass by my seat, she stopped for a moment and opened her mouth.

“Takuma, I’ll make sure you keep your promise, okay?”

She spoke in a small voice that only I could hear, and Izayoi-san had a strong expression of joy on her face. My peaceful daily life is thrown into a tailspin by the appearance of Izayoi-san, who calls herself my future wife.

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7 months ago

Finally, new yandere story!

Now, let’s see how the future of the MC unfolds!

7 months ago


4 months ago
Reply to  Kines

Bro you are here too????

Ermin Lopez
Ermin Lopez
7 months ago

I like this but i’m also confused. Is there a supernatural element to this? Her goal sounds reasonable but telling everyone when MC is a loner plays the apposite effect. I like that she’s assertive but couldn’t had been like a sneaky cobra, passive aggressive and slowly overwhelm him? Heck do I know it’s only first chapter lol