“……Yikes……something’s wrong with me today.”

I muttered to myself as I soaked in the bathtub.

I knew that something was wrong with Yonezawa, but it culminated when I was walking with Sayaka on the way home.

I may have hugged her on my own before, but this may be the first time I hugged her as tightly as I did after school.


I soak my mouth in the hot water and buzz and bubble.

I wish all the troubles I had could go out like this bubbling, but it doesn’t work that way…….I just think it’s dirty, let out a sigh, and look up at the ceiling.

“…… What has……become of me?”

It’s not that I’ve lost my head or gone crazy.

Still, I had that feeling that something clicked and I didn’t want Sayaka to go away. Of course, including Yume.

……I hate it because I feel like I have a strong desire to monopolize.

I warned myself that I would never say something like this to the two of them.

“Phew, I think I’ll get up soon.”

I took a bath a little early today, so it’s 5:30.

I usually take a bath after 6:00 p.m., so today was really early compared to the other days.

“I’m done.”

“I understand. Then I’ll finish up before Yume gets back.”

“I understand.”

I just said it was 5:30, that’s why Yume hasn’t come back yet.

However…I remembered that Yume said during breakfast that she might be able to go home earlier than usual today, and I wondered when.

“….Geez, even though Minato kun is waiting for her.”

I’m already in my pajamas, but that’s okay.

When I put on my sandals and went outside, the setting sun was magical and beautiful…I fell in love with the scenery for a moment, and then went out in front of the house.


Then, Yume was heading this way, walking normally and uneventfully.

I smiled wryly, wondering if it would be all right, and it was embarrassing to think that I was worried like before, so I turned around immediately and tried to return home, but for some reason the footsteps running behind me were getting closer and closer.

“No way……

Did she know……?

I waited there with the front door open, and it seemed that Yume was running from that point, after all.

“I’m home, Onii chan.”

“Y-yeah…..welcome back Yume.”

For this girl, who’s in the sports club, the current distance doesn’t seem like a big deal, and she doesn’t look like she’s getting out of breath, but if she noticed, it’s a little….or a lot more embarrassing.

I can’t let her stay outside all the time, so we go inside the house together.

Then of course she asked me why I was outside.

“…..Um….I was worried.”

“I see♪ Ehehe, that makes me happy !”

I head to the living room with Yume, but as expected, Sayaka isn’t there yet.

Yume was sweating and wanted to take a bath as soon as possible, but she took a juice out of the refrigerator and took a sip.

“Phew ! It’s the best !”

“Haha, I see.”

Then I’m a little thirsty too, so I’ll have some barley tea.

As I was quenching my thirst next to Yume, she still asked me a little more about what just happened.

“……Well, I was worried about you, but……there’s a bit more going on.””

“Tell me, Onii chan. No, it’s easier to talk.”


Yume said so in a gentle voice.

Not only with that voice, she gently hugs my head and invites me to her chest…not only does it have a sweet scent, but the smell of sweat drifts in the air…nevertheless, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.


While being spoiled, I told Yume what had happened.

Specifically, Yonezawa…I withheld his name, and when I told her that this was the exchange that happened, Yume clicked her tongue in an easy-to-understand manner.


“I’m sorry, Onii chan. I’m really pissed off at that person who made such an accusation against you.”

“No, I’m glad you feel that way, thank you, Yume.”

A gentle hand stroking my head as usual…Yume continued her words.

“Is that…a desire to monopolize? You don’t want to give me and my sister to anyone.”

“….I’m sure that’s disgusting.”

“Is that so? I don’t think so. Because…..Onii chan thinks that way about me.


It’s funny……the words being said should make me happy, but something is telling me that I shouldn’t hear what comes next.

Am I allowed to be….possessive about this feeling?

Am I…..allowed to feel that way about the two of you?

“Onii chan…….”

At that moment, Yume’s mood changed completely.

After she left me, she changed from her tolerant atmosphere until just now, to a slightly weaker atmosphere like a younger girl.

“……Onii chan, protect me……me and my sister.”

The moment I heard those words, I hugged Yume as tightly as I did to Sayaka.

That’s right,……I’m going to–I’m going to keep protecting the two of them who have become my family, no matter what…..I’m going to absolutely protect them.


I felt Yume laugh in my chest……but I didn’t even care about that.

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