It was the day after my dad and Mihoko san left for their trip.

Today was Saturday, so I was out with my friends, including Tokikaze, from this morning for the first time in a while.

“I’m happy to be able to take you out, you’ve been enjoying your real life lately.”

“Right ! I’m so jealous of you !”

“You should hang out with us at least today !”

“Okay, I get it.”

I received persistent requests, but I simply wanted to hang out with Tokikaze and the others.

Well, as you can see, the moment we rendezvoused like this, I was ridiculed, but…if this was someone else, I wouldn’t know what to do, but if it was a friend, I would understand to some extent where the line was drawn.

“Hey ! I’m leaving if you’re being too persistent !

When I said that, Tokikaze and the others laughed and said sorry.

There was an ice cream stand nearby, so I invited Tokikaze and the others to have a bite.

As we ate our different flavors of ice cream, I opened my mouth as if I were a leader giving a speech.

“I want to ask you guys—I’ve been told that they’re a man-hater, but they’re beautiful sisters in school who became my family…..are you guys jealous that much?”

“We are !”

“Of course !”

“Of course I’m jealous !”

I waved my finger from side to side and continued to speak.

“Can you guys deal with these girls all the time with the fear that they might hate you, because they don’t like men?”

I’m sure that’s true.”


“…..Certainly, that is.”

“……Too much?”

Well, fortunately for me, that didn’t happen,……but to be honest, if it hadn’t been for that incident, they wouldn’t have been able to open up to me.

Both Sayaka and Yume told me that even if that incident hadn’t happened, we would have been able to get along right away, but…..that event was too powerful.

“Sayaka and Yume……now we can call each other by names like this. Not only is their face so beautifully shaped, but they also have a great style that makes me very excited. On top of that, they’ve got a really nice personality…….seriously, there’s really nothing wrong with that.”


“But ! That’s why you have to worry about so many things, you know?”



Ah, now I may be able to pacify the world with just a few words…..I’m having such a feeling of all-powerfulness, but it’s all in my mind.

Tokikaze and the others could tell how hard it was from my vigor.

But it really is, you know? Until now, there’s only been a male in the household……..and two beautiful girls from school have joined us. It’s really hard.

“Well, but…I feel a sense of superiority when I’m with a girl who everyone admires under the same roof !”

“I knew it !”

“I’m jealous !”

“Switch with me !”

I told you it’s hard work !

Then we went to karaoke and bowling and had a good time, and then relaxed once again over lunch at a family restaurant.

“But you know,…..even after hearing all the stories, it’s hard to imagine going to Minato’s house for those two.”

“That’s right. Didn’t you told the cheerful people before?”

“Oh……that’s right.”

I’ve refused before…

They haven’t made any more suggestions like that since then, but they still look at me depressingly when I’m around the two of them.

When I was thinking about that, Tokikaze suddenly said this.

“Minato……you’ve been looking really dependable lately, you know?”

“What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

“I mean, you look really cool.”

I wonder if that’s true…..

I’m happy to be told by my friends that I’m cool, I don’t particularly grin, but it’s definitely their existence that made me get used to that look.

“I guess it’s because I got something to protect.”

“I see…..”

“Because you got a girl?”

“Stop saying that.”

The family restaurant was filled with students and children, and we were making a lot of noise.

It’s not a level that can be called noisy or a nuisance, but sitting in the back…maybe it’s a high school student? I could hear a little bit of the girl’s conversation.

“They’re talking about girls, but they don’t seem to need it, do they?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“They’re never going to get a girlfriend, are they?”

Mind your own business, these guys……

I didn’t take any particular damage, but Tokikaze and the others seem to have received a direct attack, holding their chests.

Well, even though there was an incident that killed the mood, after that we played around again as if we forgot about it.

“See you~!”

“Let’s play again~!”

“See you~!”

After parting with Tokikaze and the others, I headed straight for home.

The two of them usually spend most of their time together at home unless they have something to do.

“I’m home–“

“Welcome home, Onii chan.”


As soon as I walked in through the front door, I was so surprised to see Yume looking up at me that my heart almost jumped out of my mouth.

Why are you here……?

She looked at me puzzled, smiled at me and said.

“I thought you’d be home soon. And then bingo.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah yeah♪ The bath is ready. Go ahead♪”

“Okay. Then I’ll go first.”

“Oh, by the way, today’s menu is shabu-shabu.”

“Really ! I’ll be ready soon !”

“Even if you’re ready early, you won’t be able to eat right away…….”

Oops, I’m getting a little carried away.

However, when I learned that there was a feast waiting for me at dinner, my heart throbbed, and my stomach roared with the urge to eat it quickly.

I didn’t go up right away, but instead took my time and let myself relax in the bath to recover from the day’s fatigue.

“Well then, I guess I’ll be going too.”

“Go ahead~”

“Have a nice bath~”

Putting down my apron, Sayaka headed for the bath after me.

In the meantime, Yume and I were left alone…..she sat down next to me on the sofa without making a sound.

“Hey Onii chan”


She poked me on the shoulder and moved further away from me.

She leaned in too close that I could feel the softness of her breasts against my shoulder and said something I had never heard her say before.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend or something, Onii chan?”

“…..What are you saying all of a sudden?”

If I could get a girlfriend I wouldn’t have any trouble…..but I haven’t, so that’s why I’m alone, right?

Yume grinned at me, who said nothing, and continued to speak—bewitchingly, with a smile on her face.

“Don’t you want to do some sort of rehearsal for when you have a girlfriend?”


What’s the meaning of that word……?

At this time, I was feeling that scent again–that too-sweet smell I had sensed from Yume and Sayaka before.

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