“Excuse me, tsk, she’s absent…..”

I sat Tsukishima down on the sofa in the infirmary, and I was disappointed to see the absent tag on the infirmary teacher’s desk. I had to go to the staff room to call her.

I don’t like the staff room because you have to say your class and name out loud when you enter…….

“Tsukishima, are you okay?”


Tsukishima’s face was still bright red. Perhaps. I think she has a fever.

“I’ll go get the teacher.”

“Wait….Enpitsu, the teacher will be here soon, so stay beside me.”

Tsukishima looks up at me with feverish eyes. Am I someone you want by your side when you’re sick? But I can’t ignore the wishes of the sick.


“You know, Enpitsu, I’m going to ask you a weird question…..”

“What? What’s weird?”

Tsukishima turned to me and I gulped. Her lips are trembling as if she’s nervous. I wonder if she’s feeling cold or something, so I’d better go and call the teacher…

‘What kind of girls do you like….Enpitsu?”

“Eh? Why so sudden?”

“Never mind, I was just curious.”

She is miffed after asking me. What the hell is this…….

“It’s hard when you put it like that……as you know, I’ve been a loner since I was a kid, right? I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“I know, I know. But you have one, right? You can have your first love with a cartoon character, or whatever.”

“Why so suddenly…..hmmm, if I may say so.”

When you say it like that, I’m in so much trouble. What kind of girl is my type? I’m a loner virgin, so there’s no way I could have the right answer when asked that. I know it’s not about breasts, legs, or other style-related things…..although I’m a big-boob guy.

Also, it’s no good if it applies too much or too little to Tsukishima. It might make me creepy or hurt her pride……

“Hey, so what kind of girl?”

When I was at a loss for an answer, Tsukishima moved closer to me. I was nervous because I was sitting next to her on the sofa, so we were closer than usual.

Tsukishima is my childhood friend, so I didn’t realize it, but she’s actually very beautiful… She has long eyelashes even though she hardly wears any makeup, pure white skin (though it’s feverishly red now), a well-defined bridge of her nose, and slightly large front teeth that make her look like a cute little animal.

(What am I thinking ! I have to answer !)

“Erm……honest girl?”

That’s the best answer for me. I suppressed the feeling of smugness and raised the corners of my mouth modestly. This way, she won’t be grossed out and I won’t hurt Tsukishima. I think this is the best answer for a loner ! ! !

“I see… it.”

Got it?!

What kind of reaction is that ! Tsukishima !

If it was the usual Tsukishima, she would laugh cheerfully and make a little joke.

I guess she’s not feeling well.

“Tsukishima, how are you feeling?”

“Heh, yeah. I think I’ll be fine after a little rest.”

“Well, I’m going to go to the teacher’s office to find a teacher before I go back to class.”

“You know, Enpitsu.”

“Hm? What?

“You know……um.”

Tsukishima looked up at me and stood up as if she wanted to say something. Before I knew it, she was gripping the hem of my clothes tightly, preventing me from moving.

Tsukishima’s white, thin fingers are slightly touching my hand.

“That……honest girl, is it like….Myoudou san? Are you two maybe dating…..?”


“Tsukishima? What are you talking about? It’s true that Myoudou san is a bright and honest person. But there is no way that she and I are going out.”

“But lately she’s been looking at Enpitsu all the time, and Enpitsu seems happy, and you say that honest girl is your type…..”

This is bad……

Does this seem like something suspicious is happening?

I’m having Myoudou san show me her underwear every day, and I absolutely have to keep this secret.

However, the fact that Tsukishima is so suspicious of me means that she has almost found out… Oh no, I’ll have to come up with a way out of this.

“No, M-Myoudou san is not my type at all, I guess?”

“I-I see.”

Tsukishima shows a relieved expression and quickly releases the hem of my clothes.

“You know, it’s nice for you to make friends, but…I don’t want her to get too clingy to you…I feel like Enpitsu will be taken away.”

Ah, as expected, Tsukishima is acting weird today.

I’m glad that she seems to have convinced(?) for once, but if I don’t tell Myoudou san firmly, our secret might be revealed.

“I’ll go get the teacher.”


I left the infirmary, leaving Tsukishima behind.

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