When I Fall in Love With the Number 1 Bitchy Gyaru at School, My Childhood Friend Approaches Me

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16817330659490948940


The main character, Endo Munehitsu, loves to draw and enjoys a simple high school life. He leads an ordinary student life, talking only occasionally with his childhood friend Tsukishima, an innocent girl. Since there was no art club, he monopolized the art room after school and practiced drawing diligently. One day, Munehitsu is paired with Myoudou Rin, a gyaru who is rumored to be the number one bitch in her grade, and he happens to be interested in her. Myoudou insists that she must pay back any debt she owes and offers to be an art model in the art room after school.

His childhood friend Tsukishima Mei overhears this and wants to come over to his house…….


Chapter 1 Myoudou san is the Number 1 Bitch in School

Episode 1 – A Real Cheery Person is Dazzling

Episode 2-  Shall I take it off for you, Otaku kun?

Episode 3 – I’ll be your art model

Rin Side* My head is full of Otaku kun

Episode 4 – Good morning, Otaku kun

Episode 5 – The Beginning of the Secret

Chapter 2 My Childhood Friend is Acting Weird

Episode 6 – Childhood Friend, Tsukishima Mei

Episode 7 – Tsukishima Seems Strange

Episode 8 – What kind of girl does Enpitsu like?

Mei Side* Enpitsu will always be mine

Episode 9 – Wanna come home together?

Episode 10 – My Childhood Friend Approaches

Episode 11 – Tsukishima Turned Into a Yandere

Chapter 3 I Want to Become Friends With Otaku kun

Episode 12 – I Want You to Draw Me in Sexy Underwear

Episode 13 – Otaku Kun Has a Hard Time Too

Episode 14 – Wanna Touch it…..? Mine

Episode 15 – I Took Otaku kun’s First Time

Rin Side*I’m nervous about Otaku kun…..

Chapter 4 Let’s Go on a Date

Episode 16 – Can I voice call you in bed?

Episode 17 – Shall We Go on a Date?

Episode 18 – Myoudou san’s Slight Jealousy