(School….Oh, it’s Saturday.)

As soon as I opened my eyes, I remembered that today is a holiday.

Then I thought I could still take it easy at all, but…..hey, Minato. How about seeing reality soon?

“Zzz……Onee chan…….”

“….I’m your older brother, Yume san.”

It was Yume who hugged my body as hard as she could, and even her legs were entwined with each other.

If she’s a man, I shouldn’t be nervous about this situation, but it’s so erotic that it’s unrealistic…….No, I was able to calm down because it was a dangerous situation.

“As I recall, yesterday……hm? How did this happen?”

Gradually, I started to remember….yes.

I remember having a bad dream……and I was all sweaty and sticky……and when I opened the door, Yume was standing there.

[Come here, Onii chan.]

……..It’s terrifying.

I think so now……because it is, isn’t it? I pushed away my confusion and everything else, I couldn’t turn down her invitation with her arms outstretched…..and I didn’t even try to refuse her.

As if lured by the sweet nectar, I sought Yume’s warmth.

“These sisters are amazing,…… Of course I got along well with them, but I’m happy that they care about me like this.”

But… it normal to sleep together like this?

No, no, I don’t think so, but I never had siblings in the first place, and I wouldn’t bother to ask my friends that question.

“Hm……? Onii chan?”


I instantly closed my eyes.

I even breathe to make her think I’m asleep, and Yume thought I was asleep and gently pulled her body away.

I regretted the warmth and softness that had left me, but at the same time Yume whispered in my ear and held my hand.

“Onii chan……you’re sleeping, right?”


I’m sleeping….. so please be fooled.

Well, it wasn’t like I sneaked in while she was sleeping, and I was invited by Yume, so let me think that I’m not the bad guy !

“……Seems like you are sleeping.”

Yes I’m sleeping.

I was sleeping, and my clenched hand was taken somewhere and….eh?


I was shocked to hear the mocking voice, but more than that, the feeling in the palm of my hand was not good.

The feeling of direct skin contact and the slight hardness in the middle of the palm of my hand…..when I realized it, I opened my eyes.


“Good morning, Onii chan?”


I knew it, my hands were on her breasts.

The button on the chest is removed to expose the cleavage, and it’s shaped like my hand is slipping into her pajamas.

“I knew you were awake, right?”


“I’ve read about this in a manga on my phone, don’t boys love it when you do this to them?”

Well, they would totally love it !? I’ve never had a girlfriend before, so this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this !?

Yume finally let go of my hand, looking down at me with satisfaction as I became quiet without uttering a word.

“Onii chan, do you remember yesterday?”

“Yesterday? That you invited me?”

“Yeah. I was sleeping right up until just before. But I got a little anxious and……woke up and tried to go to my Onii chan’s room.

“……I see.”

“Ehehe, we’re attracted to each other♪”

Attracted……may indeed be true.

Of course, this is not in the sweet and sour sense, but simply in the sense of noticing the subtleties of the family’s feelings.

……Well, even so, I think that Yume is a little too accepting.

“Yume~. I’m coming in, okay?”

“Onee chan”


After a knock on the door, Sayaka came into the room.

Sayaka looked at us staring at each other on the bed and looked blankly, but I was very worried about Yume with her pajamas off.

“Good morning, Onee chan.”

“……Ah, so that’s how it is.”

Sayaka smiled as if convinced.

Yume didn’t look flustered at all, and she closed the button in front of her chest like nothing happened.

“How was it sleeping with Minato kun?”

“Maybe the best ! How can I say it……I don’t feel lonely at all.”

“That’s right ! I feel the same way–now I can share this feeling with Yume !”

“Yeah !”

I feel like I’m being shown the tight embrace of sisters, but it’s definitely a feast for the eyes.

Sayaka came to the room because breakfast was ready, so Yume and I got off right away.

“Speaking of which, Onii chan.”


“You were sweating a lot, you know?”

I was sweating so much…..I instantly bowed my head when I heard those words.

I don’t want her to think I smelled bad, because I basically never thought the smell of sweat was a good scent.

But Yume’s response to my apology was unexpected and made me widen my eyes.

“Why are you apologizing? It smelled so good……”


As if she didn’t say anything funny, Yume went straight downstairs.

I try to smell my own body.

As expected, it’s my own body odor that I’ve been associated with for many years, so I don’t think it smells at all.

“Yume……is she alright?”

The same can be said for Sayaka, who has slept with me before, but I wasn’t sweating as much as I did last night…….No, but I’m still concerned about what other people think of my body odor.

“……Well, if they don’t think I’m disgusting, then what the heck.”

I stopped thinking.


Even though it was Saturday, Yume, who participates in club activities, would not have the day off.

After leaving the house right after breakfast, the rest of us are spending our time at random.

Dad was away from home on business, while Sayaka was enjoying family time in the living room with Mihoko san.

In the midst of all this, I left the house alone to go for a run.

Seeing Yume made me want to exercise.

Having someone close to me who was into sports made me want to get a little exercise, too.

Summer is about to arrive, and even though I can’t do it all the time, there’s nothing better than getting in some exercise to build up my stamina.


Just as I was running to a nearby park, I got a call from Ryoka.

I wondered what was wrong and answered, but it seemed she was calling because I wasn’t there when she went to my room.

“Oh, I see, I’m sorry. I should have told you where I was going.’

[No, I was just curious. Were you going somewhere?’]

“Running. I was watching Yume and I felt like exercising a little too.”

[So that’s what it was. You’re heartless, Minato kun ! Why didn’t you ask me out?]

“…..Are you sure?”

[Of course. Where are you now? I’ll get dressed and head over there right away.]

I ended the call by telling her it was a nearby park.

Sayaka doesn’t seem to need to exercise, but……Well, if you’re looking for health, it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in, that’s for sure.

After waiting for a while, Sayaka appeared in sportswear just like me.

“Thanks for waiting, Minato kun♪”

It was quite refreshing to see Sayaka with her long black hair in a ponytail.

Did she look like that at school? I don’t have the hobby of looking hard at girls doing PE, so maybe I’m just overlooking it?

“Let’s go for a run then, shall we?”


Then we continued running without a break.

The sun’s rays beat down on us mercilessly because it was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, but we didn’t stop, still sweating a lot.


“Okay, time to take a break.”

“Ah, yes……”

I was tired too, but I decided to take a break when Sayaka’s breathing became heavy.

After buying a drink from the vending machine and taking a breather, looking at the side, Sayaka sweating profusely is fresh.

(Her hair is sticking up because of sweat…….she looks so sexy.)

How shameful I am to think of that at a time like this.

It must have been a punishment for getting distracted like that–for some reason I almost dropped the drink I was holding in my hand, and that spurred me on to fall towards Sayaka with all my might.

“Ugh !? Sorry, Sayaka.”


I managed to stop my body right in front of her without pushing her down.

But why was Sayaka’s breathing a little rough, or rather, her eyes were watering and she was snorting, and I tilted my head.

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