“……What do you mean by rehearsal?”

“This is what I mean !”

“G-guhaaaa ! !”

I caught her who suddenly jumped at me, and I raised my voice and responded.

I tried to catch her because it had a certain amount of momentum, but she pushed me down, and Yume straddled my waist with a flowing motion.

“Ehehe, you caught me, Onii chan.”

“……,Move away from me, Yume–“

“I don’t want to♪”

Yume smiled and slowly knocked over her body.

Not only did she press her entire body against me, but also buried her face in my neck so that I couldn’t run away from her.


Having her face so close to my neck tickled me incredibly…..and made my body tremble, but she never backed off of me.

While my back was tingling from the sensation of something crawling up my neck, I was speechless at the expression on Yume’s face when she looked up–so bewitching, so much so that she didn’t look like a younger girl.

“I think this is for Onii chan’s sake. You’ve never had a girlfriend before, have you? If that’s the case, you might be in trouble when you suddenly get a girlfriend, right? I’m going to do a lot of things to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“…..What do you mean–“

“Just try it out—pretend I’m your girlfriend and do something for me.”


The word makes my heart beat even harder.

Even though I want to believe that I will never touch her no matter what she says,……I can’t take my eyes off Yume who is staring at me at close range.

Her straight, yet dull-looking eyes reflected me with a blushing face……At that moment, I remembered Tokikaze’s words.


[It’s simple. Do you have sexual desire?]

It’s frustrating, but…I nodded because it’s true.

After all, I’m also a high school boy…I’m interested in women’s bodies, and even though I care about Sayaka and Yume, it’s not like I don’t think about naughty things at all.


“Look, Onii chan. I won’t get angry at you no matter what you do to me, okay?”


If you’ll allow me to make an excuse, I was a little crazy right now.

As if encouraged by the atmosphere and Yume’s words…like a bee lured by the honey of her words…with my fuzzy head, I gently pressed against–Yume’s chest.


With both hands, I touched each breast on either side.

The feeling of those breasts, so overwhelmingly soft…..and so big that they almost stick out with one hand, it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt……or, more precisely, it was after I accidentally touched Yume not too long ago.


“!? !?”

I came to my senses and quickly removed my hand from her chest.

Even after I let go of my hand, the firm feeling still remained in my head, but I noticed Yume was shaking.

I thought it might be due to fear,…… I thought it might have brought back memories of her being stalked when I suddenly touched her chests.

(…..No, that doesn’t sound right?)

I was worried for a moment, but it didn’t seem to be a look of fear.

Her face was still red, and she was still staring at me while sticking her tongue…… as if she were a succubus in a comic book that Tokikaze liked to read, and I was thrilled again.


“Onii chan, you’re so bold, aren’t you?”


“Don’t apologize. I’m the one who suggested it,……Ufufu, but are you sure this is the end?”

“What are you talking about,……”

“You can do whatever you want more, okay? That’s what being spoiled is like……”

Even though she said that, Yumei moved away from the top of me.

It’s only natural for me to get up if she withdraws…but Yume, as if waiting for me, spreads her arms from the front and invites my head to her chest.

“Whoa !?”

“Good, good, what a good brother.”


Yume says as she gently strokes my head.

I wanted to complain that I was treated like a child, but for some reason I couldn’t utter a word and accepted Yume’s embrace.

It’s like I can never get away from her…….no, that’s not right.

I don’t want to leave Yume.

“I understand how much you care about your family. I’m really happy that I became a family with such a big brother♪”


“I want to repay you not only for saving me that time, but also for caring about me and my sister for so long.”


“Please be spoiled, not by my mother who hasn’t yet fully opened up to to, but by me. Think of me just like Onii chan think of your mother….you see.”

What is this……?

What is this sweet stimulation that enters directly into my head…..this sensation that gently burns through my thought processes.

It’s as if my ears are accepting Yume’s voice, my skin is accepting Yume’s softness… nose is accepting Yume’s sweet scent,…… and I’m being accepted by everything that exists here and now…I’m so comfortable that I don’t care about anything else.

“I’m back.”

But it was Sayaka who saved me in a way.

When Sayaka came back, we separated……Yume smiled gently at me and left the living room as if to switch places with Sayaka.

When Sayaka returned, she tilted her head at the atmosphere, but she said something like this.

“May I……spoil you for a moment?”



Needless to say, I inwardly muttered to myself, but at the same time I had to think.

I’m not sure if I can keep myself together if I continue to be alone with these two girls.

I couldn’t help but think that.

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