“How is it? Does it feel good?”

I nod at the voice coming from behind me……and that’s all I can do.

In the end, I can’t even turn her away as she storms into the bathroom and I’m being given a backrub, just like Yume san wanted.

“Are you nervous?”

“Of course I am…….”

“Ahaha, sorry, Senpai.”

This little sister…’re enjoying this situation from the bottom of your heart !

As a man, I thought that at times like this, I would definitely want to turn around…because there’s a woman’s body behind me, right !?

But…..I realized that I don’t feel like that when I actually experience the situation.

“……Hey Senpai.”


“……Thank you. I really appreciate it.”


She gently put her hand on my shoulder.

Although this was not an intentional act but a natural one, I think it’s the best thing I can do for her right now.

“……Yume san.:


It was because of this atmosphere that I was able to continue with my words.

“Can you call me…..Onii chan”


……Ah, did I get it wrong?

No, no, I thought it was too much of a hope after I said it….but I wonder if it was too weird for her to call me Onii chan?

(I can’t look behind me……I wonder what Yume san looks like……)

I wait for her to say something with such concern.

I feel like I’m waiting for a death sentence, but the words she brought….to me were the ones that made me feel more embarrassed as well as relieved my tension.

“……Onii chan.”


I felt a thrill when she whispered in my ear.

And……I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but I remember the feeling I had at that time, as if I was chained to a chain that snapped again.

“Onii chan…I used to say that sometimes. But I couldn’t call you that in front of you because I didn’t think it would be appropriate to do so out of the blue.””

“I see…….”

“Can I call you that without hesitation from now on?”

“……Of course.”

“Thank you♪”

I felt a soft touch on my back.

It was simple–Yume san was hugging me with all her might and pressing her body tightly against mine.

“Hey, Onii chan.”


Hm….why the honorifics?

The words that came out of my mouth in response to her question were honorific…..Yume san further continued her words while still clinging to my back.

“Then it’s okay to call me Yume. Isn’t it kind wrong to use honorifics to your little sister?”

“Is that so…..?”

“Yeah. You can call me Yume.”

For a moment, I had the illusion of being told by an older woman.

With her body removed, Yume san moves next to me, looks into my face and waits for my words.……I said her name while holding a strange tolerance.


Yup. Well done♪”

What is this……what is this !

It goes without saying that my cheeks were burning with embarrassment, but more than that, what I felt towards Yume san was her tolerability that seemed to accept anything.

She’s younger……she’s supposed to be younger than me ! But what in the world is this feeling……!?

“I-I’m going to get up soon ! Thank you, Yume ! See you later !”


It can’t be helped if they say I’m pathetic.

I escaped from the bathroom to run away, quickly wiped my body, changed into my pajamas, and evacuated to my room.



After getting out of the bath, and for the rest of dinner, I was kind of in a daze.

Apparently, Yume san……Yume’s assault on the bathroom was fortunately unnoticed by the others, and no one pointed it out, nor did Yume herself bring it up in conversation.

“…..Iit’s bad……my face is too hot.”

After finishing supper and brushing my teeth, I took a quick step forward and was bathed in the wind from the fan that was pulled out of the closet.

That kind of thing happened……it’s a difficult story to not care about, and if I let your guard down, I’ll be reminded of Yume san.

“……Aaaaaaahhhh ! !”

I hold my head and can’t stop my body from shaking in shame.

It’s embarrassing…….this is the best emotion I’ve felt over and over again–but the next emotion that comes to mind is a mysterious feeling that is more unobtainable than embarrassment.

“……I wonder what it is.”

That feeling……is a mysterious sensation that made me think, even for a moment, that it would be okay to surrender myself to that girl who is younger than me.

When I think about it, my embarrassment goes away, so it’s not bad, but it’s a little disturbing because I don’t know what it is.


I was thinking about it with my hand on my chin and my back against the bed when there was a knock at my door.

Knock knock, and the voice I heard from outside was Yume.…rather than being shocked, I got stiff and for some reason I ended up sitting on my knees.

“Can I come in?”


I….I wonder what I’m doing.

Yume came in after I gave her permission to enter the room, but when she saw me sitting on my knees, she quietly sat down beside me with her eyes wide open.

“…Why are you sitting straight?”


“……I see.”

After that, Yume and I stared at each other without saying a word for a while.

Such a state continued for a while, and Yume chuckled.

“Ahaha, Onii chan is so funny !”

“Funny……I see.”

“Yes it’s funny,……and you’re a very kind brother…….a very good brother !”


Oh, oh, oh,……I’ve never been called big brother before, so if you keep calling me that, something is going to wake me up, so please stop.

But strangely enough, I can only feel an adorable younger vibe from Yume right now.

Yume’s figure in the bath and her appearance now don’t overlap so much that I wonder what it was like just now.

“Sorry about the bath, okay? Anyway, I wanted to express my gratitude and thanked you, so I thought it would be easier to understand if I gave you a backrub…..ehehe, that was too abrupt.”

“I guess….so.

I’ll tell you that. But to avoid any misunderstandings, it wasn’t a nuisance…I was embarrassed, but I’ll just say that.”

Saying that, she waved her hand and left the room.

The storm passed and a calm came over the room, and for the first time, I smiled at the fact that we were not just one step closer as siblings, but three steps closer.


I suddenly realize that my phone is receiving messages and pick it up.

The group chat in which my friends, including Tokikaze, are participating, had written about me and asked me how I was spending my time with Sayaka san and the others, along with an emoji that was meant to make fun of me.

“……These guys.”

I wrote the word [Nothing] and put down my phone.


As I thought back over the many things that had happened today, I gradually became sleepy, and I lay down on my bed.

I was about to turn off the light and close my eyes to go to sleep when there was another knock at the door.


Does she still need something?

I sat up and told her to come in. I was surprised to hear a voice from outside that was not Yume’s.

“I’m coming in.”

“……Sayaka san?”

It was not Yume but Sayaka san who came in.

Well, it’s time to go to sleep just because I’m sleepy, but I was curious about what she was holding in her hand when she entered the room.


“……What’s wrong? Why a pillow?”

Yes, she was holding a pillow.

With a cute rabbit mini character printed on it, Sayaka san blushes slightly and opens her mouth.


“I want you to…..sleep with me.”


…….What are you saying?

Sleep together…….when she came to the room with a pillow in her hand, there was probably no other purpose, but I couldn’t just nod honestly…..that was supposed to be the case.


“Is it…..a no?”


The moment I was about to say no, my mind went back to the image of her asking me if she could be more lenient.

Perhaps because I remembered that, I immediately abandoned the option of refusing.

……Do I want her to spoil me?

To the extent that I asked that question…that was something completely different from the feeling of wanting to be spoiled by Yume san, even for a moment.

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