I have been having a secret relationship with Otaku kun.

There is a girl almost naked in front of him, but Otaku kun just turns red in the face and doesn’t touch me at all.

At first I thought maybe I wasn’t his type, but….. he seems to be a pretty sincere guy.

“So let me tease you a little.”

Rin tries on the [Extremely small bra (red)] she ordered from an online company in front of the mirror.

“Oh my, I’ve put on a little weight.”

The bra’s small area makes her look fat, perhaps because the shape is clearly visible. Rin was a little worried, but when she saw how tight her waist was, she regained her confidence.

“I wonder if Otaku kun will be pleased with this?”

In the beginning, Rin had often noticed him bending forward, but recently she has not seen much of a reaction.

This was a little frustrating, so Rin bought this pair of underwear.

“Love me more and more,……please endure it more and more.”

As Rin hugged her sexy underwear tightly, she fell asleep thinking about Endo Munehitsu.


“I bought these for today〜”

Rin’s tiny underwear makes Munehitsu even redder than usual.

“Isn’t this amazing? I usually wear one that’s tightly wired to give me cleavage…….”

Deliberately, she touches her breasts with her fingers so that his eyes are drawn to them……

(Oh my God, Otaku kun is looking at me so much…..! Over here.)

For a moment, Rin glances down at her feet and grins.


Still, Rin continues with her normal conversation to insist that as an art model and not something naughty.

“Yes, there’s a wire in this bottom part. Usually. That’s why the shape is so beautiful…….”

(Otaku kun, trying not to look….cute, I like you, I like you.)

“This area is small, right? So I thought the shape of the breasts would be close to that of a nude one. You see, this will help you when you draw nudes in the future, won’t it?”

Rin paused with satisfaction as she watched him face the sketchbook, as if he had made up his mind.

He looks even more embarrassed than usual, yet he is concentrating desperately on his sketches. However, Rin knew that the reason he was sitting lightly on the chair was because of his lower body abnormality.

(I wish I could get closer to you, Otaku kun…..look at me more……)

Rin felt her body heat up with a zing as she watched him slide the pencil while looking at her. She fantasizes about wanting more stimulation.

**A few minutes later***

“Hey, Otaku kun.”


“Have you ever touched boobs?”


“Like I said, have you ever touched them?”

Munehitsu’s eyes widened at Rin’s question.

(Oh no…. he never touched them. I can be….the first.)

“Nnh?! Of course not.”

“Thought so〜”

Rin shakes her body a little so that her breasts sway. As she expected, he glanced at her. She gulped at his gaze.

“After all, don’t you think that you can’t draw beautiful textures unless you touch them?”

She makes his eyes swim even more. Rin stares at him.

“Erm……but touching an art model is basically a no-no.”

(Oh, that’s right,……even though Otaku kun actually wants to touch it.,……,I’m just messing with you.)

“Then I don’t want to be drawn with such hard-looking boobs〜”

Rin crosses her arms to further emphasize her breasts for him to see.

(Then smooth out the curves around here a little more…..)

(Oh, he ran away… can’t do that, Otaku kun. Don’t run away.)

“Hmm, you had to touch it to get a feel for it.”

“Myoudou san.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


With a serious face, both fists clenched tightly, placed to hide the lower half of the body.

“I think you should take better care of yourself. As for the art models, I appreciate them because they are the subjects of my paintings. But, you know, you can’t touch me or anything like that.”

(Why are you holding back? I’m saying it’s okay, though…..then I’m using a sob story.)

“Did you think I was a bitch?”

“No, it’s not that…….”

“Do you think I let people touch me because I’m a bitch? Like all the girls talk about.”

“No, I just want you to take care of yourself…….”

–Why are you so reluctant to touch me? Maybe he won’t touch me because it’s me….?

Anxiety spread through Rin’s mind.

“Did you think I didn’t care about myself?”

(I thought it was okay because it’s Otaku kun……but perhaps, is it because of that rumor?)

“That’s because you suddenly asked me to touch your boobs.”



“I just thought it would be okay to be touched by you, Otaku kun !”

Rin couldn’t help but say her true feelings.

She should have been more relaxed in teasing him, but……

–Oh no ! I said it !

“Myoudou san……?”



The warm, slightly large hand softly touched her chest.

Rin unconsciously put pressure on her shoulders and closed her eyes tightly. The first touch of a man’s hand is like a jolt to the nerves, as if an electric current is coursing through the entire body.

She feels as if her hips are about to shatter, and she is too embarrassed to open her eyes.


A strange voice came out and Rin suddenly came back to her senses.


Even after his hand left, Rin’s heart was pounding, and her hips felt like they were about to break.

–So this is the feeling of being touched by the boy you’re interested in…..

“I-I don’t mind it.”

But Rin replied with confidence.

“Um, it’s not what you think.”

“I know, it was an accident, right?”

“Yeah, you know, I’m not supposed to touch you unless we’re in a relationship…”

“Yeah, but I told you to touch me.”

“But I’m sorry.”

Don’t apologize. I told you it was okay. If it was Otaku kun, this was consensual. So it’s safe.”

“Myoudou san……”

“What? Or do you wanna touch my boobs after all, Otaku kun?”

“No, it’s……um.”

–Don’t think that I don’t like it, I’m really excited.

“Like I said, I’m only doing that when I’m in a relationship……”

“Have you ever had a girlfriend, Otaku kun?”


“I see. Have you ever had a girl ask you out?”


“I see…..then my boobs are the first.”

(Oh no…..I’m too happy. I like you, I like you, I might want more of your firsts…….)

“Myoudou san?”

“I took your first time. Hehehe, then〜 Otaku kun will never forget it. Yay〜”

–I’ve never been this excited before……! I wonder what will happen if I do something more advanced with Otaku kun?

Rin went home that day with such feelings for the first time in her life.

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