There’s no reason for me to help people…, I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to do that in the first place.

Because I’ve never had that experience……I’ve never been in a situation like that.

But today, it seemed that God had put me to the test.

“Oh……no !”

There were two girls ahead of me—a steel frame was falling from far above their heads.

An ever changing scene……that I had never seen before, but it was still a strange sensation to see what seemed to be falling so slowly.

“You two, look out ! !”



In the first place, the fact that I even noticed it was a coincidence.

It was because of the words uttered by another passerby when I passed two famous and beautiful sisters at school on the street.

[Hm……are they okay?]

[The wind is blowing…isn’t it wobbly?]

[Shouldn’t we tell the construction company or the police?]

I know there are often videos on social media of steel frames falling, but…..that is exactly what I saw before my eyes.

The steel frame that was wobbling just above the two of them was being driven by the wind and falling…..I saw it, so now I’m heading toward them while shouting loudly.

“Uwooooo ! !”

The two girls who turned around to look at me seemed to notice immediately.

The reason why they didn’t move from the spot while staring dumbfounded at the steel frame falling from above is probably because their brains simply haven’t caught up with the process.

(Please make it……in time !)

That falling steel frame may not fall on them……but still, I don’t like it, so I’m running.

I don’t care if the takoyaki I was going to eat when I get home falls apart, or if I can’t eat it–Right where I thought I’d be, I put all my energy into my foot at once.

“Kyaa !?”


I leapt with as much force as I could and got into a position to embrace the two of them.

As if to switch position, I put myself on my lower side and fell on my back onto the hard concrete.


It hurts…….I felt an uncomfortable pain that made me think I might have scraped up my skin.

I was surprised at myself for being able to move in such a miraculous way, but I held on anyway to make sure no one else would get hurt.

A roar echoed through the area.

“A-are they okay !?”

“Are they hurt !?”

“Call the police and an ambulance !”

“The boy and the girls, are they alive !?”

Many passersby were looking down at us lying on the ground and talking about what they had to do.

The fact that I was actually seeing this with our own eyes means that….we were okay, and when I turned my gaze only to the direction of the sound–I saw that a steel frame had just fallen on the spot where they were standing.

“……Haha, thank God, seriously.”

I’m so glad this body of mine moved to save the two of them, I thought to myself.


Soon after, the police and others came.

An ambulance arrived in a hurry, but I’m sorry that there was no one who could be clearly said to be injured……but the crew was smiling cheerfully, saying that they were glad that there were no injuries.


I looked at the two people I had saved.

The two of them huddled together and consoled each other……it can never be put into words….but the sight of the two beautiful girls cuddling together is a feast for the eyes.

“When I saw that, I knew it was worth saving.”

The only thing that is certain is that whoever it is that they’re dealing with, they’ve moved on.

…..But I don’t know if it’s fate or not, but I know those two–they both go to the same school as me and they’re both a bit famous for their hatred towards men.

“…..I don’t think I can recover from being called a creep, even though I hugged them to help them.”

As expected, I don’t think it’s that insane, but……well, can I go home already?

It was while I was thinking that—that the two of them walked up to me.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t thank you right away. Thanks to Shinji kun, we were saved.”

“…..Thank you, Senpai.”

“N-no……it’s okay.”

They bowed to me and I took a step back, a little embarrassed.

The first girl who spoke was Kuratani Sayaka.

She’s a girl with impressive long black hair–she belongs to the same class as me and I have no direct involvement with her at all.

And the other girl is Sayaka’s younger sister, Kuratani Yume.

She is one year younger than me and Sayaka. She is a gal-like girl with bright, prominent hair and sharp eyes–she is in a different grade from me, so naturally, we are not connected in any way.

(Of all people……I never thought I’d end up helping these two.

Of all people…..the reason I used such a word is because I know that they are rumored to be a man hater.

Some say they’re fed up with being confessed over and over again, and some say they’re tired of being envied…..there’s even content that’s unclear whether they’ve been stalked in the past.

“More than that……”

I just stared at the two of them.

Aside from Sayaka san, I only saw Yume san at school,… the girls in plain clothes in front of me were fresh–I thought they looked good in casual clothes, but nowhere near as good as they are now. I thought I had made sure there were no injuries, but when Yume san quickly stepped aside, I reflected that I had made a mistake.

“Oops, sorry. I was really worried that you might be hurt somewhere. I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable.”

I bowed my head and Yume san, who hid herself, immediately made an apologetic face, which gave me the impression of a whimsical cat and made me smile.

Shifting my gaze from Yume san to Sayaka san, I continued.

“I’m not trying to be cool or anything, so please take it as it is. I’m really glad you two weren’t hurt….that’s it–I’m really, really glad that you’re safe and sound !”

With that said, I turned my back on them.

“Then, you two, just do something fun and forget about today !”

“Ah, hey–“

“I’ve got something to do now ! Adios !”

It’s a chance encounter that fate’s shenanigans have prepared for me…..but I don’t think I’m trying to ingratiate myself with them.

I’m a simple guy to begin with, and I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere if I think of that kind of bad idea….or I simply don’t want to be disliked without any involvement at all.


After running away from those sisters, I took a break with a glass of juice in my hand.

I wasn’t lying when I told the girls that I had something to do now–an important errand that my dad had told me to make absolutely sure I had time for.

[Minato, you know. I’m thinking of remarrying.]

It’s been ten years since I lost my mother……my dad decided to remarry after coming here.

As a son, I want to respect my dad’s choice, and when I see him looking happy, I can’t tell him to stop, even if it’s just a joke.

“Well, after all that’s happened, it’s time for me to go.”

I’m going to meet the other party.

According to my dad’s story, there is a daughter who is close to my age, so there is a possibility that she will become a family……but I’m a little worried if we can get along.



While I was thinking about it, I received a message from my dad.

I replied that I was on my way and started walking again.

“Well, here we are.”

I arrived at a stylish café.

I often come here to have dinner with friends on weekends and holidays.

Every time I come here, I feel intimidated because of the service….but it’s delicious, so it can’t be helped.

And I finally came face to face with my dad’s remarriage partner.




A trick of fate……it might be true.

Because….two of the three women facing my dad were Sayaka san and Yume san, whom I had saved earlier.

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1 year ago

I’ve read so many of these, I don’t think I can read another, especially if the mother is married to the father and not a love interest of the MC.

4 months ago
Reply to  Name

Wow what a unique mindset you have there

1 year ago

How come he arrived late when he left first?

1 year ago

bruuuuuu how come he arrived a bit later when hes the one who left first????????????????

11 months ago

I guess the two girls got lift or something, while the MC went on foot?