“You don’t like naughty girls……?”

The words seemed to hit her hard, as I was running away from Tsukishima, who was coming at me in an erotic outfit.

Personally, I thought the words [It’s a misunderstanding that I like Myoudou san] or [Tsukishima coming at me in her underwear] were words that could keep both of them in check…….


“I-I-I see.”

She seemed to add to her panic, picked up her shirt and put it on.

“I-I guess, I like pure girls……after all?”

“You don’t like me anymore? Did you misjudge me?”

“T-that’s not true. Because, you know, Tsukishima was sick today, and she was just a little confused…right?”

Yes, in order not to break up this relationship, I made an escape route by saying that Tsukishima was [freaking out]. To be honest, it’s not that I wasn’t happy about it, but…..that kind of behavior is better after a relationship or something, or maybe Tsukishima really was going crazy.

“Y-yeah. But you know,……I really do have feelings for Enpitsu, you know? And it’s also true that I don’t want you to see other girls all the time.”

I knew she wasn’t feeling well ! ! She probably has a high fever.


I’m puzzled, but respond with a nonchalant reply so as not to irritate Tsukishima.

“I’ll do my best to make Enpitsu fall in love with me…because if I can’t get you to like me, there’s no point in living.”

–So heavy ! ! ! !

What makes you have such feelings for an introvert like me?

Isn’t that what they say about all those handsome actors and idols?

Tsukishima is very cute, to say the least. Not only for her pure visuals, but also for the mysterious atmosphere she exudes and her thin, girlish style. I went to elementary and middle school with Tsukishima, and I remember that she was always the most popular among the boys.


“I’m going to be a worthy girl for Enpitsu, so I’ll definitely show you what I’m going to be. What kind of girls do you like? What kind of face? Clothes? Style……? Do you like big boobs? Or are you a butt person?”

I don’t know what to say to her when she presses me like that after telling me she has no reason to live.

Isn’t this kind of dangerous?

“Tsukishima, you know what.”

“What, I’m sorry.”

“Um…all of a sudden, I can’t make up my mind even if you say something like that, or…..I’m thinking that it would be better for Tsukishima to be Tsukishima than to change yourself to my liking.”

Tsukishima’s eyes widened as if she had just thought of something.

“Be myself….huh.”

“Besides, we are at an important time before the entrance exam, so I think it would be better for both of us to work hard on studying and things like that.”

I’m angry at myself for being able to say only vague things, but as someone who has no experience in love, I can do my best to maintain the status quo. Even if I end up dating Tsukishima, I don’t know what I’ll do next, and I don’t want to lose my precious childhood friend to disillusionment due to a bad relationship….

“Okay. So, after the exams are over, will you go out with me? No, will you marry me?”

“After the exams are over, we have college, right?”

“I see. When will you marry me? Any time is fine with me.”

“Tsukishima… should go home and get some rest. I’m sure you’re confused by the fever. Come on, let’s go.”

I half-heartedly made Tsukishima stand up and left the room by pulling her hand. I wondered if she would get angry. I thought Tsukishima was going to get angry, but she was staring at our joined hands with a drooling look on her face, looking dejected.

“Enpitsu’s hand…….”

I hear you…….

Could this be what’s called yandere……? I see it sometimes in doujinshi and such, but it’s a little scary when they actually come on to you.

This would be the worst if my relationship with Myoudou san was seen..I think I would die in a heartbeat.

–If I don’t manage well…


“Oh, yeah. I’ll see you here.”

“See you tomorrow, okay?”

“L-like usual?”

“Yeah, I’ll message you later.”

After I managed to get Tsukishima home, I was so tired that I fell asleep.

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