It’s been three days since the secret relationship between me and Myoudou san started.

Myoudou san allowed me to make drawings of her in various outfits and poses. At first I was puzzled, but then I began to feel that I was looking at something beautiful that I couldn’t reach, and I stopped bending forward while sketching.

“Good morning, Enpitsu.”

“Good morning, Tsukishima.”

Tsukishima would call out to me every time before morning homeroom. I’ve known Tsukishima since I was a little, and we’re like siblings, or maybe we are…..? Something like that.

“Enpitsu, seems like you’ve been in a good mood lately. Did something good happen?”

This kind of keen intuition is probably due to the fact that she spends more time with me than anyone else.

Yes, since Myoudou san started modeling for me,……she has been asking me, [Otaku kun, you’re going to art school, aren’t you?] I had been feeling a little lighter since she had casually said what I had been unable to say out loud.

I was relieved to know that it was okay for me to go to art school.

Maybe it was because I felt that way.

“Well, something like that.”

“Hmm, is this something you don’t want me to know?”

“It’s nothing to do with Tsukishima. You know, it’s kind of personal.”

I see. I think this kind of dry relationship with Tsukishima may be the reason why I feel so comfortable with her. We are both comfortable with each other.

“You know, Enpitsu.”


“If you want, today’s lunch…….”

“Morning〜! Otaku kun.”

Just as Tsukishima was about to say something in a quiet voice, Myoudou san hugged me from behind. The sweet vanilla perfume and the fluffy texture of flesh on the back of my head. It was soft and warm, and it rested on my shoulders.

“M-Myoudou san?!”

“Good morning〜, Otaku kun, it’s early in the morning I’m still sleepy.”

When Myoudou san arrives, Tsukishima, who had been smiling earlier, suddenly looks scared. She, like me, is an introvert. I guess she is afraid of gyaru.

“M-Myoudou san….it’s heavy.”

“How rude ! You’re too insensitive to say that to a girl〜 Right〜 Tsukishima chan.”

Tsukishima’s eyes widened in surprise when she was suddenly asked, but she immediately replied

“That’s right, Endo kun. That kind of thing is called harassment.”

She said that/

(It is sexual harassment to press your chest against me, you know?)

I didn’t have the courage to say anything and waited until Myoudou san got bored with me and left me, overcome by desire.

After a while, Myoudou san left the classroom saying, [I’m sweating so I need to change my makeup.] and I let out a sigh of relief.

“My condolences. Enpitsu, you seem to be very well-liked. Did something happen?”

“No…’s just that.”

I was at a loss for words.

No way, I can’t say that I’m making her do a naughty pose in her underwear after school. As expected of Tsukishima, if she finds out about such a thing, she will push me away and break off our relations…no, in the worst case, she might report me to the school.

“What is it? Perhaps, you…like her?”

“Heh, no, no, no ! It’s not like that !”

“Enpitsu, you’re panicking.”

I’m afraid of Tsukishima’s eyes. I’ve been unable to lie to my mother and Tsukishima since I was little. I’m going to try to get away from the subject here and let it slide until the bell rings.

“Now that I think about it, why did you call me Endo kun just now? You’ve always called me Enpitsu.”

It was too weak a topic.

Tsukishima’s suspicion would not be cleared. How many minutes until the chime? Three minutes……damn, is that it?

Tsukishima turns red in a flash and repeatedly turns her head and looks at me. She looks so strange that I think she must have eaten something bad.


Tsukishima’s voice is muffled and she rubs her knees together. Any boy would be thrilled if a neat-looking girl with long black hair behaved like that…!

“Because I’m the only one…..who can call you…Enpitsu.”

Tsukishima’s tearful eyes, bright red face, and trembling legs made her finally muster up the courage to say it…it felt like a confession.

I knew she was acting weird.


The chime rang.

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