Tsukishima Mei has noticed a slight change in Endo Munehitsu, her childhood friend.

–Recently, Enpitsu has been acting strangely.

“Hey, Enpitsu. Anything good happened lately?”

He brushes it off, but he’s lying. When he lies, there is a slight pause in the conversation. It’s a habit he has had since he was little.

This is not the Enpitsu I know. The usual Enpitsu is more bored at school, occasionally having a silly conversation with me and laughing.

He is my only friend and I’m his only friend.

I love that kind of relationship and have never made a single female friend. I don’t need one, I just need Enpitsu.

Enpitsu’s face from the side looks happy.

Yesterday, after he got involved with a gyaru named Myoudou Rin, things started to go wrong. She’s a sexy girl who is rumored to be the number 1 bitch in her grade, and I haven’t heard good things about her.

But I guess she’s just popular because she’s honest and cute from what I’ve seen. It’s like she’s a person who lives in a different world from mine…….


This is….a white day gift.”

“Is this……for me?”

“Yes, I like to draw.”

“Wow, sounds like you.”

“Isn’t it cute? Mei chan’s face.”

“Eh, cute…..?”

“Because Mei chan is cute, so I made it cute.”


I look at the portrait I have set on my phone’s home screen to calm my mind. It is the portrait of me that Enpitsu drew for me when I was little.

I fell in love with the word [Cute], which was the first compliment I got in the world. Even now…I’m so happy that the boy I like calls me cute.

A few days later

I knew there was something wrong with Enpitsu.

Usually he just looks more bored and dazed, but today he is doing his hair nicely.

I knew it, did he fall in love with Myoudou san? Oh no, I thought Enpitsu likes pure girl more than gyaru…..because he said he liked Kudanzaka38.

She has curly black hair and is a pure type, so I…….

When I was thinking about that, the teacher pointed at me.


“Um, incorrect. You made a substitution mistake, again.”

What should I do? I didn’t concentrate at all. Because, you know, Enpitsu is thinking about a girl other than me.

That’s not good…..Enpitsu is mine.

“Hey, Tsukishima.”


Oh no……maybe he was disappointed because I got it wrong? Enpitsu likes smart girls more. That’s right. I’ll have to think of an excuse.

“You know, if you don’t feel well, why don’t you go to the infirmary?”

Eh….. are you worried about me? Enpitsu is looking at me. I don’t know what to do, but if I go to the infirmary, I’ll be away from him for a while……I have to give reply him.

“You mean you don’t want me next to you…….?”

He didn’t want to say that, but when someone calls me out when I’m in panic, I blurt out something strange.

“Eh? It’s not that I hate it or anything,……Tsukishima, you don’t look well.”

I knew it……he was worried about me.

Maybe, as long as he worried about me….he would be thinking about me all the time.

Then, can you spoil me a little more like this…..?


I look at Enpitsu with a miffed expression. Is it so cool that he just paid a little more attention to his hair……?

“I don’t know why, but your face has been flushing all the time, so you might have a fever or something. Besides, it’s not like Tsukishima to get a problem wrong like that…”

He’s so kind and cool.

Ah, I want you to think about me more.

“If Enpitsu will take me….I’ll go.”

I grabbed the hem of his clothes tightly.

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