Myoudou Rin likes pretty and sparkly things.

Myoudou Rin is a gyaru.

Gyaru doesn’t have to be bitchy, wild, or smart.

–Because gyaru are the cutest !

“Mom? I’m home.”

Myoudou Rin’s mother is a single mother who conceived and gave birth to Rin at the age of 16, unmarried, a young mother in her early 30s with a high school daughter, and….of course she’s a gyaru too.

“Welcome back… it time for you to come home, Rin? Oh no ! I’m going to be late.”

“Be careful〜”

Rin sees off her mother, who leaves home with unkempt hair, and locks the door. As a woman, it’s not like she’s not grateful to her mother for raising her with her night job. She loves her mother, and she’s the only family member she has.

It is no exaggeration to say that Rin became a gyaru because of her mother.

Her hair has been blonde since elementary school, and she got her first makeup products before she was even 10 years old.

Her mother didn’t want her to struggle just because she was a single mother. Rin’s mother bought her everything she wanted, and Rin grew up to be a very young and pretty gyaru.

“Rin, you are young and pretty. You have to have a lot of fun and have a lot of good times.”


“Mom would never say no to Rin. I promise.”

This is the motto of the Myoudou mother and daughter.

That’s why Rin has lived her life the way she wants to. She has done whatever she wanted to do, whatever makeup she wanted to wear, whatever clothes she wanted to wear.

–But today, for the first time…..she was rejected.

Rin took off her uniform and put on her underwear before heading to the bathroom. The big figure in the changing room reflected herself with her perfect style and pretty makeup. The red underwear makes her feel a little naughty just by looking at it.

–Please…don’t take your clothes off anymore…

Rin remembered Otaku kun who said that in front of her underwear. His face turned bright red and he looked as if he was about to blow out a nosebleed, and he desperately averted his gaze…….

“Am I that unattractive……?”

Try posing in front of the mirror. Her voluptuous breasts, tight waist, and large buttocks are just like gravure idols.

“Could it be that Otaku kun. He’s into small boobs….?”

She thought, but he was stroking the torso statue’s flabby breasts. He’s definitely not a small boobs kind of guy.

“Maybe it was because……I’m a gyaru.”

With a flutter, Rin removed her underwear and went into the bathroom.

“I wish…you had drawn me.”

Rin was ruminating over the exchange in the art room after school as she let the sweat pour off her body. Otaku kun is upset when he sees her. Endo Munehitsu kun.

“I mean…….if you like girls, you should be happy. I feel like I’ve lost.”

Rin’s fighting spirit was ignited, when she suddenly realized.

–Why am I always thinking about Otaku kun……

From the time she was on her way home until now, Rin’s head had been full of Otaku kun.

“There is no man who hasn’t fallen for me, you know? As my mom’s daughter, I must make him fall for me !”

Rin told herself that this feeling was “frustration,” and she cheered herself up.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to start showing Otaku kun that I can win over him !”

Rin slapped her cheek and looked at her face in the mirror.

Rin is in love with her own cuteness, whether she’s bare-faced or naked.

“I’m going to make Otaku kun recognize me !”

With absolute confidence, Rin vowed to declare war on Endo Munehitsu.

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