“Takuma, thank you for accompanying me today.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad Alice was satisfied.”

After leaving the shopping mall, Alice and I were walking home at night. By the way, the furniture and home appliances she purchased today will be mailed to her home, so she has almost no luggage.

“Speaking of which, it’s been almost a week since you moved in, are you getting used to your new life?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve lived on my own, so there were a lot of things I was worried about, but I’m getting by, and I’ve settled into school pretty well, so I guess you could say I’m getting used to it.”

The moment I heard Alice’s statement, I felt something strange. I feel like there’s something strange about what she just said, but I don’t know what it really is.

“Takuma, what happened to your sudden silence?”

“…. sorry, I was a bit zoned out.”

I answered that to Alice who was staring at me with a worried expression. I’m curious as to what the discomfort is, but the reason I can’t figure it out right away is probably because it’s a trivial thing.

“Maybe you just tired from everything that’s happened this week”

“Maybe so, it’s Saturday and Sunday tomorrow, I’ll take a good rest.”

After that, we chatted for a while as we headed home, but unfortunately we got into some trouble.

“Hey, do you want to hang out with us now?”

“I’m sure we’ll entertain you, we’ve got to go.”

While walking downtown, Alice was suddenly picked up by two guys with blonde and brown hair who looked like they were having a bad time. The pair appeared to be drunk and unusually high-spirited.

“Sorry, we’re in a hurry.”

“Don’t say that, come with us.”

“yeah, I’ll tell you all about the adult world you don’t know.”

Alice refuses, but the duo refuses to back down. On the contrary, he tries to forcefully grab Alice’s arm.

“Um, could you please not mess with my friend?”


I grabbed the blonde’s wrist as she reached out and squeezed it as hard as I could. I get an A grade in the sports test every year to call myself a high-spec loner, and my grip strength is well above average, so it must be painful. The brown haired man who was watching the situation got angry and started punching me.

“Hey, you’ve got to be kidding me.”


I let go of the blonde’s wrist that I was holding and avoided his punch. The blonde, now free, looks like a demon and pulls something out of his pocket.

“Don’t get too carried away.”

The blonde had a knife in his hand. The situation was not good, but no matter what, Alice had to be protected.

“Die, you little shit.”


Facing a life-threatening situation, I became paralyzed and my reaction was delayed. I tried to dodge the knife as it swung down, but I couldn’t make it in time, and my right arm was cut just a little.

Red blood is beginning to trickle down to the ground with a sharp pain, and to tell the truth, the current situation is the worst. I might be seriously killed.

I was really starting to think that, but then I noticed that something was wrong with the duo. Both the blonde and the brown-haired one had frozen up with a frightened look on their faces.

“….. Hey, why did you hurt Takuma?”

Alice, who speaks those words, has a look on her face as if she could kill someone just by looking at them until now. There was a tremendously terrifying aura emanating from her body, and I felt a pressure so powerful that it could not be compared to what I felt in the school courtyard.

The duo seemed too terrified to move their bodies, and all they could do was fall on their butts and shake. Alice slowly approaches the blonde and brown-haired guy.


“D-don’t come!”

The duo were shouting so while half crying, but Alice’s steps did not stop. And when she reaches the front of the blonde, Alice steps on his crotch as hard as she can without any hesitation.

The blonde gave an inaudible scream and fainted, foaming at the mouth. With the same momentum, Alice also stomps down on the crotch of the pale brown-haired guy. Apparently unable to bear the pain, the brown hair also fainted.

The duo were immediately taken away by police officers who had apparently rushed to the scene after a call from someone. After I were treated for my cuts at a nearby hospital, we were interviewed by the policemen.

Incidentally, it seems that the blonde and the brown-haired one were quite vicious rapists. Well, it seems that they may never be able to have proper sexual intercourse again because Alice crushed their testicles.

“…… Hey, did you have to go that far?”

I don’t feel sorry for them in the slightest, but I do wonder if it was necessary to make a merciless attack on a duo who had completely lost their will to fight.

“They hurt Takuma, so it’s only natural retribution. In fact, since I’ve forgiven them for that much, I’d like them to be grateful.”

Hearing Alice say that with a calm face, a chill ran through my entire body. If someone who causes harm to us appears, I’m sure she’ll do the same thing she did this time.

It seems that Alice is a more frightening woman than I thought. I made up my mind that I would never make Alice angry.

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