After talking about playing for the final exam during lunch break, nothing special happened, and before I knew it, it was after school. Alice and I started home, arm in arm as usual.

“Finally after school, today’s class was really boring.”

“You don’t sound like an honors student.”

“It’s not that I don’t like studying that much,”

It’s true that I have good grades, but to be honest, I’m the kind of person who wants to miss classes because they’re such a hassle. That’s why I’m so happy when classes are canceled due to events like ball game tournaments and school festivals.

“Then why are you studying so hard, Takuma?”

“For the future, of course.”

It is because I think I can lead a richer life if I enter a famous university with a high deviation score and get into a good company, that’s why I study so hard. In fact, that’s how my father got into a big company.

“That’s true, but I don’t think it’s good to work too hard either. Why don’t you take the next final exam as a break and skip studying?”

“Hey, hey, why are you trying to get me to skip my studies? If I do that, I’m sure I’ll lose the game.”

When I pushed her like that, Alice looked as if she had gotten caught. There’s no way I’d get caught up in something like this.

“This is a completely different topic, but what is Takuma going to do for dinner tonight? As I recall, you said mother-in-law won’t be here tonight.”

“I’m trying to figure out what to do right now.”

My mother is going on a company trip with her part-time employer for two days and one night, and she won’t be back until tomorrow evening, so I’ll be home alone tonight. So I have to prepare dinner by myself.

“If you want, I can cook it for you.”

“Eh, Is that okay?”

The bento that Alice makes sometimes tastes different, but basically it’s so delicious that I would really like to ask her to cook dinner for me.

“Sure. So what would you like to eat?”

“Umm, let’s see… …… then I’ll have curry and rice”

I was quite unsure of what to ask her to make, but in the end I decided to request the thing I most wanted to eat right now. I hadn’t had curry rice recently, so I was in the mood for it.

“Ok, by the way, do you have the ingredients for curry rice at Takuma’s house?”

“I’m sure we have vegetables and stuff, but I don’t think we have meat and curry roux.”

“Well, let’s just go to the supermarket and then go home.”

“Well, it would be a double effort to go back to the supermarket after we get home.”

There is a supermarket on the way home, so we decide to buy something there. We arrived at the supermarket a little later and started to go around the store with our shopping baskets.

“We feel like newlyweds when we shop for dinner together. Maybe people around us see us that way?”

“No, no, it would be a bit unreasonable for a newlywed couple to be in uniform. Isn’t it a couple at most?”

“Hee, Takuma thinks we look like a couple.”

Alice responded to my words and opened her mouth with a grin. When I realized that I had misspoken, I hurriedly corrected myself.

“N-no. I just wanted to say that if anyone could see us, it would be a couple. ……”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll just leave it at that for now.”

I’m sure Alice will be making fun of me with the current story for a while. After putting the curry ingredients and other ingredients into the shopping cart, we lined up at the cash register.

“Takuma, look at the sign over there. If you spend over 3,000 yen, you can enter a prize draw.”

“First prize is a pair of tickets for a trip to Okinawa, second prize is a pair of tickets to Universe Land, and third prize is a gift catalog worth 10,000 yen.”

The first prize, a trip to Okinawa, is quite luxurious because it includes round-trip airfare and accommodations. The second prize, a pair of tickets to Universe Land, also includes unlimited rides on the attractions, so the winner only needs to pay for round-trip transportation between Tokyo and Osaka and food.

“We’re doing a lot of shopping, so it should be over 3,000 yen, so let’s apply for it.”

“Well, I’ll just be lucky if I win.”

After paying the bill at the cash register, Alice started to fill in the necessary information on the prize application form she received from the clerk. I was watching the scene from next door when I noticed that Alice had obviously written something strange on the form.

“Hey, don’t write a lie right from the start.”

“Eh, What are you talking about?”

“Alice’s last name isn’t Kurotsuki, it’s Izayoi, right?”

Yes, Alice had written Kurotsuki Alice in the name field with all her heart.

“Ah, I made a mistake out of habit.”

“You make mistakes so much that it becomes a habit. ……”

Alice acted as if she had just realized it, but it had to be on purpose. If she really uses the name Kurotsuki Alice to the point where it becomes a habit, that would be a problem as well.

“Okay, I wrote it.”

“I hope you got it right this time, …….”

I checked the application form written by Alice. There was nothing wrong with it, and it should be fine now that she had double-lined over Kurotsuki to Izayoi

After putting the application form into the box on the bagging table, we left the supermarket and started to head home.

“Takuma, if it’s the prize you just won, Okinawa or Universe Land, which do you want to go to?”

“Well, I’m not sure, but I think I’d go to Universe Land. I don’t remember going to a theme park recently.”

“I see. I think I’m in favor of Universe Land, too. I want to ride the attractions and have a great time.”

“I think the chances of winning are definitely low, but it would be nice if we do.”

While we were having such a conversation, we arrived at the apartment.

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