[Onii chan, Onee chan, I don’t have any club activities today, so let’s go home together, okay?]

After the end of the assembly, I left the classroom with Sayaka for that appointment.

It seems that the basketball club advisor suddenly took a break from club activities…….normally, the team would practice even if the advisor wasn’t there, but it seems like they’ve been without a day off lately, so they decided to take a day off for the sake of it.

“Do you want to stop somewhere?”

“Ah…… either way is fine, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Shall we go to a coffee shop then?”

“Okay……sorry, I have to go to the restroom.”

“Okay. I think Yume is in the shoe box, so I’ll wait for her there.”

“I got it.”

I parted ways with Sayaka and headed to the bathroom, trying to finish as quickly as possible.

……No, I should be calm when I go to the bathroom… let’s relax.

“….Well, I know, but.”

When I parted from the girls like this…mainly after school, those girls often called out to me.

It was mainly Yume, but lately Sayaka has been doing it.

She even tries to keep Sayaka and spend time with her after school without question, even me.

“…..The person herself doesn’t like it. And yet–“

Even so, I think it would be good if I could show my persistence to be called out to other things.

But…..more than that, I was gloating over the fact that they didn’t work out……I know it’s wrong to laugh at people’s failures, but it makes me feel like I should be sorry for them.

After I finished with the toilet, I quickly headed for the shoe box –and sure enough, Sayaka and Yume were approached by a guy who was probably a senior.

“……I knew this was going to happen.”

When it comes to this, Yonezawa only complains to me and doesn’t talk to Sayaka.

I think he knows he’s going to be a nuisance, and that’s the only good thing about that guy.

[You’re going to protect those girls, don’t you? As a family……but is that really all you do?]

…….What are you trying to say?

[Only protect…..don’t you think you want them all, mind, body, and soul?]

……So what’s your point?

The words that I ask in my head like this……honestly, as long as they are words that repeat in my head, these are words that the desire that I hold inside me makes me say on my own.

…..I’ll admit it.

I certainly care about them, and at the same time, in a corner of my mind, I want to be thought of in a good way…..I’m sure of it.

(Well, I’ll take that as another desire, anyway, as long as I can protect those two, that’s all that matters to me.)

I said goodbye to the voice echoing in my head and headed for them–however, an unexpected development was waiting for me.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in any of this.”

“My sister already told you, would you give up?”

With this way of saying it, it seems that senpai’s aim is Sayaka.

It’s not like there was an unexpected development up to this point…I thought that Sayaka’s expression and the eyes that glared at her senior were different from usual.


“Ugh….it’s just for a bit. That’s fine, right?”

“Enough–if you’re going to call me out any more, I’ve got some ideas of what I’m going to do.”

…… Is that really Sayaka?

She’s completely different from the girl who gets scared at random times, and the girl who keeps getting spoiled on a regular basis.

I was so scared of Sayaka’s appearance, as if she had those words in her eyes, that the senior left as if he were scared of her.

“……Why the hell am I being overwhelmed.”

I muttered to myself and headed toward them.

“Ah, Minato kun.”

“Onii chan !”

As if nothing had happened earlier, the three of us were on our way home.

Of course, the conversation was a fun time without interruption, but I decided that it would be fine if Sayaka didn’t seem to mind.

But …I was still curious, so I decided to head to her room.

“Sayaka, is it okay if I come in?”


I got her permission, so I went inside……but she was just getting dressed.

“….Eh !?”

“I’m sorry. But it’s okay–we’re family, and I don’t mind being seen by Minato kun.”

T-that’s the problem !?

Not only was her ample bosom covered by her black underwear in full view as she was just taking off her jacket, but her loose skirt also slipped down and her pants were also in full view.

Sayaka still showed no sign of embarrassment, proving that the words she uttered were not lies.


“Fufu, please wait a moment.”

Without looking at Sayaka as much as possible I advanced to the center and sat down.

After a while, I faced Sayaka, who had changed into plain clothes, and asked her about what had just happened.

“Sayaka….I actually saw you talking to the senior a while ago.”

“Ah, is that right. I, I felt myself growing up.”


“I was scared before…..but now I’m not,……and I’m sure that’s because Minato kun is in my mind.”


Sayaka nodded and sat on my lap…..she continued her words while staring at me.

“You are my emotional support….Minato kun. Can you pamper me again?”


Unable to refuse that request, I nodded.

No……I had no intention of refusing at all, and I hugged her tighter–that voice echoing in my brain again.

I wondered if I wanted her……would I be satisfied with just a family-like relationship?

[Isn’t that what you want her for in the first place?]

My eyes widened at those words.

I put my hands on Sayaka’s shoulders and leaned away from her a little…..Sayaka just stared at me with her eyes closed.


“Minato kun.”

I……I didn’t do anything to her.

But then I realized that her face was close to mine and…..just like that, she kissed me.

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10 months ago

“When I parted from her like this…it was mainly after school, but those girls are often called out to me.” This and the part after it are rather badly translated, it took me several read-overs to figure out roughly what that passage was supposed to say.