“We ended up sleeping like this…..”

The class Madonna, famous for her man-hating beauty, is sleeping next to me right now, you know?

……Haha, I wanted to let out a big sigh to myself and I turned my eyes to the ceiling to distract myself.

[Will you sleep…..with me?]

Sayaka san said as she came into the room holding a pillow.

I thought about what to do, but the sight of Sayaka san staring at me anxiously made it impossible for me to say no, so I nodded at her suggestion.

“……For some reason, she’s really cute. And she’s a very kind person.”

She went to sleep right away, but we talked a lot until then.

The content of the conversation was about her past, her new thoughts about remarriage, and how much she cared for her sister.

“….Yume…..I’ll always protect her….forever.”

Even in her sleep, she thinks about her sister,……and surely, anyone would want to protect their sister if they had a sister that cute.

The gap between the strong sisterly figure who thinks of her sister in this way and the figure that tries to spoil me…..I almost stroke her head and then stop myself.

“Geez……what am I trying to do.”

Even though I said that, I seriously thought about what this mysterious charm is that I can’t refuse when she wants to be spoiled.

Of course, my heart is beating busily when Sayaka san is sleeping next to me, but I feel like my embarrassment is going away when I’m absorbed in my thoughts.

“……….I have to go to the bathroom.”

I move my body slowly.

Then Sayaka san gently grips my pajamas as if she were awake, but I’m sure she’s dreaming.

I moved my body carefully and succeeded in getting out of bed, then quickly left the room and headed for the bathroom.


As I headed to the bathroom, Sayaka san’s and Yume’s rooms are separated on the left and right.

The door to Sayaka san’s room is naturally not open, but Yume’s room has been slightly opened and the light is leaking from inside.

The light in the bathroom is also on, so it looks like Yume is probably in there……what’s that smell?

“……Sweet smell?”

The scent leaking out of Yume’s room is so sweet that it makes me feel something that makes my brain go numb.

It’s a sweet smell…that I’ve never smelled before.

It’s not perfume, it’s not some kind of deodorant,…..and strangely enough, my brain somehow understood that it wasn’t something like that.

“Onii chan?”


I knew Yume was not inside, but I was wondering what this scent was, which was a bad idea……Yume staring at me curiously.

Did I not notice it until she got so close……?

“Did you need something?”

“No……well, the door was open, so I just wondered what was going on.”

“Ah……fufu, it’s okay, I’m just in the bathroom.”

“I see…..well, that’s true.”

When I nodded, Yume chuckled and said good night, and walked by me.

At that moment, the sweet scent that was leaking out of her room… was even more intense and went through my nose and into my body.

“Onii chan? Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine ! Then I’m going to the bathroom too !”

I felt so pathetic, so I ran to the bathroom.

As I exhaled and relaxed, I suddenly remembered that Yume’s face was red as if it were on fire.

It’s not like she has a fever or even even workout…..right? What the hell was that all about?

“……Well, whatever. Don’t think about it.”

If she was in really bad shape, I’d be concerned, but her response was the same as usual.

After leaving the bathroom, I washed my hands and passed by Yume’s room, which was closed properly this time…..and I could hear a slight noise inside, and soon I heard the sound of a light being turned off with a click.

“Good night……Yume.”

I had only ever said goodnight to my dad, so it felt really new to say goodnight to someone else.

Now it’s not just my dad and I at home, but a new family of five, and every day is lively.

I want to keep this warmth and noise forever… that none of the family members will ever feel uncomfortable or alienated.

“Ah……I’m back.”

“Geh !?”

This surprise is rude, I’m an idiot !

When I returned to my room, I found Sayaka san awake, rubbing her eyes and puffing out her cheeks as if to say why did I leave without permission.

However, she is not angry, but rather sleepy.

Muu !”


She seems to want to tell me to come quickly with her arms outstretched.

I’m not going to make her wait, so I immediately run over to her and tell her I’m sorry, and I’m back in bed again.


I wonder if Sayaka san, who is hugging my arms, is aware of the current situation……it’s as if my arm is sandwiched between her plump breasts.

Whether it’s pinched or pressed against it…at this point it doesn’t matter.

Clear your mind ! Clear your mind !


“You’ve already gone to sleep…..!”

It seems she really only woke up for a moment…..and is a frighteningly good sleeper.

For a while, the nervousness after going to the bathroom returned, but gradually I felt reassured by Sayaka san’s presence beside me, and soon I became sleepy and closed my eyes.


“……Onii chan, why were you looking in my room?”

Even though the light in the room was turned off, the girl was still sitting on the bed and staring at only one point.

Ahead of her eyes is her brother’s room across the wall–it is unclear whether she knows that Sayaka is also sleeping with him, but she continues speaking with a bewitching smile that is hard to believe she is fifteen years old.

“Perhaps he noticed it? Aha♪ I’m a little embarrassed, but it doesn’t look like he noticed it?”

The dim moonlight illuminates her…..and shows Yume’s true face.

Yume’s cheeks turned red as if Minato felt something was wrong, and the atmosphere was too mysterious with the slight wetness of her eyes.

“I haven’t forgotten everything about the time you saved me…….and how you worried about me. All of it is engraved inside me and makes me think of you very strongly.”

Yume thinks–the number of people she loves has increased.

Not only her sister and mother, but also Minato…..and her new father, Yoshitaka, who have entered into the realm.

Among them, Minato’s position in particular is too close to Yume’s heart.

We’re family,…..and you’re my big brother. You’ll be by my side forever, along with my sister, right?”

She looks up at the moon through the window.

Her eyes reflected the beautiful silvery moon, a contradiction that seemed like an abyss but also gave off the brilliance of jewels…..such a mysterious color.

“I’m looking forward to it…..isn’t that right, Onii chan?”

Now, she only mentioned Minato, but as a perception, she thought she said it to the whole family.

“The strength to protect me and the big, dependable back that I can rely on…..the mysterious charm that makes me want to be spoiled is also amazing.”

With a grin, Yume put her hand on her chest.

Ba-dump, her heart is beating strongly.

The hand attached to the symbol of a big and soft woman who protects her heart is filled with strength, and she sinks her fingers into it.


The figure of Yua, who has an ecstasy expression at the sweet stimulation that runs through her body, and whose image is held in her mind.

“……Onii chan♪”

Love is a memory, and a memory is love….but, is it really true?

Love is addicting, and addiction is love—once you step into it, you can no longer get out of it on your own.

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