After the morning meeting, a short break before the first period class started,……Tokikaze immediately approached me.

“Hey, hey,……what the hell happened to you?”

“……Well, a lot has happened.”

Of course, Tokaze was talking about Sayaka san and the others.

During the morning meeting, the teacher explained about us…..mainly about Sayaka san, and told us that our parents remarried and Sayaka san and I became siblings.

This was an explanation that Sayaka san’s last name would be changed, and we were also thankfully reminded not to pester about the remarriage, etc., as it was just a family matter.

“…..Sensei told us that it was a family matter. But Minato, Kuratani san…, she’ll become Shinji san. It was interesting to see the boys’ faces when you decided to live together.”

“I’ve never gotten that much attention in high school, seriously.”

Sayaka san will live with me…..when the teacher said so, the stares from the boys turned to glares, I even felt fear.”

Well, more than that, I feel like their gaze was directed at Sayaka san, but as expected, Sayaka san didn’t seem to care at all.

“There are rumors that she hates men. What do you think?”

“Ah~……she said she’s not good with them.”

“I see…..hmmm.”

“What is it?”

Tokikaze began to think about something when I affirmed the rumor that she hates men.

I was curious as to what he was thinking, so I kept staring at him, but he started to talk about what he wanted to say.

“Kuratani san….I will call her first name for now. The same goes for Sayaka san, but her younger sister, Yume san also dislikes men, so she kept her distance from boys. You know that, right?”

“Yeah. Though there are some idiots who don’t think twice about it, most boys don’t even talk to them much because they don’t want to be disliked.”

“Right? But…I thought that spending time with Minato might undermine that premise. More than hating men, I think they just don’t understand them.”


What the hell is he talking….but is there a possibility of that happening?

It’s not just Sayaka san, but also Yume san…I can’t say anything because I didn’t actually witness such a moment, but as a family, I have to take care of it.



“I just thought you were looking even more tense than usual.”

“…..I see.”

I’ve been thinking about it as usual, but apparently not from Tokikaze’s point of view.

“It’s only been a few days, but I got to know Sayaka san and the others by talking and spending time with them. Mihoko-san…..their mother remarried and became a family with me and my dad……I don’t want them to regret it, and I’m thinking that I’m going to do my best to make them feel safe about it from the bottom of my heart.”

“Hee……I feel like you’re becoming an adult.”

I’m not that over the top.

Tokikaze seemed to understand my feelings towards Sayaka san and Yume san. He told me to talk to him if I had any problems, and I laughed, saying that I would definitely ask for his help then.

“Well, it looks like I’m not the only one.”


Tokikaze pointed his finger at a group of boys who are usually close to each other.

It seems that they were able to hear our conversation because the distance was close, but they all gave me a thumbs up and told me that they felt the same way as Tokikaze.

“……Haha, I’m counting on you.”

“Hehe, I say in return,….tell me all kinds of things. Something like this…..wasn’t there a lucky lewd moment? ”

“There’s no such thing–“

When I was about to say that, there was a memory that revived in my mind.

I remember when I was sandwiched between Sayaka san’s breast on the back of my head and Yume san’s breast on my face.

“That reaction……something happened, right !?”

“Shut up !”

“You’re acting suspicious, you bastard ! !”

Damn ! Don’t ask any more questions, it’s annoying !

I managed to keep fooling around until class started and got away with it……but there’s definitely something I think about Tokikaze’s story.

(I wonder…..if this is an opportunity for a lot of boys to reach out to the two of them to see if they have a chance…..I wonder if they’ll think it’s because of this remarriage.)

…No, as expected.

I don’t know if it’s over the top, but Sayaka san and Yume san both accepted this remarriage and thought well of me and my dad.

(Oh I see…..that’s easy enough)

Am I being too cool to think that I should be the one to protect them?

No, I nodded my head and said that this is fine–it’s like I’ve already risked my life to protect them both once.

Compared to that, it’s nothing…..when I think about it, my heart lightens up.

“Kuratani kun,……Kuratani kun !”

“Ah, yes !”

“What are you dawdling about? Solve the problems on your homework.”


Let’s just concentrate on class for now.


To tell you the truth, I was thinking about Sayaka san and Yume san.

The two said themselves that they’re not good with men, but since they can talk more than normal with me and my dad, I still didn’t think too much about it.


What I hadn’t thought deeply about and what Tokikaze told me……it was within that day that they actually appeared before my eyes in an easy-to-understand form.

After eating the bento that Mihoko san made for me, I had something to do in the staff room and was on my way home.

There was a shaded area around the stairs from the first floor to the second floor, and I saw a man and a woman having a conversation there.

“Could you stop it, please? Frankly, it’s bothering me.”

“Then why don’t you just listen to me? I came all the way down here to talk to you, you know.”

“I told you that’s not necessary.”

Although he was clearly giving off a troublesome vibe, I couldn’t overlook it.

That’s because the one who was arguing was Yume san, and the other person is a senior, he was sticking out his arm to block the escape route so that Yume san wouldn’t run away.


Whatever the case, the moment I saw Yume san looking annoyed as well as witnessing such a scene, it was a given that I would come to her rescue.

But more than that, what caught my attention was the fact that Yume san’s hands were shaking,…..and I could see that she was somewhat scared while being stubborn–I immediately intervened between them and hid Yua behind my back.

“Onii chan?”

“Yo. I’m her older brother.

Oh, it’s so cute that she’s calling me Onii chan rather than Senpai !

It’s easy to say that I’m in a situation like this, but it seems that I have a talent for being a siscon, and if it’s to protect my little sister, my body will move immediately.

“What the hell are you?”

“Hello, Senpai. Anyway, she said she doesn’t like it, so can you please stop?”


I stare back at the senior who is glaring at me as if to say that someone has obviously appeared in his way.

Perhaps it was because of my strong will that I was now invincible with my siscon power, the senior took a step back and moved away from me.

I continued my words as if I was going to fold them up.

“I don’t know what you were talking about, but I could see that she didn’t like it, so I intervened.”

“It’s not like–“

“I don’t like it. I’ve been telling you that all day, and all you do is talk about yourself !”


Checkmate……it is.

The senior clicked his tongue a little, then glared at me strongly before leaving.


I exhaled lightly and felt a light shock on my back.


“It’s nothing. It was a coincidence, but I’m glad I got to witness it.”


Yume san, who smiled happily, gently left my back, moved in front of me, and looked up at my face.

The trembling of her hand that I glimpsed at is gone, and I’m relieved to know that the smile that stares at me doesn’t look forced.

“There was a time when I didn’t have my friends on my side…..they pretend to not see anything.”

“I see.”

I wanted to say that’s terrible……but I understand the idea of not wanting to get into trouble, so for now I’ll just be glad I was able to help her out.

“You…helped me again?”

“In the end, it turned out that way……haha, maybe I’ll sense if something happens to Yume san or Sayaka san !”

What a bit of a stinky line I uttered.

I was worried about Yume san’s reaction, but she kept staring at me with her eyes zigzagging and her cheeks reddening, and her gaze on me was still kind.

That’s when I thought I was about to be sucked in.

“……After all, we’re connected. No matter what time it is, we will understand……Senpai will understand.”

“Yume san?”

“Senpai is….watching us all the time.”

Yume san whispered mutteringly.

I was able to catch it to some extent, but it was a little scary to hear the words while staring at me.


“Look, go back to the classroom before anything else happens.”

“Yeah. Thank you so much, senpai.”


After that, I parted with Yume san, but…after all, it’s better to be called Onii chan instead of Senpai.

Naturally, I thought so.

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