Time flies, it’s after school.

Normally, I would go out to play with Tokikaze, but that doesn’t seem to be the case today.

“Are you going home now, Minato kun?”

“…… umm.”

Sayaka san asked me that.

I hadn’t decided how to spend the day after school yet, so I glanced at Tokikaze and the others.

Tokikaze and the others looked at me as if to say that I can do as I please, so I turned my attention back to Sayaka san again.

“I haven’t decided on anything in particular, what’s up?”

“I was thinking of going home together since we are going back to the same place…….you don;t want to?”

“Why not. Okay guys, I’m going home.”

There’s no way I’d be able to say no to a girl.

Originally, there would be a lot of talk about that man who went home with Sayaka san, but when it comes to family, stares are only a small part……well, that’s part of a problem.

“Thank you !”

I looked away from Sayaka san, who smiled happily, and my eyes met Tokikaze and the others’ perfectly.

When they see, they shyly grinning, and I glared at Tokikaze, but from their point of view, my glares can only be seen as threatening small animals.

“Well then, Minato. See you tomorrow “!

“See you !”

“Tell me more about it~”

They waved their hands at me like they were really enjoying themselves……

After they disappeared, I lined up next to Sayaka san, who was tilting her head at me.

“Let’s go home, too.”



If you think about it, this is the first time I’ve ever spent time with a girl leaving school……?

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never had a girlfriend even after my second year of high school, and I’ve never had a girl that I’ve gotten along with.

“What’s wrong?”


In other words, what I want to say is… I’m really nervous.

“……I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t think I’m lame.”

“Yes, I don’t think so.”

“I’ve……never spent after-school time with a girl before……or even gone home with one in the first place.”

“Okay……you are nervous, aren’t you?”

“……I can’t say.”

I scratched my cheek when she guessed.

Or rather, it would have been better if I just kept silent and didn’t bother to say anything ! I can’t tell her that I’m not good at lying or deceiving ahh ! !

As I was embarrassed like that, Sayaka san suddenly grabbed my hand.

“Sayaka san……?”

“It’s all right. I’m nervous too.”

“……Sayaka san too?”

Come to think of it…..Sayaka san’s face was certainly red.

Rather than an easy-to-understand embarrassed face like mine, I was shocked to see a cute face, but the words that came next made my heart explode in a sense.

“It’s my first time too…..Minato kun is the first person.”

At that moment, a big bang occurred in the classroom.

Both boys and girls froze at Sayaka san bombshell, and I forgot to breathe,….that’s when my heart and brain exploded, and I had no time to think about anything

“W-what the hell are you talking about?”

“……Ha? What am I saying……erm ! That’s not what I meant !”

No, I know,….., but you should never say it incorrectly !

Sayaka san’s face turning bright red and her being embarrassed is a rare sight, and the girls who are also her friends were giving me the thumbs up.

(……Thanks for showing us a new face, huh?)

Anyway, we left the classroom to get out of this awkward atmosphere.

By the time we left the shoe box, we were back to our normal routine, which was embarrassing to recall, but that was about it.


“Oh my, it’s Yume.”

As I was walking with Sayaka san, I found Yume san at the entrance of the gym again.

Unlike last time, she hasn’t started her club activities yet, so she’s not sweating, but it’s a little reassuring to see her happily conversing with her friends.

(Thank goodness….she doesn’t seem to be bothered by that thing.)

I thought maybe she was worried about getting tangled up with a senior, but from the look on her face, she doesn’t seem to be worried about that either.

Yume san widened her eyes when she noticed us, but immediately smiled as she fluttered and waved her hands.

“How is it? Isn’t Yume a pretty girl?”

“Right……it’s amazing to have a girl like that as a little sister.”

“Fufu, that girl is my proud little sister.

“That means….the day will come when I can say I’m proud of Yume san too?”

“I’m sure it will come soon, right?”

The day will come when I, who have always been an only child, can say so…..huh.

When it comes to Yume san, she’s already cute, beautiful, erotic……erotic was a bit too much. Anyway, I can’t think of any negative words for Yume san.

“Oh, yeah……hey Sayaka san.”

“What is it?”

“……Yume san calls me ‘Onii chan’ when she’s upset, but she’s usually my senpai, right?”

“Come to think of it, that’s true. But when she talks to me, she calls you ‘Onii chan’.”


I didn’t know that, but if that’s the case, I’ll wait for the day when she can call me that.

Until now, Sayaka san and I hadn’t had an entanglement, but now we are talking like this and I feel we have become friends.


When I glanced to the side, Sayaka san was still smiling.

It’s the same smile as when she talks to her friends in the classroom, but the fact that I have that smile by my side…I think it’s good to think that I’ve won the trust as her family.

“……Can I have a few minutes with you when you get home?”

“Eh? Yeah, that’s totally fine.”

“Thank you.”

She looks serious like never before, but what is it?

Then we went home without any detour and I went to her room to talk to Sayaka san.

“It’s a simple one–about why Yume and I are not good with men.”

“……Is it ok if I ask?”

“Yes–to put it simply, it’s a stalker.. It’s about when I was in middle school, when I lived in a different place than here.”


Stalker…..we, I knew there was something going on because she hated men so much.

It’s not that I didn’t have the slightest idea of a stalker or a rape….or some sort of incident.

“I had been approached by a boy at school on numerous occasions, but it was the stalker who pushed me and Yume further than that. He had already been arrested, but he had been arrested many times in the past for possession of child pornography.”

“Is that…..right.”

There are often reports in the news about people being arrested for such things.

Some people are rehabilitated after one arrest, and some are not… it correct to say that Sayaka san’s story was only about being followed around?

“Fufu, don’t look so serious. Nothing was done to me.”

“:I see……”

Well, she looks serious.

Sayaka san was smiling with her hand over her mouth, but when I looked at her hand–it was trembling just like Yume san’s, I immediately grasped it.

“Thank you for talking to me. Um…’s safe here. It’s a safe place where people like that don’t exist.”

But……it was a heavy burden for a high schooler.

My dad….probably knows about it. I’m sure Mihoko san has told him about it as long as we’ve been a family…..but I didn’t know that….was the case.

Sayaka san put her free hand on mine.

“Then there were a few times when boys approached me and my body would tremble. Even though nothing happened, I still remember being called out to and looking at me with those hideous eyes.”


“Perhaps there is a suspension bridge effect from the fact that Minato kun saved me that time…..but my body doesn’t tremble when you touch me.

Sayaka san pressed her forehead against my chest so that she could slip inside of me.

“Of course I could say the same thing about Father, but Minato kun was the first person who I’m okay with being touched on the spur of the moment like this……so I feel very safe.”

Sayaka san looked up—her eyes were a little uncomfortable, but I immediately stopped caring about them.

“Can I feel safe by Minato kun’s side? Can I hope for that?”

I nodded strongly in response to her question.

“It’s only natural–we’re family. I’m going to reassure you all the way ! Well……I don’t think you can honestly rely on that !

I said this with a laugh, but I was sure that I had developed a strong sense of responsibility to protect my family.

My mom told me to be gentle and strong….and I will prove it by protecting them.

I vowed as I stroked Sayaka san’s back.

“Ahh… gave me such kind words… spoiled me…..this is a miracle that God gave me—I’ll never let you go.”

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