[Minato, please take care of your father, ……dear……Minato, please–]

[Mom…..Mom ! !]

[……Minato, it’s okay. I’ve got you.]

I still remember the time when my mom passed away.

She was always weak and would get sick easily….so I cried many times because I didn’t want to see her suffer, but every time I cried, she would comfort me.

[Minato… a kind person. Don’t think that you have to cry all the time…….It’s a sign of kindness to be able to cry for someone. Be a strong child who can protect someone else…….oh, but don’t push yourself too hard. I want you to be happy, that’s what I want most.]

A strong child who can protect someone….I wish that protector had been my mom.

…Just kidding.

Even if I think about that, my mom won’t come back, and if I think about her,I have to be happy……and laughing will make her feel at ease in heaven.

“……Mom, don’t worry–I’m going to be okay.”

I’m going to have a new family now.

I’m sure I’ll be fine…….so keep smiling, Mom.



I opened my eyes in a huff.

When I looked around with my head that wasn’t fully awake, the place was my seat in the classroom.

“……Well, there’s been a lot going on.”

I wonder if it is because of yesterday and I was mentally exhausted…..hmm, it might be unexpected.

After staring blankly at the blackboard for a while, I packed up my things and left the classroom.

Without meeting anyone, I headed out of the shoe box and found a girl I was more interested in than usual.


The place was the entrance to the gymnasium.

There….Yume san is taking a break while wiping sweat off her face, and she has a sports drink in her hand on her mouth and is drinking wonderfully.

I know that Yume san belongs to the basketball club, and I’ve witnessed this kind of scene many times, but I couldn’t help but stare at it because of what happened last night. My gaze overlapped with Yume san’s.


I can’t say anything and I can’t move, and Yume san doesn’t move either.

If we stare at each other like that for a while, the other basketball club members will also look at me strangely…no, they’re looking at me a little suspiciously.

“….Like a stalker, like that.”

For a short time, I was worried that I might be misunderstood.

After saying something to the other club members, Yume san walked towards me with a spodori in hand.



A look that never seems friendly…, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

If anything, it’s a gaze that hasn’t changed in particular from last night, like me, Yume san probably doesn’t know how to interact.

“……Is it okay to practice?”

“I have about ten minutes to rest.”

“I see.”




T-this is too awkward !

I didn’t think that a space where we just look at each other and don’t talk would be so suffocating…..Hm? Am I hyperventilating or something?

“……Ahem !”

Minato, you need to use your head more before thinking of something stupid like that !

She’s younger than me, and she’s the one who’s going to join my family. ….it’s better to have a good relationship than a bad one, and it’s best if she truly feels happy that her mother remarried !

I opened my mouth to say.

“We didn’t get to talk much yesterday…..were you both surprised?”

“……Yeah. I was really surprised.”

“That incident was a surprise in its own way, but I never thought that we would become like this after meeting each other.”

“….I guess so. Both me and my sister were surprised like never before.”

I laughed out loud.

Compared to yesterday, we were able to talk much better, but it was still awkward, but then Yume san got a little closer to me…and bowed.

“Thank you again for what happened yesterday. Both my sister and I were safe thanks to Senpai.”

I was a little surprised because I didn’t expect her to bow her head and thank me.

I was not thinking that she is a person who never says thank you, but it is only because I thought that this talk about gratitude had ended yesterday.

When she lowered her head, the eyes of the club members who were looking at me was painful……I was worried about that and asked her to raise her head first.

“I received your thanks yesterday, so please lift up your head. You and Sayaka san were safe…that’s enough.”

As it turns out, we were all safe……and that’s good enough for me, I said.

Yume san continued to bow her head for a while, but she said she understood and raised her head.

On the other hand, I didn’t feel comfortable with her honorific words, so I asked her to speak as usual.

“…..As my sister said, Senpai is a mysterious person.”

“A mysterious person……huh. That might be the first time I’ve ever been told that.”

No, probably the first time……

When I laughed while scratching my head, Yume san relaxed her cheeks and smiled.

Of course, the side of her that hates men comes first, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve caught a glimpse of her charms, which are said to be beautiful, and I quickly look away.

(……She’s got a really beautiful smile, just like Sayaka san.)

Is it embarrassing to be embarrassed by a younger girl? No, I’m not embarrassed. This is all because Yume san’s smile is too attractive.

“You know.. I’m kind of looking forward to it….Senpai and my new dad becoming a family.”


I was so happy to hear her say that.

I was almost moved to the point of tears, but……I see, Sayaka san is the same, but in Yume san’s case, she will become my younger sister when she becomes a family member.

I…..never thought about it because I’ve always been an only child, sister,……I wonder what life is like with a sister.


At that time, I was just imagining something like that–Yume san, who was getting even closer, was looking up at my face.

“Senpai…….what’s wrong? Maybe it’s just my imagination, but you seem a little down compared to yesterday.”

“Erm……did I look like that?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry if it’s just my imagination.”

“…….No, no need to apologize.”

There’s no way I can say that I dreamt about….the moment my mom died.

However, I didn’t want to be indifferent to Yume san’s concern, so I just told her that it was because I had a little dream.

Then, after talking with Yume san some more, I asked her permission to call her name and turned away.

(……She was a good girl. I was a little worried, but it looks like Sayaka san and Yume san will be totally fine with me being a family member !)


“……Senpai…..Minato senpai.”

Minato senpai walked with his back to me……Ah, I regretted that I should have asked for permission to call him big brother.

The reason I called her[Senpai] is because I’m his junior and it’s not an appropriate way to call him since he is going to be a family member now.

“….Onii chan, huh.”

Big brother……I never thought I would be able to have such a presence.

The person I’ve seen at school to some extent is not only my older brother, but also the person who saved my life, so I really don’t know what life will bring.

I was worried…..but my brother and my new father were kind people, so I was relieved.


However……I’m still concerned–about my brother.

I don’t know if the help I received had an effect, but I’ve been thinking about him since yesterday.

[Does senpai ever get quite sad?]

[Ah~…..might be.]

My brother said he had a bad dream and felt sentimental about it.

He didn’t tell me the content of the dream, but he seemed to be feeling sad somehow, so I asked him about it.

Judging by his reaction, it seems it wasn’t a mistake.


I just had a…..thought.

When I saw Onii chan’s lonely expression, I thought to myself-Don’t look so sad, if you look like that, I will spoil you.

“……I don’t know what I’m thinking.”

I don’t know…… what this feeling is.

At least I’ve never thought about this before,……maybe I want Onii chan to spoil me,……I want him to depend on me…..?

(The first man I ever met who…..I wanted him to depend on me?)

When I thought that, my body shook with a jolt.

Onii chan who saved us,……the dependable older brother who hugged me with those big arms and relied on me……ah….I feel like it’s a wonderful thing.

“Yume~! We’re going to practice~!”

“Did he say something terrible to you……?”

“……Hey, Yume? Your face is scary, you know”

My face is scary……?

It’s funny,……I’m supposed to be smiling right now,…….

“I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.”

I look back once before going back to the gymnasium.

Onii chan was walking and I could still see his back….I looked at his back and my heart trembled again.

My heart was pounding, as if I was seeking for what I really wanted.

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10 months ago

Took me a while to realise that “spodori” means a sports drink.