After Helping Sisters Who Are Famous for Hating Men, We End Up Living Together and Find Myself Being Loved Heavily and Sweetly



One day, Shinji Minato had to help certain sisters in town.

The older sister is in the same class and the younger sister is a junior.

Although they are students at the same school, Minato does not know much about them other than the fact that they hate men….he does not expect anything from helping these sisters, and after confirming that they are safe, he calmly leaves the scene.

Then that night, Minato met the sisters again at a meeting with his father’s remarriage partner.

Yes–the marriage partner brought children with her, and those children were the sisters Minato had saved.

This is a story not only about the coincidence of the remarriage, but also about the fate that was set in motion by saving the sisters.

It is a story of sisters who have never known how to rely on other men but Minato, and wish to devote themselves to him wholeheartedly.

Shocking Encounter

The Sisters Who Were Rumored to Hate Men

Because it’s the first time, things are growing

Because it’s the first time, the little sister is growing, too

From today we’re all family

What are the two goddesses looking at?

Are the transparent chains that coiled around were the result of a dream?

Coincidences become inevitable for her ~ extremely natural~

Boundaries of dependence that rewrite the past

What’s reflected on the surface of the water is the beautiful body of a female leopard

I want to spoil you, I want you to spoil me

Love is memories, love is addicting

Once more, if you cross the wall once more……..

A small accident flips the switch

That strong heart always yearn for poison

Sometimes the sense of smell dominates all senses

First cry of a newborn baby is magnificent and lovely

Even if I speak strongly, my body trembles and fear appears and disappears

The girls noticed–the boy’s feelings that they want to cherish

Her whisper is deafening



What did she do and what did she leave behind?


What I realized

Sayaka And Yume


Wedge to nail it down

Together forever

That’s an eternal good-luck charm