“Are you in a good mood?”

“Yes. It’s always fun to eat out with family. Especially today.”

“……You’re right.”

The time is 5:30, so it’s already late even after school.

We haven’t gone home, we’re still at school–we’re waiting for Yume, who works hard at club activities.

“Yume !”

“Yeah ! Leave it to me !”

The sound of a ball bouncing and the sound of shoes clacking on the floor echoes at the same time.

The shouts that were coming from the club activities…..if I were to describe it in a slightly better tone, it would be symphony….no, let’s not use expressions that are strangely unfamiliar.

“We stand out, don’t we?”

“You’re right. I don’t usually do tours like this.”

We are watching over Yume as if standing at the entrance of the gymnasium.

The men and women are divided into two halves of the gymnasium for their club activities,……and most of their gazes are piercing towards this space, which is indescribable.

(We…, why are they staring at me?)

There are a few…..precisely the boys have a piercing gaze.

I wanted to say why are you staring at me, but I’m somewhat aware of the reason, so I don’t stare back at them.

“I’ll leave it the rest to you, Yume !”

“Yeah ! !”

Yume received a pass from her teammate, and without killing her momentum, she dived under the ring.

The two defenders of the ring are after Yume…..but Yume dodged between them and floated the ball, and the ball was neatly sucked into the ring.


“This is the first time I’ve seen Yume playing basketball like this……”

“Isn’t she great?”

“……Yeah. She’s kind of cool.”

Even just her semi-long hair changed my impression, but more than that, she was amazing as she worked hard while sweating.

It seems that Yume had the experience of participating in a national tournament when she was in middle school, I can see how amazing Yume is, and I can see how the team members rely on such Yume as an ace.


“Oh my, that girl.”

Now that the intrasquad game is over, it should be a simple matter to finish the stretching.

Yume turned her gaze towards us who were observing, and waved her hands in a way that was too easy to understand.

When we waved back at her, she looked even happier, which naturally made us smile as well.

“I haven’t been involved in club activities since middle school because there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to do, but Minato kun, do you have a reason?”

“Ah~…, nothing in particular. I didn’t have anything I wanted to do either.”

This is not a lie, but the most important thing I wanted to do was to go home early and reduce the burden on my dad.

I could do things like clean the bathroom and the house, but the main thing was that I had always liked doing it and being thanked by my dad for it.

“Ah, you’re thinking of something sweet again, aren’t you?”


Sayaka looked into my face and continued with these words.

“It’s been a week since I’ve become family with Minato kun….and I can recognize your expression a lot now. Now Minato kun, you were probably……thinking about your family, especially your father, right?”

“…..That’s kind of amazing, Sayaka.”

I was surprised that she was able to guess, but in the past week I’ve also learned that Sayaka has a sharp intuition, so in a sense….in this case, it was easy for her to understand.

“Eventually….no, as soon as possible, we’ll be in the condition to make that expression.”

“……Ahaha, I see. I think there’s enough already.”

When I said that, Sayaka and I laughed at each other–I heard Yume’s voice.

“Onii chan !”

That voice certainly reached me, and instantly informed me that something was approaching.

To the point that even I was surprised, and wondering why my body moved like that—I quickly lifted my arms and put my strength up to guard myself.


Bash, the basketball hit my arm.

I was so surprised by the suddenness that I even forgot about the zinging pain that resonated in my arm……and it seems that I reflexively hugged Sayaka to protect her with my hand, but I was conscious about that and quickly moved away from her.

“I’m sorry Sayaka.”

“No…… that was–“

Ahead of Sayaka’s gaze is a senior basketball player.

The ball just now flew in with a lot of momentum…whether this was on purpose or a coincidence, it’s still dangerous.

However, perhaps because Sayaka and Yume were glaring, the senior quickly left the place.

“Is everything alright, Minato kun?”

“Are you okay, Onii chan?”

Yume also came running up to me and worried about me.

I’m not particularly injured, so I tell them that it’s okay, and I somehow manage to reassure the two of them—However, I let out a sigh as I thought it was easy to understand why people around me were giving off an envious atmosphere.

“He’s a nasty senior. I can feel his eyes on me when I’m practicing, and he tries to use my friends to call me out.”

“That’s a problem. Well, as an older sister, I’m not worried about it because you’re not going to take that kind of offer.”

“Of course not. It’s just annoying.”

Oh…’s the first time I’ve seen Yume hate

someone like this.

She even clicked her tongue, and it seems that Yume really hates that senior…..well, I’m not in a position to say whatever I want, but I definitely can’t like someone trying to hurt someone like this.


“I wonder what you would have done if it had bumped into Sayaka……I bet you would have charged into him.”


“You’re right ! I would have kicked his ass as hard as I could !”

When she said that, I laughed.

The practice is now over so Sayaka and I are going to go outside and wait for Yume……after a while, Yume came running as if she was in a hurry.

“Sorry ! Thanks for—ah.”

Yume stumbles on a small step as it seems that she was about to trip.

Luckily, the distance was close, so I immediately rushed over to support her and caught her delicate body, which was different from me as a man…..but here, a shiver ran through me.



The overwhelming volume and softness transmitted to the palm of my hand……which was not in the right position, snapped me back into my consciousness.

I tried to move away because I realized what this thing in the palm of my hand was….and for some reason I put a little more strength into my fingers.


I finally let go of her body at the sound of a glamorous voice that I heard very close by.

I was afraid of how Yume would react…..but she was never angry with me.

“Thanks, Onii chan. You saved me♪”

“Y-yeah !”

“Geez. You have to watch your step, Yume.

“I know, Onee chan.”

……Phew, it looks like it’s okay to be relieved for the time being.

While appreciating Yume’s state of not letting me feel that there was an accident just now, we leave by car after returning home.

“It’s still refreshing to see my son surrounded by girls !”

“Fufu. That’s how much they adore him, dear.

“Dear…..Haha, that sounds good !”

They are flirting as a couple, but we, the children’s group, are sitting in the back.

As Dad and Mihoko san said smilingly, the other two were sitting with me in between…..touching shoulder to shoulder.

“I’m really looking forward to the barbeque with everyone.”

“You’re right. Let’s eat a lot !”

……How should I put it, it seems ridiculous to be embarrassed all by myself.

After taking a deep breath, I was just about to get back to my normal self when Yume whispered to me.

“Onii chan–Did you find my boobs soft?


Yume grinned and looked as if the prank had succeeded…..but I never thought the words that followed were actually uttered–because they were unbelievable words.

Let’s just say that the barbeque was very good.

There were things I was worried about, but I was able to return to my usual condition halfway.

[Do you want to be spoiled? I’ll do it if it’s Onii chan–and you can even touch me like you did earlier, okay?]

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