On Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5th period, I’m alone in the art room. I pull out the dusty plaster casts and do some sketching, and I’m allowed to use palettes and easels and such.

Art is an elective class only for first-year students, so the art room is rarely used. So I feel comfortable in the absence of many people.

“My Torso chan.”

I look for a plaster cast of the torso in the art preparation room. The room smells extremely dusty, the shelves are not in good condition, and there are many art materials left in cardboard boxes. Most of the art teachers are temporary teachers on one-year contracts, and they don’t touch much of what’s in the art room.

“There it is.”

Torso statues without head, arms, and legs are perfect for practicing body curves and such. Busts and necks are also good subjects for students who tend to lose the balance of the whole picture when practicing only faces and busts.

Above all,…..

This perfectly formed beauty of the torso statue ! The smooth line from the neck to the décolleté, the plump but modest breasts, and the slightly plump flesh around the waist. The thighs up to the knees are well-muscled and…..this is a torso of a plaster cast of Medici’s Venus.

I opened the curtains a little to adjust the light. I painted the front last time, so I might as well paint the back.

The difficulty of 3D drawing is different from that of illustration. In the practical examinations at art universities, the scores for sketching and the major-specific examinations are 50-50. I need to pursue my own style more.

I spread out my sketchbook for drawing practice, propped it up on an easel, and sat down on a wooden chair in the art room.

I take out a pencil box with pencils of various hardnesses from my bag and start with a soft pencil to make a pattern……

Come to think of it, today is the first time I’ve talked to a gyaru.

Myoudou san was much more innocent, kind and dazzling than I thought. I thought the extrovert people I knew wouldn’t want to talk to a dorky guy like me, but…..

Maybe I was prejudiced against gyarus. Instead, maybe I was more afraid of the normal girls who were bad-mouthing Myoudou san.

Well, that doesn’t mean we became friends….and I’m more comfortable being alone. I’d rather be facing a beautiful torso like this.

“Art school…huh.”

I stroke the smooth curves of the torso statues. I only have a few here, but I’m sure I’ll be able to sketch a lot of things if I go to an art college.

“That’s lewd……? What are you doing?”

I suddenly heard a voice and froze while touching the torso’s chest. The voice sounded familiar, bright, a little silly and sweet.

“Otaku kun, are you into that kind of thing?”

I froze, and it was Myoudou san who appeared in front of me and gently stroked the torso’s chest with her finger.

“You were so good at doodling that I thought you were in the art club〜 and bingo〜 You were looking at those naughty statues in a place like this?”

“I-it’s not naughty statues……it’s a torso statue, and I use it as a model for my sketches.”

I quickly let go of the torso statue’s chest and took a step away from Myoudou san.

“Hmm, this one doesn’t have a face, but you’re going to draw it?”

“Well…it’s difficult to draw the body.”

“I guess so.”

Myoudou san grinned and patted the torso statue meaningfully.

“W-why are you here, Myoudou san?”

“I was paired with you in English class today, right? Thanks to you, I got an A in today’s class and was able to avoid a make-up class. That’s why I came to thank you.”

Myoudou san smiled and made a peace sign.

“Thank me?”

“Yeah, like buying you a hamburger at the Mc or granting you a little naughty favor…….?

As she said this, Myoudou san bent forward a little to show her cleavage. I looked away as quickly as I could.

“Y-you don’t have to thank me. I didn’t really do anything special.”

“It’s a big deal for me, you know? I’m on the verge of repeating grade…..let me thank you, okay? I’m the type of person who wants to get rid of debts as soon as possible.”

“Really, it’s fine !”

When I turned down Myoudou san, she seemed to give up and headed towards the door.

Okay, if she just goes home like this……


Myoudou san locked the door to the art room.

While I was dumbfounded, she locked the door behind me, went around the back of the art room, and hurriedly closed the curtains on the window.

No way… seriously want to do something naughty…..?

Myoudou san is cute, and I have at least some sexual desire.

But this is too…!

“This is….not enough, right?”

Myoudou san stroked the torso statue glamorously with a bewitching smile on her face. Then, she quickly undid her own ribbon and said to me with an expression that seemed to melt into a bright red.

“Otaku kun,……I’ll get naked for you…..okay?”

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