Although my dad generally comes home late on weekdays, Mihoko san usually comes home after 5:00 p.m., and today was no different.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Mihoko san.”

I had been talking with Sayaka san until a few minutes ago and I was thirsty, so I went down to the living room to drink some barley tea when Mihoko san came back.

I heard the front door open, and when I turned to look, Mihoko san widened her eyes, but immediately giggled and smiled at me, just like Sayaka san and Yume san.

“It’s so nice to have you greet me, Minato kun.”

“Really? I was just in the living room. I was drinking barley tea.”

“That’s right…..Yume hasn’t come home yet, now, has she? I wonder if you spent some time with Sayaka?”

“Yes. We’ve been talking since we got back.”

“Oh my♪”

……However, I will keep silent about the fact that Sayaka san hugged me like she was spoiled.

I was also surprised because I didn’t think that Sayaka san would show such an appearance. More than that, I knew that the events that happened in the past had become scars that weren’t small, and I couldn’t even ask her to move away.

“I’m glad to see that you two have become really good friends. I knew Minato kun was sincere when I talked to you, but I didn’t expect the two of you to become friends so quickly.”

“….That’s related to their past, isn’t it?”

“……You heard about that?”

“We talked about that too.”

“I see…….”

I couldn’t stay in the doorway forever, so I went into the living room with Mihoko san.

I thought she was tired after work, so I got out another cup of barley tea, poured it out and handed it to Mihoko san.

“Thank you, Minato kun.”

“No problem.”

Mihoko san drank the tea in one gulp……she is a good drinker.


“Stalker……it’s something you see all the time in the news, but I never thought it would be to my own daughter.”


“The moment Sayaka and Yume told me that someone was following behind them……and staring at them…..and that they were scared and needed help, I didn’t think I could do it, so I went to the police. Luckily it was someone who knew who they were talking about and they took care of it right away.”

“……Um….she says that there is such a response, such as telling them after the actual damage has occurred.”

“Right. If they had said that, I would have insisted. Because I’m trying to protect my precious daughters.”

You are a strong person, Mihoko san…….no, this is how a parent should be.

I’m a man and I never experienced anyone stalking me, but even so, my dad and my late mom were affectionate to me……I guess Sayaka san, Yume san, and I were blessed with a wonderful family for each other.

“They were quick to respond and there was never any eventuality for those girls……but that experience embedded in those girls a sense of dislike for men. It didn’t interfere with their normal lives, but I knew that their bodies would suddenly tremble.”

Hearing it again, I felt like I caught a glimpse of the fierce past for both of them.

Sayaka san was smiling, saying that there was nothing to worry about anymore, but I was not reassured by that and felt even more eager to protect her as a member of the family,……and of course, Yume san.

“……Your eyes, they are the same eyes as Yoshitaka san’s.”


“The way he tries to be strong to protect someone else,……I didn’t originally intend to remarry, but because Yoshitaka san showed me those eyes, I wanted to be with him.”

“I-I see……”

I feel itchy when she talks about my dad.

“Fufu, I’m sorry. What I’m trying to say is that Minato kun is wonderful. It’s because of you that those girls opened their hearts so quickly.”

“Please don’t praise me too much.”

“You’re so cute. My son……is so nice !”

Saying that, Mihoko san approached me and hugged me tightly.

The sensation of being stroked on the head with a “good boy”…..reminds me of the old days, when my mom used to do that to me.


“Take your time. I’ll be waiting for you for a long time.”


This person……is very gentle.

After that, I immediately got embarrassed and moved away from Mihoko san, but Mihoko san was in a good mood and started doing housework while humming a song.

“……It’s dark.”

It’s late afternoon and it’s dark outside.

It seems that Yume san, who is doing club activities, usually comes home after 6 o’clock, but after hearing that kind of story, I’m worried.


“Mihoko san. I’m going out for a while.”

“Okay. Be careful.”

There hasn’t been a sighting of a suspicious person around here in years……but I’m concerned.

Aren’t you worried about your father? I’d like to see someone attack an old guy with muscles like that.

“I’m off.”

A slight chilly breeze blew through the air as I walked out the front door.

I walked out the gate and continued walking in the direction of the school for about five minutes, and that’s when I spotted Yume san walking with earphones in her ears.

“……Eh? Senpai?”

“Welcome back, Yume san.”

The moment she realized it was me, she took the earphones and ran over to me.

“What’s wrong?”


This…is it okay if I tell her that I heard about her past?

I was a little worried, but I thought that I couldn’t deceive her, and that Sayaka san or someone would tell her, so I honestly told her why I came to pick her up.

“Actually, Sayaka san and Mihoko san told me about the past.”

“Oh, so what is it?”

“Yeah. So–“

“Senpai….you became worried about me, didn’t you?”

“I was soooooo worried.”

“Wow, you let it build up.”

Widening her eyes, Yume san giggles, gently squeezes my hand, and walks away.

“Thank you, senpai. Let’s go home then.”

I knew nothing was going to happen, but this is how we got home safely.

My dad came home not long after Yume san and I did, so I sent him to take a bath first, since he was sweating a lot, and then it was my turn.

“I’m done.”


I went back to my room, grabbed a change of clothes, and headed for the bath.

By the way, since I spend time with a female and….especially with girls of the same age, the order of the bath is decided so that there will be no accidents.

Well, both Sayak san and Yume san said they didn’t mind, but there’s no harm in deciding this in advance.


I let out a relaxing voice while taking a shower.

The bathtub is the second most relaxing moment for a person after lying in bed.

I quickly washed my body and head and was about to soak in the bathtub when I heard a sound coming from the changing room.


What the…..? Someone came in……? Was it my dad? Mihoko san?

“Senpai, how’s the hot water?”

“……Yume san?”

Why Yume san……?

Well, I’m in a panic but I didn’t see her naked, so that’s about it…..I checked the temperature of the bathtub again to follow her words and told her that it was the best water temperature.

“You’re not in yet?”

“I’m about to wash my body.”

“Hmm. Then perfect—I’m going to wash your back.”

“……Ehh !?”

W-wait……what did she just say !?

When I looked at the door with a startled look, a black, moving silhouette began to take off its clothes…Putting my confusion away, the silhouette put its hand on the door and made a rattling sound as it appeared.


“I apologize for worrying you and thank you for coming to pick me up.”

Yume san, who had a bath towel wrapped around her body, looked at me with a smile.

I stared at her with my mouth agape and said the obvious.

“W-what were you—“

But she stopped me mid-sentence.

“Shhhh, be quiet, Senpai.”

It’s because Yume san put her hand over my mouth and blocked it.

……Hey, hey, hey !

What is she really thinking ! !

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