“Otaku kun !”

“Hm? Otaku kun, are you buying bento? Let’s eat together.”

“Otaku kun !”

A day of being talked to by Myoudou san at every turn was over. What in the world is going on?

No…..I have an idea.

It’s that thing from yesterday. I saw the outrageous appearance of Myoudou san. She calls out to me as if she wants to get along with me, and every time she does, she makes some kind of sexy appeal to me.

Am I overthinking it…..?

“Haa… did this happen?”

I went into the empty art room and locked the door first. Not only the door, but all the sliding doors at the foot of the hallway side.

I also locked the windows just to be safe. I’m on the third floor.

The after-school bell rings, and I can hear the sports team’s chants echoing through the windows from the schoolyard. I head to the art room as usual to choose today’s piece of work.

“Today……I think this is it.”

Yesterday, I tried to draw a female body, but it turned out that way, so I’ll do something else today.

I took out three plaster apples and went back to the art room.


Placing the plaster apples on the desk, I start preparing my drawing. I open up my sketchbook and line up my pencils.

The simple things like apples are the most difficult. Concentrate. Concentrate.

“What’s with the apples today?”

I heard a voice behind me that I shouldn’t have heard.

The voice was bright and spoke in a slightly silly way, with a lengthening of the end.

“But〜, Otaku kun. You made a secret room by yourself, isn’t that naughty?”

“Why are you…”

I was so surprised that I couldn’t even blink. In front of me was Myoudou san, who opened the button on her short skirt.

She smiles proudly with a slightly hot expression.

“What do you mean why……Otaku kun came in when I was here, so I hid under the desk, Then….when Otaku kun locked the door……”

What did I do !

I didn’t think that Myoudou san would be in the art room first.

“Otaku kun, you want to continue……what we did yesterday, don’t you?”


As if it were too early, Myoudou ssan removed the ribbon. After tying up her blonde hair, which was red on the inside, she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off.

“Wait, wait,…….”

“I won’t wait. I’m not going to stop until you draw me.”

She unzipped her skirt and dropped it on the floor. I tried not to look at it, but the simple black underwear that caught my eye instantly made the inside of my nose feel hot again.

“Hey, look at me.”

“No, I can’t…..this is.”

“Of course you can. Because it was written. The art modeling is not for erotic purposes. Are you a pervert, Otaku kun? No, right?”


“You….don’t like me because I’m a bitch?”

The sudden sad tone of her voice made me involuntarily look at Myoudou san.

At that moment, she smiled briskly and said, [Our eyes finally met] and sat down on the desk in her black underwear.

“It’s not that, it’s just that ….it’s too stimulating for me…….”

“Maybe you haven’t done it with your girlfriend?”

What is this guy talking about? Do I look like I have a girlfriend?

I’ve never had a girlfriend before. I mean, are there even gloomy girls nowadays?

“No, I don’t have one.”

“Then it’s not cheating. Even if you look at my underwear.”

“That’s not what I meant……”

“I just want you to draw a picture of me, Otaku kun. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Of course, Myoudou san is beautiful. A face and style that looks like it was pulled out of a magazine. And yet, she’s kind to an inexperienced nerd like me.

I’ve been told that she’s a bitch, but when I look into her blue eyes, I feel like I’m really thinking about something [naughty]

“A-as long as it’s only your underwear.”

“You’ll get used to it gradually, okay?”


“I mean, if you’re such a drawing otaku and you’re that good at drawing, you’re probably going to go to art school, right? If that’s the case, you’ll have to get used to seeing naked woman.”

I felt as if my heart had been grabbed.

Not only had my secret desire to go to art school been so easily seen through, but she had also affirmed that I can draw.

Normally, people would take it for granted that I would go to a good college like my parents and Tsukishima.

But….Myoudou san is different.

She is living her life as she likes as a gyaru, and she did not deny that.

“I’ll be your training ground, Otaku kun. I’ll help you learn how to draw naked models……before you graduate.”

With that said, Myoudou san turned around and sat down on the desk in her underwear. Her breasts are squeezed up against the knees and the lower half of the body is a much more exciting sight.

“But… can’t tell anyone that I’m here like this, taking off my shirt like this, okay……?”

I slid my pencil along, telling myself, [This is not naughty, this is art.]

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