Are the transparent chains that coiled around were the result of a dream?


“Good morning, Minato kun.”

“Ah, good morning, Mihoko san.”

It’s Monday, the beginning of a weekday.

As soon as I woke up, I went down to the living room to find Mihoko san already preparing breakfast, and my dad was helping her out in a sleepy state.

“Dad, you look sleepy, don’t you?”

“……Ah. But I’m thinking it’s the first morning in a long time I’ve been this happy.”


When you wake up in the morning and someone is waiting for you……seeing my dad until now makes me somewhat emotional too.

“Good morning~.”

It was Yume san who appeared after me, sounding a little sleepy.

I usually change my clothes after breakfast, but Yume san has already finished getting dressed and looks neat and tidy.

(……I looked at it again, but it’s so destructive.)

She has finished changing her clothes and her outstanding body line is visible only without her jacket.

The same goes for Sayaka san, who is usually seen in the classroom,…..but because Yume san is just flashy or a little bit gal-like in appearance, her bewitching charm stood out.


It can’t be helped that I can’t help but look away.

No one in this place noticed me who was shy, and even my dad was completely happy that he was able to have a daughter.

“Good morning, Yume chan. You look so cute today !”

“Thank you……erm, Dad.”

Oh, Yume san already called him dad…..

I still haven’t been able to call Mihoko san my mother…’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s embarrassing.

“So Yume san woke up, but Sayaka san hasn’t yet?”

“Right. She woke up unusually early yesterday, but she is the type of person who sleeps a lot.”

“I see.”

“At school, she’s very thorough, you know? But at home, Onee chan is……um, there things she can’t do.”


That Sayaka san?

Even though she’s very thorough at school, there are a lot of things she’s not good at at home.……well, it’s only been about two days since they came to this house, so I guess it’s just that she don’t know, but even so, I can’t imagine how it looks.

“Let’s try wake her up, Senpai.”

“Eh !?”

“Oh, that’s good. Can you do it, Minato kun?”


No, it’s not a good idea to go into a woman’s room when she’s asleep, right……?

When Yume san and Mihoko san proposed it, this was definitely proof that I had won their trust…..but as expected, I couldn’t move my legs obediently.

“Senpai, it’s fine, so go ahead.”


“Yeah. We’re talking about Onee chan, so it’s absolutely fine.”

Yume san smiled and patted my back lightly.

After leaving the living room, I headed straight for Sayaka san’s room.

“…..This is the house that I had been living for many years, so why am I so nervous?”

I think I had similar thoughts about the day before yesterday.

Motivated by the fact that I have to fulfill my purpose since I was asked, I stand in front of the room that was once empty.


As if determined, I knocked.

I called out to Sayaka san,……while making a knocking sound, but there was no response.

“….Let’s do it.”

With a clank, I went inside.

In the quiet room, a beautiful princess is sleeping on the bed…..while thinking stupid things, I quietly approach her.


I put my hand on Sayaka san’s shoulder, who was breathing regularly in her sleep, and tapped her gently with a thump.


Sayaka san opened her eyes slightly and stared at me.

The sleepy-eyed Sayaka san was very cute, and more than anything else, I felt a slight sense of superiority in the fact that she was in a special appearance that no one else in the school could see.

“Sayaka san, wake up, it’s morning.”


This…..she won’t make screams, will she?

I was worried about it, but that thought was quickly dispelled in shock.


“It’s Minato kun♪”


I thought a hand reached out from the futon and went behind my neck.

I can’t leave immediately, and if this happens, I can’t even think about Sayaka san and force myself to keep my distance.



Sayaka san is already up……and in that state, she was pressing her face against my chest.

Her behavior as if she was a spoiled child made me wonder if this was really Sayaka san.

[Can I rely on you more?]

Sayaka san’s words come back to my mind.

The girl I became friends with after such an encounter, the girl who became my family by the stream, but she was never seen getting along with certain boys because she hated men.

Not only have I never seen her like that, but I have also never seen her so vulnerable and sweet even to her female friends…..I wonder if this is one of Sayaka san’s, her hidden true face.

“Sayaka san. It’s already morning,……look, you have to eat and go to school.”

“I want to stay like this for a little while longer……ehehe♪”

“……This is too cute.”

I couldn’t help but say how cute she was.

I’m eating Sayaka san’s bullet missiles of loveliness with my whole body, so much so that I forget that I was even sitting on the bed before I knew it.


I heard a voice of bewilderment accompanied by reason from my chest.

Sayaka san slowly raised her head, her eyes were wide open, and she stopped moving while staring at me.

“As expected, it’s too late,…… Onee chan, did you finally wake up?”

“Ah, Yume san……”


It seems that a lot of time had passed and Yume san came to take a peek.

“Eh……? Hm……? Minato kun……?”

“……Good morning, Sayaka san.”

Finally, Sayaka san let out a roar (scream) of awakening.


“……Minato kun. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

“No, no, that’s not true. Rather, in my opinion……no, it’s nothing.”

After leaving the house for school safely, Sayaka san is apologizing a lot anyway.

For me, it was certainly a trying time, but I’m not lying that I thought it was a role-playing time, and… was never a rather unpleasant time.

“Wouldn’t it be better to let him know Onee chan is especially weak in the mornings, and she likes to be spoiled like that.”

“Y-Yume !”

Sayaka san is trying to keep Yume san’s mouth shut, telling her not to say any more.

……After all, of course, the sisters have a good relationship, but I’ve never seen them like this before.

“……But, Yume san, huh.”

Sayaka san was a new discovery for me, but for some reason I keep staring at Yume san as well.

Yesterday, I had a strange dream.

Maybe it was because I got sad thinking about my late mom, and a woman appeared in my dream to pamper me.

[It’s okay to say anything. I’ll spoil you…..I’ll spoil you.. all the time…]

Sweet enough to melt, that tolerant power that envelops me with everything in the atmosphere……I thought her voice and figure were just like Yume san’s….perhaps because I have such a desire?

It’s embarrassing to be so spoiled by a girl one year younger than me, but it’s true that on days when a woman like Yume san asks me to be spoiled by her, I feel like I’ll honestly be spoiled by her.

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