“Kuratani…..I mean, Shinji san.”


My dad remarried, and while my last name didn’t change, Sayaka san and Yume’s changed—which caused even the teacher in class to mistake their last names because of that.

(Because I was the only one called Shinji up until now…….that’s why I misunderstood and almost replied….well, in my case, it’s Shinji kun)

Still, I get nervous when I hear the same last name as mine called.

(It’s been a week since then, huh…..)

I think back to my recent experience.

The Friday after they came to my house, which is today, it’s been a week……for better or worse, there are no moments of rest at home or at school.

[Hey Shinji. Can I come visit your house?]

[Look, we haven’t been particularly involved until now, have we? We’re in the same class, so I thought we should get to know each other.]

The number of boys who stand out from the rest of the class are all approaching me like that has increased.

I don’t mean to say that I don’t have many friends, but basically the only people I get along with are my friends, including Tokikaze.

They say that they have never been involved with me before, and they are right, so why did they ask me to come over to my house now…..and not just invite me to hang out after school……such a thing is only because the girls are in my house.

(Really, it’s so easy to understand. I’m glad you want to be friends, but I think what you’re looking for is Sayaka san and Yume, not me.)

Of course, my answer was no.

They complained to me, and told me not to get carried away with being a family with them……well, nothing particularly resonated with me.

I didn’t feel scared no matter how awesome they made me feel, and if I nodded the other way on this, that would be bad for them.

“Shinji kun…..Shinji kun?”

It’s only been a week since I’ve spent time with the girls……and today, to further strengthen the family bond once again, a yakiniku party planned by my dad is waiting for me at night.

He made a reservation at a fairly expensive restaurant, so not only me but everyone else was looking forward to today.

“Shinji kun? What are you doing in a daze? Shinji kun?”

I haven’t had a full belly of yakiniku in a long time either…….hm?

Finally, I notice the presence of someone standing right next to me–the one standing there is the teacher in charge of the class, with a shiny, hairless head.

The teacher, who had his glasses off, glared at me and continued.

“You were focusing on something. Was my class that boring?”


This is….kind of bad.

I didn’t respond to the teacher’s call because I didn’t hear him, but what was unfolding in my mind was today’s barbeque…..I was certainly in a daze.


I was going to apologize honestly, but the one who interrupted me was, unexpectedly, Sayaka san.

“Sensei. I’m not sure if it’s an excuse or not, but Minato kun has been taking care of a lot of things since the addition of us as a family, even though it’s a family situation. That may be why the sudden change in environment made him tired.”

“I see…..that may indeed be the case.”

……The conversation progressed before I could even interject.

I was stunned again, and Sayaka san smiled at me, and said words that worked because she was deeply trusted by the teachers.


“I saw Minato kun say that the teacher’s lessons were very easy to understand. I can’t imagine Minato kun dawdling in the teacher’s class without any reason…….fufu, I’m sorry Minato-kun. I wanted to help you, so I did♪”

Sayaka san said so, sticking out her tongue, but although the appearance was too mocking, no one pointed it out, but rather many people whispered that it was cute.

“I see……ahem. Well, I’m sure there’s a lot going on, but I’ll lay it off this time. If you have any trouble at all, you can tell me anything, Shinji kun.”

“Ah, yes.”

The teacher, who was in a better mood at once, went back to his teaching table with a smile, and I exhaled a breath of relief and sat down.

(This is….she totally saved me.)

Sayaka san had already sat down, so I couldn’t see her expression, but I would have to thank her later.

After that, I worked diligently on my classes, and when they were over, I went into my lunch break.

I got up from my seat to go to Sayaka san, but she noticed me and stood up as well with a lunch box in hand.

“Sayaka san?”

“Minato kun. Would you like to have lunch with me?


Oh, I feel some unwanted glances from the surroundings…..

On the other hand, the female group…..Sayaka san’s friends seemed to welcome me, and although I was encouraged by such gazes, I took Sayaka san out of the classroom.

“Where are you headed?”

“To the rooftop.”

“Oh, I see.”

Because lunch together under those stares is too uncomfortable…….

I’m not afraid of them, and if they get involved, I’ll take a firm stand, but I’d like to eat lunch in a relaxed environment at least.

“Will you come with me quietly?”

“I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

“……You’re too obedient.”

“I trust you♪”

My heart jumped as hard as it could with that smile.

……This smile…that’s right, this smile has kept my heart pounding for the whole week !

Of course, not only Sayaka san’s, but Yume’s as well……it never hurts, but my jaw always hurts because I have to hold back the grin that comes from being embarrassed too much.

“A-anyway, let’s just get on with it.”


We passed a few classmates and students from other classes, but we went straight to the rooftop and sat down on the bench.

“Let’s eat.”

“Let’s eat.”

We put our hands together in prayer and put our chopsticks in the lunch that Mihoko san had made for us.

“……It always tastes so good.”

“It’s true. My mother puts a lot of energy into making these every day for Minato kun and Father.”

“It must be tough….making food for four people.”

I think it’s really hard, and I’ve never had this kind of thing before, so it seems very extravagant.

Of course, I was grateful when my dad was cooking and making lunch boxes for me, and I thought it would be hard, but with two people and four people, it would be a lot different.

“I hope…..I can eventually do something for Mihoko san.”

“Fufu, yes, I suppose so. We will definitely cooperate with you then–no, let us make a suggestion.”

“Oh, yeah.”

After smiling at each other like that, I tell her about what happened earlier.

“I’m grateful for what you did in class. But you know…I never said anything about that teacher…”

“It’s a good thing, isn’t it? I was able to fool him.”

“….You’re right. I’ll just thank you for helping me out.”

“That will be enough. Sometimes you need to lie♪”

This girl….she doesn’t just want to be pampered.

The appearance she showed at home and the appearance she showed outside are different, but the moment we are alone like this, Sayaka san’s expression changes.

“……Can you spoil me after lunch?”


She asked me that… matter how many times she had asked that, it’s too destructive !

I try my best to keep the corners of my mouth from falling off my expression again……I wonder if my jaw will possibly come off in the future……?

“Thank you for the food.”

“Thank you for the food.”

…..The time has finally come.

Since we were the only ones using the rooftop, Sayaka san had no need to hold anything back–she gently hugged my arm and put her head on my shoulder.

(……What will happen if this is found out)

I felt that if I asked something like that inwardly alone, it would come back to me that I would be killed if I got found out too fast.


When I only glance at Sayaka san, she seems to have a calm expression on her face.

I can’t see her face because of her hair and the angle, but…..she’s probably smiling.

“Minato kun.”


“Aren’t you calling Yume….by her name? Am I not good?”

“Erm……is it okay for me to do that?”

“Of course.”

Well, even though our circumstances are special, we’re from the same family…aside from Mihoko san, is it strange to call her with honorifics…?

Although I was a little embarrassed, I did it in order to meet her request.



……Hot……my face is too hot.

She just replied and I couldn’t see her face after all…but her voice sounded happy, so I guess it’s fine to think that it’s good for the time being.

“…….We’ve connected more and more…to be this excited with just being called by name…aah, it’s not a bad feeling♪”

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